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Put a Spring in Your Home's Measure With Kelly Green

Put a Spring in Your Home's Measure With Kelly Green

It is spring, and everything green is announcing itself. Northern California is so green right now it almost hurts the eyes.

It is making me want to make it all indoors — to bring a number of its vibrance and freshness and aliveness to my interior space. House plants assist (the palm in the corner of my living area makes me very happy), but sometimes you have to take it a step farther.

Kelly green is not the first colour you think about when planning an interior. It has unfortunate relationships with St. Patty’s Day and that horrible acrylic sweater your mother made you wear into third-grade movie day.

But it deserves another chance. Kelly green is indeed very easy on the eyes. And on walls, furniture and accessories, it can be downright showstopping.

Laura Britt Design

If these walls could speak, they’d probably be sort of conceited. It is difficult to remain small once you’re so uniquely beautiful.

Laura Britt Design

More green walls. These get their own matching throw pillows. I believe that the rug is a misstep, but an easy one to remedy.

Green tile. How could you not feel like a daisy getting ready in the morning in this bathroom? It is similar to an Irish Spring commercial come to existence.

Habitat Studio

This luminous strip of green in a neutral bathroom adds a natural element and some much-needed colour.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

In case a green wall is a little much, opt for some cloth. Here, botanicals, chevrons and abstract patterns come together in lovely kelly greenness.

ddc nyc

Phil Chair – $2,373

Could you do a chair? This one is crazy expensive, but imagine it on your white and wood-grain kitchen.

Emily Johnston Larkin

I love the green here: headboard, bed skirt, pillows and sofa pillows. However, I do want the other colours were brighter. Nothing pops just like vivid white and kelly green.

Snaidero USA

Bright white, wood grain, clean lines and a bank of bright, cheerful green cupboards. Green makes an ultramodern kitchen somewhat softer and more livable.

Winn Wittman Architecture

The green window frames seem fresh and modern. They also enhance the view.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

I am a huge fan of painting furniture (particularly if you’re fortunate enough to find a great piece on the street). This changing table totally pops against the striped walls.

How to Select the Right Green Paint

Green and White: Always Fresh, Never Outdated

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When to Paint Your Home Gray

When to Paint Your Home Gray

Gray paint — whether a warm gray or a trendy one — is the perfect selection for a home of just about any style, age and place. Additionally, with this color’s wide range of colors, two or more shades can be united to make subtle distinctions between architectural elements, eliminating jarring contrasts to make a more silent outside.

And gray can be implemented in several types, from a good paint to a semitransparent stain. As a paint, the colour gives a uniform and continuous color, ideally suited to some substance like stucco. As a semitransparent stain, gray let the complexity and beauty of wood to come through.

So if you’re thinking about a gray exterior, proceed beyond design and battleship gray to really investigate this neutral colour’s richness and variety.

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A warmer-hued gray helps a larger, rambling home, such as this one, nestle to its environment. It can make the home appear less massive in scale and warmer on the landscape.

NC Designs

On the flip side, a trendy, nearly white gray provides a home’s structure a real existence, particularly when compared with all the blues of the sky and water.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

In its initial configuration, the shingle-style house was covered in wood shingles that took on a lovely gray patina as they aged. Now, whether with timber or a fiber-cement substance, the colour gray suits this traditional American home style.

Klopf Architecture

An excellent quality of the colour gray is how with just the smallest amount of tint, the colour can be transformed. You are able to take gray to a completely new place with just a hint of green or any other color.

Gardner Architects LLC

Look at using a semitransparent stain to allow the beauty of the timber come through. This can work particularly well with a modern-style home like this one, in which the character of the timber siding softens the crude geometry.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Using gray on gray creates a subtle differentiation between trim and body, such as a gray pin-striped match with gray piping. These darker window frames in a deep blue-gray contrast with the adjacent lighter gray trim.

TEA2 Architects

Stucco is obviously suited for gray. The only real caveat is that a darker gray can be a bit overwhelming. Consider instead a stucco in a hot French gray. This can be very inviting, particularly when teamed up with more colorful window frames and trim, in addition to a roof that’s permitted to weather to a natural gray.

Julie Ranee Photography

With all of that gray siding, you’ll really wish to make front door announce itself. So use a bold and cheerful color, such as a vibrant red, to make that strong focus.

When to Paint Your Door Bright Red

Britannia Joinery

Consider a gray trim color when you have a stone or brick home. Find a gray that’s already in the rock mix or is the colour of the mortar and utilize that to blend the look together.

Read exterior colour palettes

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Classic Color Duo: Blue and White

Classic Color Duo: Blue and White

White and Blue is a color strategy steeped in history. This classic color palette dates back to the ninth century, when cobalt-blue pigments were used to create themes on white pottery and porcelain in China. Throughout the 18th century blue and white printed cloths started popping up in France.

Blue and white is an attractive combination because it’s a very serene palette that looks natural to most people. In design it creates a sense of elegance and simplicity that is unparalleled.

StarrMiller Interior Design, Inc..

A dim denim-blue accent wall puts off the white and blue furnishings in this living area. The deep color of blue also causes this spacious area look and feel cozier.

Suggested paint selection: Luxe Blue, Sherwin-Williams

Wm Ohs Inc..

A blue ceiling imitates the skies and never seems out of place — particularly in a white and blue area. Within this area the oversize upholstered chairs organize with all the ceiling shade and also help to define the general palette.

Suggested paint selection: Cosmos, Sherwin-Williams

Nina Jizhar

Because of the strong comparison, just one or two white and blue accessories can make a massive impact in a room.

Kim Armstrong

Navy blue walls make a stunning backdrop for a white, upholstered headboard in this bedroom. With the existence of white and blue textiles, the area boasts a lot of comfort and classic style.

Suggested paint selection: Blue, Benjamin Moore

Kendall Wilkinson Design

Monochromatic doesn’t always mean beige. This space features many distinct versions of blue and just a touch of white for a harmonious, tone-on-tone appearance. What a wonderful setting for your river views outside.

Suggested paint selection: Anemone, Behr

Sroka Design, Inc..

Chinese blue and white products are traditional accessories which fit into a room of almost any style and color.

Envision living

Make a bold statement with a dark blue foyer flanked with white furnishings. It is possible to find elaborate wood pieces at flea markets which you may then transform with a can of white spray paint.

Suggested paint selection: Flying Fish, Behr


Toile is a printed fabric which features a story style, frequently portraying the French countryside. Using white and blue toile fabrics and wall coverings is a more complex means to bring a traditional feel to any area.

Shade: Dressing Up With Navy Blue

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Celebrate the Season with Hanukkah's Colours

Celebrate the Season with Hanukkah's Colours

The Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah, will be celebrated next to Christmas this year: from Dec. 20 to Dec. 28. It’s easy to be influenced by the vivid red, greens and golds we see that this season. But remember that blue, white, and silver are a gorgeous combination not only for your holiday decorating, but all year around. Some say blue signifies water; white is the skies and creation all around us silver adds a festive glow. Let us look at some royal rooms which come to life with this particular mix.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Some blue-and-white rooms are mostly white with a touch of blue. Other people speak volumes by being mainly blue with a touch of white. The deep azure of those walls is extended through the tall blue curtains, creating a majestic jewel box of a room. A simple white couch shines from the rich background.

Ziger/Snead Architects

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, during which candles are lit for each of the eight consecutive nights. A room with light blue, white and yellow accents reflects the season with an inviting and invigorating glow.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Crisp linen-white upholstery with navy piping, classic white-and-blue stripes and gingham patterns choose a seaside feel.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

In a white room, even only 1 accent wall of deep azure does the trick. The chrome (silver-tinted) sawhorse legs bring surprise and course to a just designed office.

Ten June Designs

Here is another example of using a midnight dark blue without committing to each of four walls — or even one full accent wall. Painting the wall region above white wainscoting a midnight blue enables for the same play as a black mix, but one degree lower compared and possible abrasiveness. The yellow-and-white kilim carpet provides warmth and brightness.

Imagine Living

I love this stylized entryway. Royal blue as far as the eye can see feels rich and can be an unusual (read memorable) alternative.

The Baroque white console table and styled mirror which provide loads of flavor and character to the area, which feels grander than it is due to the colour and furnishing choices.

Scheer & Co..

Thick horizontal stripes supply a refreshing and daring approach to incorporate the colour scheme into a little entry.

Dijeau Poage Construction

Thinner vertical blue-and-white stripes in a little powder room are alike jazzy, yet feel reserved and tidy with the white dressing table. There’s a lot happening in this little room, however, the simple and classic colour scheme keeps things from feeling occupied.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Little rooms such as entries or powder rooms are where you need to dream big and take risks. This is only the ideal spot for this provocative lattice-design silver-and-blue wallpaper.

Voila Design Home

You don’t have to commit to painted walls or backgrounds to try out this colour combo. As we have seen, furniture pairings are only enough to get the work done. This dark blue couch paired with a silver ottoman appears modern, yet timeless.

Niche Interiors

Lovers of mid-century modern design can rejoice in this colour combination that feels natural one of sculptural Danish timber furniture. The stylized white ceramics are a divine pairing together with the deep blue fabric of the couch. And the abstract geometry in the blue and white carpet brings all together.

Kasey Buick

Vintage lovers can appreciate this pale-blue wall, a collection of utilitarian white ceramics, along with a silver-leafed mirror with just the ideal patina. The room has a country-casual charm however manages to illustrate the appeal of this color palette.

Restyled Home

We maintain referencing the Jewish legacy of those colors, but what I find amazing is that blue, silver and white seems as natural and fresh as a Christmas palette, too. This mantel shows the perfect interfaith balancing act.

Come to the Table
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Indoor Stars Light Winter Nights

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Celebrate Summer Year-Round With Water Colors

Celebrate Summer Year-Round With Water Colors

Fall is here! Since the air grows cooler, character’s colors will get warmer. I really like this time of year and I look forward to watching a gaudy display of firey reds, reds and yellows. However, if you’re one of those men and women who is unhappy to see summer go, this ideabook is right for you. Hang on to summer with warm water colors that echo warm-weather fun at the beach, lake and swimming pool. With these gorgeous blues, greens, and in-betweens, you will find the sensation of summer throughout the year.

Peregrine Design Build

Aqua. Nothing says nautical over the usual crisp aqua wall shade. Add green accent colors and you’ll have a room that’s cool and refreshing.

Paint select: Aqueduct 6758 by Sherwin-Williams

Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

Cerulean. Pale tints of cerulean remind me of how the ocean looks in the early morning hours, once the sun begins to rise. The water takes on a silvery bluish-green appearance that’s so calm.

Echelon Custom Homes

Aquamarine. This delicate colour has just enough green to heat up a space, while the influence of blue gives it a refreshing, water-like appearance.

Paint select: Waterscape 6470 by Sherwin-Williams

Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc..

Seafoam green. Even an urban, contemporary space may feel as a retreat with a gentle, ocean-inspired colour in tones of green.

Paint select: Honeydew 6428 by Sherwin-Williams

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Pool blue. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous blue kitchen. Paint both the cabinets and walls with the same (or comparable) blue and put in a blue backsplash. You’ll feel as if you’re taking a dip in the pool.

Paint select: River’s Edge 510C-3 by Behr

Gast Architects

Sea glass green. In interior design, translucent glass tile is probably the closest thing to mimicking actual water. To get a sea-inspired bathroom, pastel greens are a excellent color choice for the tile and wall shade (and check out the aqua ceiling!) .

Paint select: Aegean Mist 460C-1 by Behr

Crisp Architects

Turquoise green. Create a timeless ‘surf-n-turf’ style by pairing a subtle blue-green wall shade with furnishings in warm earth tones. From the bedroom, then load up on textures and fabrics for comfort.

Paint select: Tide Pools 480E-2 by Behr

Ventana Construction LLC

Deep turquoise. Your room’s nautical texture doesn’t have to include an obvious beach motif. Having a simple color combo of turquoise and orange, any area may feel beachy without looking overdone.

Paint select: Interesting ‘N Games 647 by Benjamin Moore

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Turquoise blue. The colour turquoise is so versatile and it fits nicely with every layout style, even a room with rustic elements like ceiling beams.

Paint select: Maritime Blue 667 by Benjamin Moore

In case you’ve got neutral or white walls but you want to bring a touch of blue, then look for fun accessories like these ceramic bass plates. This type of collage is a certain way to bring a touch of the ocean into your home.

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