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The Moving-Day Survival Kit: Niceties and Lifesaving Items

The Moving-Day Survival Kit: Niceties and Lifesaving Items

The day I moved in my first home did not go smoothly. I had to drive from Boston to Atlanta, and I had tarried too long with friends in Virginia along the way, not realizing that each RV in the Southeast combined with seemingly infinite construction between Roanoke and Charlotte would generate Phish-concert-caliber traffic.

I spent moving-day eve somewhere Beyond Greenville, South Carolina. After a restless night of worrying about all my most important worldly possessions being stolen in my car in the roadside motel, I got up the following day and with bleary eyes conquer the movers to my home by around 15 minutes, still wearing the same clothing as the day before. Ugh.

Thank God for my sister-in-law, who also happened to be my real estate agent. My sale was her first, and she set the bar high. When I got to the home, there was a very practical plastic bucket full of lifesaving things for me. Every individual moving into a home ought to have one of them. If your Realtor stinks compared to my sister-in-law, place one together for yourself and keep it close for moving day.

InSook Uhm : Century 21 Astro

It is all yours! Move-in day will wipe you out, and you’ll probably be unpacking boxes for times, but this is a happy week. Make sure it remains happy with a couple things which will get you through it. Additionally, make sure you wear shoes with good support the whole period; for some reason I unpacked shoeless for days, and it was a very bad idea.


PRIMO Standing Toilet Paper Holder by Blomus – $53.99

What to Put in Your Moving-Day Kit
At least a couple rolls of toilet paper.
This is actually the number-one most important thing to include, and you’ll never convince me differently.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Uppers Vices – $98

Aspirin and all your medications. This is actually the second-most significant thing to include. I have never been so pleased to see a little packet of aspirin as I was when I unearthed it in the bottom of my skillet. It was a lifesaver. In case you’ve got antianxiety medicine, moving day is a excellent day to take some.

Of course, you are going to want all your medications, significant files, laptop, jewelry and whatever else that’s very significant or of great worth somewhere that you are keeping track of and not with all the movers.


Stainless Steel Plunger With Holder – $22.99

OK, you have cared for t.p. along with your aches and pains; how significant the remainder of these things are is much more subjective. I’d really like to know exactly what you think is your number-one item, so be sure to voice your view in the Comments section after.

Toilet plunger. If you have only 1 bathroom, this is extremely important. The more baths you have, the less crucial a plunger will be for move-in day.


SmartFlex Card to get – $34.95

Money. You ought to tip your movers, unless they call you “baby girl” or “Lady” through the whole move, and talk on the telephone in the cab of this loudly running semi truck all day while charging by the hour. In fact, I believe I wound up tipping that guy too, because he knew where I lived.


Leatherman New Wave Multitool With Leather/Nylon Combination Sheath – $59.92

Leatherman knife. While having the whole arsenal handy will be great, there are only so many things you are able to fit into the move-in-day survival kit, along with a Leatherman or Swiss Army knifewill fit in a pocket.

It is great for starting boxes, placing small pieces of furniture together and, most significant, opening that bottle of wine you are saving for when the movers leave. If you don’t think you’ll be organized enough to have a Leatherman convenient, make sure you’ve got a box cutter and a box of wine.

The Container Store

Flings Pop-Up Trash Bin, Gingham – $3.99

Waste luggage. You are likely to want the big, sturdy yard trash bags as well as the clear recycling bags.

For all those of you who still afford to be on the ball through proceeding chaos, look up what’s recyclable locally before your trip so you can make certain to recycle all your packing materials, or coordinate with someone else who’s going to proceed to come pick up your boxes, Bubble Wrap and tissue paper when you are done.

Engineer Your Space

Cable Management

Power strip and cell phone charger. The power strip will probably be convenient because you’ll probably clear one small area to keep chaos at bay and end up plugging in lots of different things, like lamps, a laptop, your iPod dock plus much more.

Shoshana Gosselin

Toothpaste and a toothbrush. Actually, expand this. You need to pack a weekend overnight bag and Dopp kit for yourself, such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, a wig and whatever else you’d need for two to three days off.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Lemon Verbena All Purpose Cleaner – $7.99

All-purpose cleaner, Clorox wipes along with a roll of paper towels. Hopefully, move-in day won’t be a big cleaning day. Superior sellers are going to have your house thoroughly scoured for you then, but you’ll want to be prepared if they’re bad vendors. (Do not allow it to come to this, however; if you are moving from out of town, have your Realtor range it out and allow you to find some cleanup help before the moving truck ever brings up)

No matter what, you are going to want to give the bathroom a cleanup, and some of your furniture might be dusty and possess a cobweb or 2 as it comes from the truck. An all-purpose cleaner and paper towels must be enough to tide you over.

Pottery Barn

Galvanized Metal 6-Pack Bottle Caddy – $29.50

Bottled water and granola bars. You are not likely to remember to eat till you’re extremely hungry. Have some instant snacks around for sustenance till you can get a meal together, and by “collectively,” I mean “delivered.”

Ideally you would have paper plates and plastic utensils at the ready, but you can certainly do with what comes with all the food, your Leatherman knife and this roll of paper towels I already told you to bring.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Local restaurant menus and telephone numbers. Do some Yelping around and figure out what restaurants provide or find a fantastic local delivery service, because you will feel dirty and exhausted by the time you get around to foraging for food.

Best Made Company

Metal First Aid Kit, Small – $48

Bandages. As a complete first aid kit is great for overachievers, soap, water, paper towels and a box of bandages should look after any move-in mishaps. Otherwise, you should probably visit Urgent Care anyway. Also keep in mind that a couple of cars arrive with first aid kits weirdly hidden in the backseat armrest. I remembered for the very first time in eight years which mine has got one.

Brook Farm General Store

Postalco Notebooks – $14

Notepad and pencil. Moving day is a time when lots of to-do lists are created, new numbers are learned and names of acquaintances that have stopped by and introduced themselves are scribbled down before they fly from the mind. I realize that lots of tech-savvy folks and young whippersnappers do all this on their telephones, but I think in the usefulness of paper and pencil.


Scented Candle, Fresh Cut Grass – $29.95

One thing to freshen the air. Whether you prefer a Glade plug-in, a bottle of Febreze or a fancy candle, even the cleanest house in the world will smell a little musty if it has been shut up for awhile. Get your own favorite scent wafting through the air.

Design Public

Jonas Damon Flashlight – $48

Flashlight. This will be convenient at night as well as for checking out your new crawl space or some other dark corners. Talking of light, make sure to pack a few added batteries, a couple lightbulbs and a nightlight which will help steer you to the bathroom in this foreign place.


Cardboard Storage Trunk – $24.95

Bonus Activities

Unpack specific boxes. Hopefully, you have tagged everything nicely and the movers are placing the right boxes in the right rooms. While they’re, watch as a hawk for valuables and bathroom stuff. The moment a bed is constructed and you have found the sheets, then make a bed up. By the time you get to fall into it, you are going to be way too exhausted to place the sheets on.

Additionally, unpacking the kitchen is a huge achievement that will make life out of here look a whole lot more normal. The moment you’ve got your own toaster oven, coffeemaker, blender and other appliances prepared, you’ll feel like you can do your very first big grocery shop and begin preparing foods which don’t arrive in Styrofoam containers.

See Jane Work

Kate Spade Long Listing Candles – $9

Be nice to your own buyers. Conversely, if you’re moving from a place, attempt to create the moving process enjoyable for the new owners, unless they had been jerks in the final — well, even then, consider the high road. Make the place pristine, leave a welcome note, organize instruction manuals for any appliances they’re inheriting from you, leave the names of service suppliers you advocate and the numbers of a few fantastic food delivery places (or if they were jerks in the final, simply leave them with the number of the so-so spots). These motions will maintain your moving karma clean so that all will go well on your end.

What did you overlook? Please discuss your moving-day must-haves in the Remarks.

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Guest Groups: Orange Fabrics for Year-Round Fanfare

Guest Groups: Orange Fabrics for Year-Round Fanfare

Right around October and November, the Colour orange comes into the spotlight. This hot, natural hue gets a whole lot of autumnal fanfare, but it appears to fade in popularity once winter hits. But orange appears to be my favorite color, and I think it is the best color to add to your house year-round, in either smallish doses or large statements. It is joyful, vibrant and eye catching. One of my favorite ways to incorporate orange into the house is through cloth. Check out some of my favorites! — Daniela from Aesthetic Oiseau

Richloom Solarium Santaeo Tangerine Fabric – $8.98

Orange really wakes up an ikat, don’t you believe? Beautifully rich and bold, this cloth is great in a tiny doses.

Dena Designs Sunshine Linen Blend Ornament Orange Fabric – $14.98

I am just waiting for the ideal place to utilize this cloth. I’m in love with all the boho chic pattern, and the tangerine hue is lovely.

Inside cloth

Singapore Sienna Fabric – $33.95

Orange can be sophisticated and elegant. A set of bar chairs upholstered in this Jacobean floral paired with dusty blues and mustard yellows would result in a gorgeous space.

Inside cloth

Diamond Orange Fabric – $29.40

This small-scale pattern is delicate and pretty. For gutsy folks, this would seem disgusting as the cloth for a sofa.

Premier Prints Sprinkles Gumdrop Orange/Natural Fabric – $7.48

Fun and punchy, this orange cloth would be perfect for a kid-friendly space. The pattern reminds me of falling novels or a match of sticks.

Premier Prints Twill Towers Sherbet Orange Fabric – $7.48

For the prep fans, what’s a better mix than the color orange and the beloved Greek key? This fabric would have a million uses in a preppy house.

Online Fabric Shop

Pindler & Pindler Ikat Dot Citrus Fabric

Another small-scale pattern, this cloth almost appears to have a texture to it. I enjoy using small-scale patterns in vibrant colors for upholstery.

Bryant Indoor/Outdoor Landry Stripe Pumpkin Spice Fabric – $8.98

This traditional stripe gets an update with spice tones. This would be gorgeous for curtains or accent cushions.

Online Fabric Shop

Duralee Jungle Boogie Bubblegum

Here’s a fantastic fabric for those kiddos. I love the jungle creatures mixed in with cheery tones of orange, green and pink.

Covington Sadie Floral Aqua/Orange Fabric – $11.98

Orange isn’t the primary color here, but it would be the color that I would pull out from the surrounding furnishings to truly make this gorgeous pattern soda.

Inside cloth

Floral Fabric, Large Tangerine – $205.80

This large-scale floral almost has a suzani texture for this. Again, I love the mixture of orange, green and pink, and that time it’s in an upscale, eye-catching pattern.

Dena Designs Sunshine Linen Blend Medallion Orange Fabric – $14.98

Here’s another bohemian chic option. The rich orange background of the fabric looks so amazing contrary to shades of light and dark pink.

Online Fabric Shop

GiRobert Kaufman Orange Carolina Gingham Fabric

A gingham print is indeed timeless, yet within an orange colorway it takes on a modern and slightly more preppy feel. I love it!

Online Fabric Shop

Robert Kaufman Orange Seersucker Stripe Fabric

How about a traditional seersucker in a sherbert hue? You can not go wrong with the mix.

Inside cloth

Burlington Tangerine Fabric – $57.33

Orange doesn’t have to be bright, and I love this modern floral which uses the color in a washed-out tone to create something easy on the eyes.

Online Fabric Shop

Portfolio Capparis Spice Fabric

This modern floral additionally uses a faded orange paired using shades of gray for a lovely subtle appearance.

Online Fabric Shop

Waverly Cashmere Ruby Fabric

This rich autumnal paisley would be right at home in an upscale library or even a man’s office. I love the mixture of colours and the elegant design.

Inside cloth

Conical-Caliente Fabric – $38.50

This cloth caught my attention for its worn appearance, its mixture of soft colours and its interesting leaf-like design. What’s not to love?

Inside cloth

Tropical Fabric – $23.45

Orange is often used in whimsical fabrics like this cute fighter pattern which may be either casual and fun, or elaborate and upscale.

Inside cloth

Le Faisan Chinoiserie Spice Fabric – $155.40

I’d pull the orange within this cloth with upholstery or pillows. Imagine a sofa accomplished in a small-scale rust-colored cloth with this avian pattern for accent cushions — gorgeous!

Next: Zest for Orange Stays Strong in Fall 2012

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To Do: Your Holiday Organizing Checklist

To Do: Your Holiday Organizing Checklist

Holiday parties can be a curse and a blessing . By handling this list begin now. Obtaining your infrastructure organized prior to all the activity begins will ease party prep afterwards, and you might even start off the New Year organized, too.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

1. Organize your pantry. Whether you are hosting a party or with family remain for a few days, then it’s easy to invest a lot of time at the kitchen. Make cooking easier for everybody with a spic-and-span pantry. Clean out all those random boxes and cans, and arrange items by kind to make them easy to discover.

How to arrange your pantry

Lowe’s Home Improvement

2. Clean out the linen cupboard. Be sure to get a neat and tidy space for guests to access towels, extra sheets and other necessary supplies. If you don’t have a committed linen cupboard, clear out a space in a little closet or bathroom cupboard where overnighters can catch an extra towel or pillow without needing to knock on your bedroom door.

How to set up your linen cupboard

COASTROAD Hearth & Patio

3. Get your fireplace ready. For those fortunate enough to have a fireplace, then you’ll need to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for winter nights. Clean your glass out or louvers, and make sure a skilled services your gas or wood fireplace before you get a roaring blaze going.

How to get your fireplace ready for winter

4. Declutter your junk drawer. Despite your efforts to keep your junk drawer concealed, the drawer’s often prominent placement (near front door or at the kitchen) means guests are likely to happen upon it at any point. Save yourself a little embarrassment and keep essentials at hand by getting your favorite junk drawer into shape.

How to arrange your catch-all drawer

Cary Bernstein Architect

5. Tidy up children’ spaces. Even though it may not remain clean for long, it’s worthwhile to make the hard work and get your kids ‘ play space under control prior to the holidays. Using organization techniques that’ll encourage children to put things away may help the space remain tidy — until the close of the day.

5 ways to keep your children’s toys tidy

6. Clean out your coat cupboard. It’s time to eliminate those cable hangers and heaps of snow equipment to clear the way for people’ outerwear. Do not forget to wash the space, too — dust, sweep and give everything a good wipe down.

How to arrange your coat closet

Michelle Hinckley

7. Organize the bathroom. Obtaining your guest bathroom ready for the holidays means more than doing just a quick wipe down. Make sure it’s clean and organized so people can discover what they want without needing to dig through piles of outdated lotion bottles.

Utilize the holidays as an excuse to get your bathroom precisely how you would like it throw out old beauty products, wipe down shelves and drawers and place hand towels and other necessities where they’re easy to get to.

Get your bathroom ready for guests

Sarah Susanka, FAIA

8. Double-check security precautions. Keep first aid kits fully stocked, assess smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and make sure that your house is ready for weather. Guests will remain comfy, and you’ll have peace of mind.

5 ways to get your home ready for the New Year

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Bonnet Roof

Bonnet Roof

A bonnet roof is a type of hip roof, often with a sharp incline at the summit and a gentle slope at the bottom, but its defining characteristic is that it extends past the vertical walls, making a covered space for porches or patios, like a bonnet.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

The eaves extending from this bonnet roof create the colour to get a poolside patio.

Architecture in Formation

This bonnet roof is supported by timbers on the gable end.

Browse photographs of bonnet roofs

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Energy-Efficient Windows: Know the Parts

Energy-Efficient Windows: Know the Parts

Windows would be a house’s charmer. They add that touch of character that completes the house’s style, particularly if they’re windows.

But if your windows are a little gray around the edges, and it’s not possible to update them for efficiency, then it’s time to select new windows. And as you’re already replacing them you may as well choose energy-efficient ones that will help save you money.

The very first step is trapping all of the acronyms regarding energy-efficient windows. The second step is knowing how they contribute to the efficiency of a window — and the parts of a window — frame, operation and glazing.

Window Frames

A window frame can be made from aluminum or another alloy, composite, fiberglass, vinyl or wood.

All have their advantages and disadvantages, but the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends wood, vinyl, fiberglass or combination. (Aluminum is easily heated, therefore it isn’t a great insulator.) Wood has efficiency issues due to expansion and contraction, so contemplate aluminum- or vinyl-clad windows. But if you select vinyl, then consider a insulated version, based on your climate and home requirements, for greater thermal insulation.

Our acronym manual did not inform you about all the parts of a window. Here’s a diagram in the DOE.

Tracy Stone AIA

Window Glazing

You will find a variety of options for your window glass, also: gasoline matches, heat-absorbing tints, insulated (double- or triple-glazed), low-E coatings, reflective coatings and spectrally selective coatings.

Gas fills. The most common gasses utilized are argon, which is comparatively less expensive, and krypton, which is more expensive but has a much better ability at reducing a window U-factor.

Heat-absorbing tints. All these come in colours like blue, black, green, gray, black or bronze. Tint does not lower a window U-factor, but inner glass layers or spectrally sensitive coatings can be added to assist with this. Gray and bronze decrease light and heat; blue and green allow more visible transmittance (VT) but just slightly reduced heat transport.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Insulated. Double-glazed, triple-glazed, or storm windows allow distance and air between panes (see the above mentioned.) This enhances the U-factor in addition to the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). In addition to air, space can also be added to lower the U-factor more.

Gas fills or low-E coatings can also be inserted to insulated windows to additional increase efficiency.

Low-E coatings. These coatings raise a window’s price by 10 to 15 percentage, the DOE says, but they can decrease energy reduction by about 30 to 50 percent. The coatings reduce the U-factor but can also decrease visible transmittance unless it’s spectrally selective. For hot climates or windows that get a great deal of sunlight, the low-E coating should be on the exterior of the glass. For keeping heat in the home in the winter, the coat should be on the inside of the glass.


Reflective coatings. These coatings block solar radiation but additionally VT and warmth. They do decrease SHGC, however, which is a plus. The DOE says that this type of glazing works better in warm climates, but since it does raise the need for indoor lighting, the energy savings can be minimal. This type of coating is good for applications.

Spectrally selective coatings. These coatings are excellent because they cut out 40 to 70 percent of their heat but still allow the light through. This means a low U-factor and SHGC but high VT.. Spectrally selective coatings can be utilized to decrease the electric-based heating needs of new houses in hot climates by over 40%, the DOE says.

Window Types

Last, consider the type of window you want in terms of how it operates, as some window types allow more air leakage than others.

Awnings, casement and hopper windows have lower air leakage than sliding windows. Fixed windows don’t have any air passage in any way, which isn’t good if you occasionally want venting.

And for the future, keep your eye out for windows that pop from the wall entirely. I recently talked to Denis Hayes, among the organizers of the first Earth Day, and he has discovered that windows that pop out have the smallest air leakage, particularly because the seal will not wear down over time like the other windows. He worked with a window manufacturer to produce a few of these windows on a one-off basis, but they might be on shop shelves in a few years.

When you have made it through studying all the window jargon, you can go out and select the style of your new windows to match the type of your house. Every one these explanations will not make you a professional, but they should give you.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

Are you replacing or repairing your old windows? Please inform us.

Replace vs. Restore: The Great Window Debate
Update Historic Windows for Charm and Efficiency
Energy-Efficient Windows: Decipher the Ratings
Contractor Tips: How to Choose and Install Windows

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The Organized Home: Shelves, Cupboards and Closets

The Organized Home: Shelves, Cupboards and Closets

Spring is a great time to tackle a whole-house planning project. Following months of dull weather (along with the layers of woollen blankets and clothes that go with it), it feels fantastic to lighten the home by letting go of clutter. Join us as we look at a plethora of great ways to organize what’s left in a beautiful way.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Aim to leave roughly 20 percent “breathing space” on each shelf. If that sounds unattainable, just open up as much free space as possible. It often takes several rounds of decluttering until you really feel like you’ve gotten rid of everything you can.

Why 20 percent? Notice in photos of homes you admire just how much storage is actually full, and I think you will discover there’s generally a substantial amount of breathing space left between things.

Design note: Throw in a sculpture or decorative sign to liven up an otherwise practical storage area.

Zinc Artwork + Interiors

Profit steam by starting small. I recommend starting your spring cleaning. For many of us, the bathroom or hallway closet is a good choice. Go for obvious junk first, such as expired drugs and empty bottles of shampoo (make certain to eliminate drugs properly — do not flush down the toilet), and then move on to that particular stash of product samples you know you are never actually going to use.

Style note: Snap up matching white storage containers the next time you are in Ikea to create a pulled-together look just like the one displayed here.

Decant everyday things into quite containers. The simple step of removing the outside packaging out of most standard household things instantly makes them more appealing. Neat stacks of toilet paper rolls, jars of cotton swabs and bowls of soap bars can bring a feeling of order to your bathroom cupboards.

Design notes: Repurpose a classic glass-front cupboard to house more supplies in the bathroom. Wire baskets and glass canisters are nice looking and practical additions.


Yellow Storage Tub – $9.95

Choose cheerful storage. If you’re in the market for a couple of new storage containers, seek out ones that cause you to grin, and I swear you will be more likely to use them. Use one of these handy sunshine-yellow buckets from Crate & Barrel for laundry, extra towels, cleaning goods or tub toys.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Address clutter hot spots. Every home has a couple of spots where clutter will collect — the kitchen counter, the back door and so forth. These places tend to be along our most frequently traveled paths throughout the house, so it is sensible to work with the hot spot instead of try to remove it. Simply placing a bit of storage in the problem area should do just fine.

Design note: In the kitchen, try with a few strategically positioned file boxes to quell the clutter.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Make your pantry pop. A fresh, well-ordered pantry can help to make meal prep a breeze and may even inspire healthy choices.

Step 1: Take every last thing out of the cabinet. Really — everything.

Step 2: Toss anything that is expired or bad.

Step 3: Fill a bag with food that is still great but you know your family will not eat, and give it to the regional food bank.

Step 4: No one needs three half-empty bags of flour. Open up them and toss them into one nice-looking jar. Ta-da! Now replicate with any other partly vacant staples.

Step 5: Put everything that’s left in, but this time create zones. Cans with headphones, breakfast stuff forth. Place the healthiest choices at eye level.

Style note: Can a fairly wallpapered backdrop inspire you to keep things tidy? Who knows, but it sure will be fun to give it a try. Alternatively, you could paint the back wall a bright colour for a similar effect.

Divine Design+Build

Optimize your drawer area. Once you have created extra room by culling unnecessary copies (do you want five Fragrant?) And tools that you do not like or use, rethink the contents of your drawers, one by one. As an example, you might rather have a canister of often used tools on the counter top and use your drawer space for spice teas or jars instead. Or you could set up one of these magnetic knife racks and free up space for your everyday dishes where they’ll be easily attained.

Think creatively — that is the kitchen, and it ought to do the job for you.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Be mindful of what is on display. So often we place things on our kitchen counters as a sort of default — but do you really need to be looking at all the stuff daily? Hide eyesores behind closed cabinet doors and leave the counter area for quite tea things, a coordinated set of spice jars or a basket of fresh dish towels.

Tackle that cleaning closet. Whether you have a dedicated utility closet or simply a stash of equipment under the sink, then obtaining this area under management will help manage daily tasks easily. Pick up a couple of attractive baskets to store supplies, choose that pile of plastic bags into the recycling center and hang brooms, mops and dusters from wall hooks.

Update your own workspace. Sorting through heaps of paper has to be one of the least attractive organizing jobs, but as with a visit to the dentist, you know you will feel better when it is completed.

Set aside an entire morning to handle this area, and also plan a fun activity for a reward for afterward. Think about registering for online statements and digital subscription providers to cut down on future paper overload.

Design note: Choose 1 style and colour of file and storage boxes for an orderly look.

The Container Store

Intelligent Stockholm Office Storage Boxes – $9.99

Use colour to your benefit. Color-coordinated storage containers are great for corralling paperwork, instruction guides and photos. You could choose all 1 colour for a cohesive look or use a color-coding method to easily find unique kinds of documents.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

Host a closet-clearing party. You can surely do so all on your own, but if you are having a hard time getting motivated to cull your closet, think about inviting a couple of great friends to help out. Provide refreshments and enjoyable music, and let your friends help give you that extra nudge to finally ditch those less-than-flattering pieces in your wardrobe.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

Believe as a boutique owner. As soon as you have your clothes edited down to those that you actually wear and adore, it is time to think of how to organize what’s left. Let us take a few tips.
Put together a favourite outfit on a single hanger where it is easy to grab it onto a hurried morning. Maintain off-season clothes out of sight.Store shoes and bags on shelves.Display favourite jewelry on racks or hand figurines.

Coaching Dresser – $1,500

Do not forget the little ones. Children’ stuff can escape control, as any parent knows. Make things easier for your little ones in the house by labeling baskets or drawers with what goes inside. You might even trace traces of clothing shapes or stamp out words on drawer fronts for a creative and organized space.

Clutter-Clearing 101
How to Fold and Store Your Clothes
How to Work with a Professional Organizer

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Tubular Daylighting Devices Bring In Organic Light

Tubular Daylighting Devices Bring In Organic Light

Natural lighting is among a home’s best assets. It can force you to look better and feel much better. It can decrease depression and improve your health. As the Greek philosopher Plato said, albeit in another context,”We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” The newest, sleekest way to bring natural light to your home is using a tubular daylighting device — a narrow tube that unobtrusively beams daytime into dark rooms.

Tubular daylighting devices (TDD) also reduce the amount of fixtures you have to have in a space, thus saving you electricity and cash. Solatube International, which generates TDDs, also states that the tubes are cost and time efficient: An expert can install one in two weeks, and they cost less than installing new windows or conventional skylights. Payback varies, but for an average cost of $500, you could see economic benefits in a few decades, Eco-Structure magazine reports.

The skylights are reflective cylinders or pipes installed between the roof and ceiling, with a transparent plastic dome. The bottoms of these tubes are diffused or glazed to stop glaring beams of light and to ensure a soft glow.

Garrison Hullinger, of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design in Portland, Oregon, enjoys to place these tubes into his clients’ baths, since the natural light makes a serene spa setting. But they can go in just about any area of the house.

Before Photo


The difference in this toilet between no TDD, with electrical lights from sconces turned on, and a TDD, electrical lights turned off, is eye opening. And the more you maintain your lights off, the more you save electric costs.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Designer Garrison Hullinger place a skylight in this project’s toilet, adding to the feeling of the outdoors brought in.

Spore Design

TDDs can be installed on almost any roof. And unlike large skylights, they maintain a rather low profile, even though they can be observed from an outdoor space, as in this house.


Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight

Inside this close-up of a Velux Sun Tunnel, you can see the transparent plastic dome on top of the reflective pipe that’s installed between the roof and the ceiling.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

A shower using a solar tube shines brightly, even without electrical lights.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

A TDD at a kitchen, coupled with canned lights, makes the space warmer than the canned lights would independently. If multiple TDDs are installed at a place, reducing the use of electrical lights, in addition, it reduces the area’s heat gain, states SolaDesign Systems, another manufacturer of TDDs. This can save even more money and electricity by lessening the need for air conditioning.

Mark English Architects, AIA

If you do not like how the TTDs look in the interior, you can always recess part of the ceiling and then install multiple ones, so they move quite unnoticed.

Inform us: If you could install a tubular daylighting device in 1 area of your house, which is it?

Professional Lighting Design Secrets

Get the Lighting Right: 8 Reasons to Avoid

12 Ways to Light Your Kitchen With LEDs

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Recessed Lighting 101

Recessed Lighting 101

What it is: Recessed lighting, sometimes known as recessed cans or may light, is installed inside the ceiling instead of on the ceiling surface. It has two main components: casing, the space where the bulb matches, and trim, the finished edge that sits around the ceiling.

Philpotts Interiors

The kind of home is dependent upon the ceiling material and insulation, and if the lights are installed during new construction or a remodel. There are specially designed housings to fit ceilings that angle up or down. Trim is largely a matter of personal taste and suitability with the d├ęcor.

Downlights, as the title suggest, beam light directly downward, while eyeball-style fixtures pivot inside their housing. Depending on where you need light concentrated, you can choose one, the other or a combination for your space. If you are installing them at a damp space, like a toilet, basement or covered outdoor living space, be sure you choose models that are rated for moisture.

When to use it : Recessed lighting is frequently used for accent lighting rather than as the only light source for a room. Because it is so discreet (when done well, that is), it marries well with clean, contemporary or minimalist interiors. However, there is no style for which recessed lighting looks really ill satisfied.

It may offer task illumination in kitchens and bathrooms, and can highlight a gallery wall or a stunning piece of artwork. If you’ve got a statement light fixture like a chandelier, but want extra downlighting to decorate the room, recessed lighting include illumination without stealing the fixture’s limelight.

When not to use it when you’ve got a ceiling with detailed plasterwork, ornamental coffers or a painted or papered theme, recessed lighting may detract from its beauty — you may not want ceiling fixtures in any way. There is also A ceiling that is concreten’t the ideal fit for recessed lighting.

Glenvale Kitchens

How many you are going to want: It’s easy to go overboard and plan for way more recessed lighting than you require, resulting in the dreaded “Swiss cheese ceiling” look. Consider several factors: which areas you want to illuminate, how much light floods the distance already, how much visibility you need (a media room versus a kitchen, by way of instance), the wattage of the bulbs you’ll use and the height and square footage of your ceiling.

The size and spacing of recessed lighting depends completely on your individual space and the result you need — there is no universal solution. One general rule of thumb is to put 4-inch lights 4 feet apart and 6-inch lights 6 feet apart. Generally, you’ll want to mount them 12 to 18 inches in front of the region you need to illuminate. Consult an attorney for information regarding your particular situation.

Bunker Workshop

Special concerns: One important factor is the electrical load of your circuit. If you want to have more lights in the present circuitry can handle an electrician will be able to help you devise a safe solution. If you’d like to be able to control the quantity of light through the day and evening, add dimmers.

Price: Again, this varies widely based upon your space. However, as a rule, you can program on roughly $100 to $150 per fixture for a simple version, including materials and skilled installation. Prices go up from there.


Ledra 12 LED Recessed Light by Bruck Lighting Systems – $238.40

The metal casing with this version from Bruck Lighting, available through Lumens, lends a compact, modern texture.


Easy Recessed Light by Fabbian – $115.20

A drum-style glass color gives the Fabbian Easy Recessed Light, too from Lumens, a profile. Additionally, it comes in many recessed home styles.


Leucos | Plain Small Semi Flush Ceiling Light – $148

A hand-molded, etched glass diffuser beams light down to get a gentle glow. The fixture comes in four colors: clear crystal (shown), satin white, amethyst and light blue.


Leucos Hera2-Non IC-CFL-B Hera Energy Saving Recessed Can Light – $196

This version features a poured-glass diffuser and fully remodeled home. Available colors include clear crystal, cobalt blue, jade green, Nile green/aqua, light blue, rose and lace white (shown).

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Extend the Roof for Color and Shelter

Extend the Roof for Color and Shelter

We’ve noticed how pitched roofs with gable ends can look contemporary, even though they are suspended from vernacular buildings and structure. A departure from that traditional type are”brows” — roofs that extend well beyond the exterior wall.

These magnificent extensions color the interior, define exterior spaces, offer exterior lighting, and offer other uses. The following examples show this technique for a fairly contemporary expression that is nevertheless rooted in the modern design of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others.

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Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Feldman Architecture’s Caterpillar House is sited on the rolling hills north of San Francisco. The plan opens itself up to the south with expansive glass walls shaded by the heavy overhang of the curving roof.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

This roof, supported by slender columns in the exterior porch, gives the Caterpillar House a strong expression, swooping like the mild pitch of the hills.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

From inside we can see the way the roof’s expansion shades the interior once the sun is large, letting it in through the winter, once the sunlight is low. The pitched roof also serves to catch rainwater that is utilized for irrigation.

CG&S Design-Build

The photo of this energy-efficient house in Austin, Texas, reveals not only the expansion of the roof but also the way that it aligns with the patio below. The roof colors but in addition, it can help define a large outdoor area that wraps around to a seating area adjacent to an outdoor fireplace.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Roof”brows” can also work to frame and direct opinions, like this large residence that overlooks the San Francisco bay.

Gardner Architects LLC

This”Sixties Solarium” at Washington, DC was renovated to improve the thermal performance of a 1969-era accession to a 1929 house. Translucent panels comprise the second floor wall above glass doors, all capped by a projecting roof that offers some shade but also features down lighting to the patio below.

Gardner Architects LLC

Inside, the Sixties Solarium is punctuated by skylights along the translucent-panel wall.

Lane Williams Architects

The dusk shot of this house in Seattle illustrates another aspect of”brows”: the ceiling and eave frequently appear constant, linking outside and indoors together. That effect is very evident here provided the full-height glass exterior walls, which probably necessitate the massive overhang.

Warmington & North

This house, also in Seattle, includes a dramatic overhang on the next floor that extends over a patio adjacent to the spacious living room below. Notice the way the lighting is placed on the exterior wall, highlighting the roof’s wood structure.

Coates Design Architects Seattle

Another Seattle residence illustrates how roof overhangs are usually linked to abundant glass in the exterior wall and outdoor area below. This instance is pint-size when compared with the preceding two Pacific Northwest ones, so it is very good to find that these roofs can happen at different scales.

The construction zone, ltd..

The desert of the American Southwest is a circumstance that is perfect for deep overhangs, especially when the client and architect opt for large glass walls to catch desert views.

Andre laurent

This photograph angle gives the impression that the roof overhang is more striking as it is, but it is apparent that it is thicker than the roofs to either side. This centre roof defines an outdoor seating area connected to the interior via a wide opening with folding doors.

Andre laurent

Under the eyebrow, we can feel the enclosure created by the deep overhang.

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