White Delights on Home Exteriors of All Styles

White Delights on Home Exteriors of All Styles

From tropical to traditional, classical to modern, the color white has been used with good success on home exteriors. What’s remarkable is the way that white suits so many home designs. While it might not be suitable for many late-19th-century houses, in which a polychromatic approach is best, certainly another fashion from the 17th to 20th centuries might look good in white.

White is the color we associate with innocence and innocence. But beyond this symbolism, it gives a stark contrast to the colours found in nature, while it’s the blue skies or the greens, apples and pears found in the landscape. Clearly, a white home is separate and distinct from a lot of the organic world.

Anna Berglin Design

White is perfect for a Cape Cod home, as it will earn a modest-size home look bigger. With its institutions of innocence and innocence, white also works nicely on a simple Cape Cod home because if there’s any home design that evokes notions of a simpler time, then it is this one.

Helios Design Group

Home designs in the 18th and early 19th centuries are perfect candidates for white exteriors. Whether colonial, federal, Georgian or Greek resurrection, these home designs are emblematic of the era of enlightenment and the search for facts. Cerebral and trendy, white plays to these styles’ formality.

John McDonald Company

White is also a great color for houses in the tropics. It repels the sun’s heat and stands out against the deep blue sky, lush green landscape and blue water. Few things look cooler than white stucco walls, coupled with a soft accent shade, reflected in a pool of deep blue water.

Melichar Architects

White is ideal for where you want to see a lot of texture and shadow. When it’s the lap of each siding plank or the moldings in the eaves, windows and much more, shadows will be highlighted against a white backdrop. This will go a long way in articulating a design’s abundance of detail.

LASC Studio

A home with a simple and easy gable shape, like a child’s drawing, is made stronger and clearer through using white. And white can be a reflection of our more rational side, so the general design is much more pure and abstract.

Kentaro Kurihara

Maintaining the exterior all white can perform to the design strength when the property’s form is easy and strong. White plays to the lack of any detail or feel in this scenario, permitting the overall form to be the dominant visual feature.

The”white box” made by the Europeans in the early 20th century and popularized in the States within the International style used white almost exclusively. It had been clear that the design of these houses was driven by an intellectual purity and a machine aesthetic.

Norris Architecture

The International style still proceeds in houses today. Rational, trendy and looking machine created, these white boxes provide a sharp contrast to the organic world and, in the process, observe the modern era.

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