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Celebrate Summer Year-Round With Water Colors

Celebrate Summer Year-Round With Water Colors

Fall is here! Since the air grows cooler, character’s colors will get warmer. I really like this time of year and I look forward to watching a gaudy display of firey reds, reds and yellows. However, if you’re one of those men and women who is unhappy to see summer go, this ideabook is right for you. Hang on to summer with warm water colors that echo warm-weather fun at the beach, lake and swimming pool. With these gorgeous blues, greens, and in-betweens, you will find the sensation of summer throughout the year.

Peregrine Design Build

Aqua. Nothing says nautical over the usual crisp aqua wall shade. Add green accent colors and you’ll have a room that’s cool and refreshing.

Paint select: Aqueduct 6758 by Sherwin-Williams

Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

Cerulean. Pale tints of cerulean remind me of how the ocean looks in the early morning hours, once the sun begins to rise. The water takes on a silvery bluish-green appearance that’s so calm.

Echelon Custom Homes

Aquamarine. This delicate colour has just enough green to heat up a space, while the influence of blue gives it a refreshing, water-like appearance.

Paint select: Waterscape 6470 by Sherwin-Williams

Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc..

Seafoam green. Even an urban, contemporary space may feel as a retreat with a gentle, ocean-inspired colour in tones of green.

Paint select: Honeydew 6428 by Sherwin-Williams

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Pool blue. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous blue kitchen. Paint both the cabinets and walls with the same (or comparable) blue and put in a blue backsplash. You’ll feel as if you’re taking a dip in the pool.

Paint select: River’s Edge 510C-3 by Behr

Gast Architects

Sea glass green. In interior design, translucent glass tile is probably the closest thing to mimicking actual water. To get a sea-inspired bathroom, pastel greens are a excellent color choice for the tile and wall shade (and check out the aqua ceiling!) .

Paint select: Aegean Mist 460C-1 by Behr

Crisp Architects

Turquoise green. Create a timeless ‘surf-n-turf’ style by pairing a subtle blue-green wall shade with furnishings in warm earth tones. From the bedroom, then load up on textures and fabrics for comfort.

Paint select: Tide Pools 480E-2 by Behr

Ventana Construction LLC

Deep turquoise. Your room’s nautical texture doesn’t have to include an obvious beach motif. Having a simple color combo of turquoise and orange, any area may feel beachy without looking overdone.

Paint select: Interesting ‘N Games 647 by Benjamin Moore

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Turquoise blue. The colour turquoise is so versatile and it fits nicely with every layout style, even a room with rustic elements like ceiling beams.

Paint select: Maritime Blue 667 by Benjamin Moore

In case you’ve got neutral or white walls but you want to bring a touch of blue, then look for fun accessories like these ceramic bass plates. This type of collage is a certain way to bring a touch of the ocean into your home.

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