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14 Ways to Add Ceiling Style

14 Ways to Add Ceiling Style

As soon as we decorate a home, maximizing the furnishings, wall decor and flooring seems to be a given. But what about the ceiling? All it takes is 1 glance upward to observe that expanse above our heads — meaning it’s as much a design chance as the rest. Actually, the ceiling is also a unexpected spot to really make your space glow.

Whether you’re remodeling a present home or just looking for a unique approach to clean up your ceiling, then have a look at these photos for some inspiration. Looking up will not ever be the same.

KuDa Photography

Ensure the fireplace flames lick the ceiling. This alluring painted mural resembles the flames jumped in the logs and splattered throughout the ceiling.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

For an easy ceiling upgrade which you may start and complete in a weekend, then simply paint the ceiling a color complementary to the room’s decor. This yellowish ceiling does wonders for these purple walls.

Amy Lau Design

Draped fabric enhances this hallway, providing the lighting underneath a gentle glow.

estudio gutman lehrer

Separate spaces at a studio or attic by installing an extra low-hanging ceiling panel above your bed. Personalize the panel together with image frames wrapped with imperceptible screws.

Elad Gonen

High-gloss paint is particularly striking when applied to the ceiling. This ceiling takes it a notch further with a wave constructed into the construction. Visual interest is certainly not lacking here.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Mirrors in the ceiling add extra reflection that may make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Danenberg Design

If we are able to accessorize the rest of our home, why not the ceiling? This stainless steel canopy replaces a normal ceiling with heightened drama and texture.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Brick treatments need not stop in the fireplace or exterior. This vaulted ceiling provides a traditional setting to get a updated interior.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Let your wall art continue across the ceiling to get a look that absorbs the entire room. It is possible to use anything your soul desires: art prints, movie posters — you name it.

Elliott Kaufman

Instead of hiding ceiling joists, put them on screen. They provide this contemporary room a natural element and fantastic texture. The dogs are awfully good-looking, too.

Elizabeth Gordon

Even when you think you’ve made it all with graphic wallpaper, black trim and marble flooring, it’s possible to still up the ante of your bathroom with an incredible ceiling. This one includes painted tin, and the effect could not be more tantalizing.


Molding is what you make of this. Instead of traditionally employing it only where the walls meet the ceiling, then have some fun with it by creating designs on the ceiling itself. Don’t be concerned about the designs being perfectly balanced across the ceiling : All these diamond shapes are not at an ideal replicate, which makes them even more intriguing.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

For a modern allure, complete your ceiling at some form of metal, such as this in depth tin treatment. Its edginess and elegance will combine with contemporary furnishings and add an unexpected complement to a traditional dining set.

Greet your guests in extreme style with a curved, spotlighted ceiling finished with a textural treatment. Beware: It’s possible you will not ever get them past your entry!

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