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Fantastic Design Plant: Aster

Fantastic Design Plant: Aster

The lack of flowers blooming in the garden at the autumn may be a real bummer, but since I write this in August, you have got the time to plant a few fall bloomers. Asters arrive in a selection of stunning colours, particularly pinks and purples, and there are more than 600 known species to choose from. Plant these on your present perennial gardens, create a border garden or add them into a wildflower meadow blend to keep your garden blossoming and colorful well into autumn.

The New York Botanical Garden

Botanical name: Aster spp
Shared name: Aster, michaelmas daisy, starwort, frost flowers
USDA zones: 3 to 8 (find your zone)
Water requirement: Though somewhat drought tolerant, asters do best in well-drained soil.
Light requirement: Full sun to partial shade
Mature size: Ranges from 4 inches high (dwarf varieties) to 4 feet high
Benefits and tolerances: Asters may be susceptible to a number of issues; choose a disease-resistant selection.
Seasonal interest: Blooms at the autumn
When to plant: Early autumn or after the last frost of winter

The New York Botanical Garden

Distinguishing traits: The aster was named after the Greek word for “celebrity,” because of the blossom’s star-like form. It’s a bright yellow centre that’s composed of tiny flowerets. The flowers range from about 1/2 inch.

Since there are so many distinct species, the size of the plant varies from dwarf to tall. The flowers vary in proportion also and come in colors that include white, white, purple, pink and crimson.

Many aster plants have soft, mounded contours. They attract butterflies.

The New York Botanical Garden

The best way to use aster in the garden: Aster is a versatile plant that works well in all types of gardens, including boundaries, perennial gardens, butterfly gardens and rock gardens. Additionally, it adds beauty to meadows in the autumn. Asters arrive in a selection of colors that mums do not, like blues and purples.

Utilize the plant as part of your three-season planting plan. If you’ve got a perennial garden you’d love to have blossoms in for as long as possible, plant asters through it. For a short lived but spectacular show, plant large borders or swaths with many different asters. This will make September one of your yard’s most memorable months.

The New York Botanical Garden

Planting notes: the moment you see aster plants at the nursery, snatch them up and plant them in late summer or early autumn. This will provide them a good chance to get established before the first frost, which raises their odds of returning the next year. Educate your soil with organic material to make sure it’s rich and loamy. Because sizes may vary, follow the instruction on the label or seed packet regarding spacing. Be extra sure to keep the plants watered during blooming season. Deadhead to keep your plant blooming as long as possible. After the plant dies back as winter approaches, cut it back into the floor.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

That’s intriguing: In medieval Europe, people burnt asters to ward off serpents (it was considered to make them take flight). The mythology continues now, as some think that burning aster leaves will keep snakes away.

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Fantasy Workshop at a Rural Sonoma Barn

Fantasy Workshop at a Rural Sonoma Barn

Designing his dream man cave wasn’t just about fun for John Hopen — it was about fulfilling a childhood fantasy. Having recently begun his own woodworking company, Hopen eventually had the means to produce the workshop he’d been imagining because he was a child fiddling with scrap timber.

With the assistance of Maben and Robert Rainwater out of Mission Hills Development, Hopen finalized the plans for his 4,000-square-foot workshop, garage, audio studio and office area. “John put on his tool belt and worked alongside us,” says Robert. “His enthusiasm about the job and being there with us was quite rewarding.”

The California Redwood Association

Hopen worked with Maben and Robert to select materials and a layout that would mimic his house and other structures across his Northern California property. Exterior redwood siding, grown and harvested sustainably, pays tribute to the surrounding forest. The interior of the structure was based on pure purpose ” [Hopen] gave us a napkin sketch of what he was thinking about, and out of that I went to work on the layout,” says Robert.

One of the project’s biggest challenges arrived before the first nail was struck: The team had to wait quite some time for the floor to become dry enough to begin building.

The California Redwood Association

Even though the workshop is principally about function, Maben and Robert did not need to skimp on personality. Angled roof overhangs to the main doors and big barn doors to the woodshop add a distinctive part to the barnlike frame. The traditional X layout on the woodshop doors takes to the garage doors on the other side of the building. Copper fixtures, window flashing, gutters and downspouts add a warm Arts and Crafts vibe.

Practicality was Hopen’s main priority, therefore the central portion of the shop was kept apparent from wall to wall. To add a architectural detail, three enormous trusses were constructed onsite to encourage the 28-foot span of the roof. Eight skylights work with the studio’s lighting system to illuminate the workspace.

Hopen uses this room to add hand-rubbed finishes along with other final touches to his carefully written pieces. A compressed air system through the entire structure forces pneumatic tools and a system that clears the atmosphere of sawdust.

A large wood storage room keeps supplies handy and secure from the outdoor elements.

Approximately eight years back, Hopen decided that he wished to pursue woodworking complete time, and started as an apprentice with a local artisan. Once he decided to set out on his own, developing a functional marathon immediately changed from a dream to a requirement.

“The layout and outfitting of the shop offers me a compact and effective workspace,” states Hopen. “If my business is to succeed, then I must have a really nice and functional workspace so as to facilitate my creativity.”

Obviously, no man cave is complete without a place to store present and fantasy vehicles. Three garage doors lead into three parking areas with plenty of wiggle room.

Hopen designed and painted the logos in his garage himself, with one slot because of his Harley and two slots for dream vehicles that he hopes to fill in soon.

The California Redwood Association

Smaller side doors lead to a music room, a wood storage room, a finishing room and a workplace.

The music room and workplace have yet to be finished, but Hopen still utilizes this space to play his guitars on his own and with friends. “I designed my ultimate man cave based on what my passions are,” he states.

Hopen has loved woodworking because he was five. His grandfather taught him how to use basic tools on straightforward pieces of wood. “I have been doing it one way or another my whole lifetime,” he states.

Exterior photos: The California Redwood Association

Can you have a dream workshop? Prove it to us at the Comments below!

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Upgrade Your Outside Privacy

Upgrade Your Outside Privacy

With summer in full swing, so it’s natural to wish to spend more time outdoors. If you live on sprawling acreage without someone else in sight, then worrying about maintaining your privacy probably is not high on your priority list. For the rest of us, thinking up creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to keep our festivities from the view of neighbors could be hard. Fences and walls may create privacy, sure, but have a tendency to block views and light, and may be prohibitively costly. For a pretty way to keep your light, your privacy and your holiday fund, provide lattice a try.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Fences and walls are great for creating privacy, but if they are tall enough to keep passersby from peeping in, they could block the light as well. The tallest lattice fences allow lots of light to flow through.


Among the great things about lattice is that it offers the perfect place for growing climbing plants, such as exquisite jasmine or roses. The plant adds character and charm while raising privacy.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Lattice is a great option for separating your lawn or patio from your neighbors. It’s more spacious than a wall or fence but still offers lots of privacy.

Susan Cohan, APLD

Lattices can be stained or painted for further visual interest. A deep, earthy tone like this blends well with the surroundings and retains the lattice from standing outside.

Slater Associates Landscape Architects

A lighter, brighter colour like white may coordinate with the house and make more of an obvious”fencing” look for the lawn.

Derviss Design

Teak lattice is a great low-maintenance option having a natural wood look. Simply leaving it alone allows it to weather gray, while oiling every three months ensures that the original honey brown colour stays fresh.

Restyled Home

When a neighbor’s porch is a bit too close for comfort, using lattice may add privacy without creating your porch feel as if it’s indoors. A tighter weave means more security.

C. Marie Designs, Inc

A more spacious lattice weave is a fantastic method to make a feeling of separation without completely blocking your line of sight. This barely there fence permits for a cool breeze and a crystal clear view too.

Privacy Screening Made Pretty

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The Way to Make Your House Feel More Like You

The Way to Make Your House Feel More Like You

Too many men and women want their home to look like somebody else’s. Shouldn’t your home reflect who you are and what you really love? Well, of course it should! If you’re not sure how to express yourself through your decor, below are a few suggestions to give you the confidence you have to do precisely that.

Story & Space – Color Guidance and Interior Design

Your Color

Do not be shy — announce your favorite color by painting the walls a vibrant hue. Bedrooms and powder rooms are a few of the greatest places to go daring with colour.

The Decorologist, Kristie Barnett

Forget about what others may think and use your favorite colours in your home. Surrounding yourself with a color will make you a happy camper. Maybe it won’t appeal to everyone, but who cares? They do not live there — you’re doing.

Philpotts Interiors

Your Art

Artwork is very private, so express yourself at the artwork you buy for your home. If you’re an artist yourself, that’s even better. Make your home your own by displaying what you create.

simple thoughts

Hang a set of your children’s artwork on a single wall. You do not have to have them professionally matted and framed; just use paint a lot of frames which are exactly the same colour. You can tack a couple of pictures with thumbtacks up.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Your Background

Display purposeful heirlooms on your bookcases or on tabletops. Incorporate a few important pieces that record your background into your bookcase, but make sure you use more novels than accessories. A lot of accessories makes for a cluttered and unfocused look.

Kati Curtis Design

Group and display your collections within an unexpected space, in this way assembly of plates and trays at a homeowner’s toilet. So what if you’re the only person you know with plates dangling in the loo?

Placing all of your collection in one place makes more of an effect than spreading pieces all over the room. This screen of blue fish platters certainly draws attention.

The Decorologist, Kristie Barnett

Your Accessories

Do not hide the things you want and use on a daily basis. Displaying your jewelry or other accessories expresses who you are and what you enjoy. Utilize a dress form to display your jewelry or scarf collection.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Display items in your home that remind you of the areas you’ve been and the memories you’ve made. Do you like the seaside? Artfully display your beach finds in glass cloches, jars and vases.

Graham Dunn Photo

Incorporate recreation and your hobbies . Park or hang a bike on your living area, or hang a pair of ice skates or even shoeshoes on the wall.

Watch more on integrating sports into your decor

Inform us : how can you express yourself in the manner that you decorate your home?

Your Decor: The Joy of Calculated Risks

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'Pirate House' Lures

'Pirate House' Lures

Builder Steve Kuhl sat with his 6-year-old nephew Zack and advised him, “We could do anything we want to your room. You can take a spaceship, a battleship, a castle, a racecar, a pirate boat … ” Swashbuckling Zack stopped him right there, offered on the pirate boat.

Kuhl was building for the majority of his lifetime, and involving his abilities and creativity, he knew he could make anything happen. His creativity flowed out of a (fake) jail cell, across a bridge, over to a boat’s hull, up a crow’s nest, down a secret passage into the cupboard and lasted throughout the house all the way down to a spiral slide into the basement.

Have a chair and prepare for a fun ride through a house filled with fun, joy and whimsy.

in a Glance
Location: Medina, Minnesota
Size: Approximately 6,800 square feet; 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
Who lives here: In the time it had been created, a household including two young children. The dad is Steve Kuhl’s brother. The house has since been marketed (more on this later).

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Since you approach Zack’s room, a peek around the corner lets you know this is no ordinary bedroom; the very first thing you encounter is a rock jail “for locking up bad guys, and possibly small sisters,” says Kuhl.

From the jail, a bridge extends across the room to a pirate’s ship. The hull hangs out of a loft area that was fresh before Kuhl and Zack decided to transform it. The bridge can manage the weight of four adults.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

I had been convinced Kuhl must have employed some sort of Pirates of Penzance set-designing genius, however he designed and constructed the entire thing himself. “I’ve never dropped my inner child … I only really got to that location and said, ‘Let’s just have fun’ once I dreamt up this,” he says. “I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said a few people die at 25 and are not buried until 75. I will never let this happen; I am still a child at heart”

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Kuhl constructed the boat’s hull much like you would on a classic seaworthy boat, with ribs, in this case made from laminated plywood. “This was a fantastic excuse to use the CNC (computer numerical control) for something apart from cupboards,” says Kuhl. To put it differently, you feed a computer the measurements you desire and it cuts the boards for you. The hull material is ⅜-inch Masonite, which can be high density and flexible.

The square openings beneath the primary deck open to a small storage area.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Kuhl Design Build LLC

The next challenge was the way to coat the hull. “We wanted something that would look like old-world planking that may stand up to kids’ fingernails,” Kuhl says. “We worked like mad scientists in the shop, combining epoxy and varnish chemical with brownish colorant to discover the perfect mix. After we applied it we combed it to give it a rough texture.”

A crow’s nest tops the boat. A mural of sea and skies completes the seafaring vibe.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Kuhl is about to escape from beneath the wheelhouse.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

“This gap provides a fast escape to the cupboard beneath the boat for emergency apparel changes,” Kuhl says.

“We worked together with the local building department to make certain all safety concerns were addressed. For instance, the walls of this pirate boat are standard rail-height high”

Approximate budget for a pirate room such as this: $40,000

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Downstairs in the mudroom, the first three wooden doors provide storage area, but if you start the fourth door, you get quite a surprise. “It is three lockers plus a ‘whoa!'” Describes Kuhl.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Kuhl Design Build LLC

The hole that looks like some sort of really weird front-loading washing machine in the previous picture is in fact an alternate approach to make it to the basement.

Kuhl calls for the slide “severe tubular craziness.”

Kuhl Design Build LLC

The twisted journey ends in the climbing cave, and this is part of a greater “sports court”

Approximate slide budget: $2,500 to $5,000 for the components

Kuhl Design Build LLC

“I’ve been climbing my entire life; I am a fighter,” says Kuhl. He designed himself with the aid of 3-D modeling.

Approximate rising wall budget: $15,000

Watch more scaling walls

Kuhl Design Build LLC

The floor underneath the climbing wall has been covered with a custom crash mat that is 26 inches thick. On the right is the golf simulator.

At this point, I am sure a few of you are freaking out at the notion of resale value. Kuhl’s philosophy is, “If you plan on being at a house for some time, build yourself. These children have so many joyful memories from this house that will endure the remainder of their lives” Additionally, he told me that the whimsy of this house ruled seven 10 “vanilla” buyers, but the remainder said, “I’ve never noticed that before. I must get this!” They got into a bidding war, along with his brother got more than his asking price.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

“I am not into golf, but this got me into it,” says Kuhl. You push a true golf ball right onto the display (do not worry, it simply drops), and a military-grade software program figures out the twist, angle and speed, projecting its trajectory on the monitor. “You are able to watch the Masters Tournament on TV whilst playing the Masters class about the simulator,” says Kuhl.

Approximate budget for the golf simulator: The program was about $18,000 as it was purchased; Kuhl is not certain how much it costs today.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Ultimately, there is another enjoyable surprise for the adults; this bookcase off the primary entry swings open into a secret stairs that serves as the only entry to a key library upstairs.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Here’s the key library.

“Designing and constructing this house filled me with creativity and joy,” says Kuhl. “What is cool is attempting to bring that exact same creative spirit to a regular kitchen renovation, whether it’s through sudden features like concealed storage or pop-up TVs that make it enjoyable.” I can not think of a better attitude for a designer or a builder to get.

‘Hobbit House’ in the Pennsylvania Countryside
Space We Love: Down the Rabbit Hole

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Bonnet Roof

Bonnet Roof

A bonnet roof is a type of hip roof, often with a sharp incline at the summit and a gentle slope at the bottom, but its defining characteristic is that it extends past the vertical walls, making a covered space for porches or patios, like a bonnet.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

The eaves extending from this bonnet roof create the colour to get a poolside patio.

Architecture in Formation

This bonnet roof is supported by timbers on the gable end.

Browse photographs of bonnet roofs

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10 Outdoor Ability to Turn Over

10 Outdoor Ability to Turn Over

Memorial Day is about honoring the lives of men and women who died protecting and serving our nation. Many homeowners will lift a glass and celebrate the holiday the unofficial beginning of summer — about a tablescape of Americana decoration, chilled peas, cold beer and a homemade dessert. However you choose to celebrate Memorial Day, let’s appreciate the spirit of freedom and also the beginning of warmer days with thoughts from these inspiring outdoor kitchens.

Urrutia Design

Don’t we all want to dine al fresco in this homeowner’s timber- and stone-clad garden? The built-in grill is near the table, which makes it the ideal setup for a small number of guests; the one manning the grill will always feel a part of this group.

Chicago Green Design Inc..

Everything concerning this rooftop shouts summer. In the lounge chairs that face stunning city views, to the bright chartreuse colour of these planters and cabinets to the minifridge and grill pair — that really is the place to sip a cold beer while the bunch flips burgers.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

This barside grill’s backdrop is just magnificent, which makes it the ideal place to enjoy the stunning California sunset along with a glass of chilled chardonnay.

McClellan Architects

My favorite part of the summer barbecue is the transition from dusk to nighttime, right once the temperature cools and beers are substituted with steaming mugs of hot cocoa or coffee. This contemporary outdoor area lets guests create the easy change from outside dining chairs to more comfy all-weather armchairs around the fire pit, which can only mean 1 thing: It’s time to roast s’mores.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Following is a more traditional version of a space that allows guests transition from the dining table to a more casual seating arrangement. This enclosed porch homes an outdoor kitchen that’s excellent for homes that have really hot summer weather. Roof care, ventilation and plenty of ceiling fans ensure a cool area throughout the day.

Display the eponymous for Longer Living Room (Nearly) All Year

It’s tough to get the modern rustic appearance right, but this covered outside kitchen hits the mark perfectly. Citrine banquettes, beam ceilings and timber used throughout the decoration offers comparison to the stainless steel kitchen appliances. Sliding glass doors to the right show the outside kitchen’s proximity to the indoor living space, which makes it a great spot for both postdinner sitting and mingling.

The pièce de résistance of the outdoor kitchen is your wood-burning oven, which means pizza and roasted bread might be on this homeowner’s Memorial Day menu. Another draw is the kitchen’s gorgeous backdrop — Oregon’s verdant environment.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

This outdoor kitchen has a cast-in-place concrete countertop, which continues the overall industrial and modern feel of the home in Aptos, California.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

There is a lot to appreciate about this outdoor living area, which looks like a resort bar and pool couch. Equipped with a pizza oven, a swim-up pool a mounted patio heater, ceiling fans, plus a full kitchen and grill (not pictured), this outdoor kitchen is just plain dreamy.

The Fantastic Poolside Landscape

Witt Construction

Although this stone and stucco built-in grill is part of a much grand European-California house, the midcentury modern Tolix chairs with two cold beer bottles on the round table give off a feeling of simplicity — and summer.

Browse Thousands of Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Design Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

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Classic Color Duo: Blue and White

Classic Color Duo: Blue and White

White and Blue is a color strategy steeped in history. This classic color palette dates back to the ninth century, when cobalt-blue pigments were used to create themes on white pottery and porcelain in China. Throughout the 18th century blue and white printed cloths started popping up in France.

Blue and white is an attractive combination because it’s a very serene palette that looks natural to most people. In design it creates a sense of elegance and simplicity that is unparalleled.

StarrMiller Interior Design, Inc..

A dim denim-blue accent wall puts off the white and blue furnishings in this living area. The deep color of blue also causes this spacious area look and feel cozier.

Suggested paint selection: Luxe Blue, Sherwin-Williams

Wm Ohs Inc..

A blue ceiling imitates the skies and never seems out of place — particularly in a white and blue area. Within this area the oversize upholstered chairs organize with all the ceiling shade and also help to define the general palette.

Suggested paint selection: Cosmos, Sherwin-Williams

Nina Jizhar

Because of the strong comparison, just one or two white and blue accessories can make a massive impact in a room.

Kim Armstrong

Navy blue walls make a stunning backdrop for a white, upholstered headboard in this bedroom. With the existence of white and blue textiles, the area boasts a lot of comfort and classic style.

Suggested paint selection: Blue, Benjamin Moore

Kendall Wilkinson Design

Monochromatic doesn’t always mean beige. This space features many distinct versions of blue and just a touch of white for a harmonious, tone-on-tone appearance. What a wonderful setting for your river views outside.

Suggested paint selection: Anemone, Behr

Sroka Design, Inc..

Chinese blue and white products are traditional accessories which fit into a room of almost any style and color.

Envision living

Make a bold statement with a dark blue foyer flanked with white furnishings. It is possible to find elaborate wood pieces at flea markets which you may then transform with a can of white spray paint.

Suggested paint selection: Flying Fish, Behr


Toile is a printed fabric which features a story style, frequently portraying the French countryside. Using white and blue toile fabrics and wall coverings is a more complex means to bring a traditional feel to any area.

Shade: Dressing Up With Navy Blue

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Energy-Efficient Windows: Know the Parts

Energy-Efficient Windows: Know the Parts

Windows would be a house’s charmer. They add that touch of character that completes the house’s style, particularly if they’re windows.

But if your windows are a little gray around the edges, and it’s not possible to update them for efficiency, then it’s time to select new windows. And as you’re already replacing them you may as well choose energy-efficient ones that will help save you money.

The very first step is trapping all of the acronyms regarding energy-efficient windows. The second step is knowing how they contribute to the efficiency of a window — and the parts of a window — frame, operation and glazing.

Window Frames

A window frame can be made from aluminum or another alloy, composite, fiberglass, vinyl or wood.

All have their advantages and disadvantages, but the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends wood, vinyl, fiberglass or combination. (Aluminum is easily heated, therefore it isn’t a great insulator.) Wood has efficiency issues due to expansion and contraction, so contemplate aluminum- or vinyl-clad windows. But if you select vinyl, then consider a insulated version, based on your climate and home requirements, for greater thermal insulation.

Our acronym manual did not inform you about all the parts of a window. Here’s a diagram in the DOE.

Tracy Stone AIA

Window Glazing

You will find a variety of options for your window glass, also: gasoline matches, heat-absorbing tints, insulated (double- or triple-glazed), low-E coatings, reflective coatings and spectrally selective coatings.

Gas fills. The most common gasses utilized are argon, which is comparatively less expensive, and krypton, which is more expensive but has a much better ability at reducing a window U-factor.

Heat-absorbing tints. All these come in colours like blue, black, green, gray, black or bronze. Tint does not lower a window U-factor, but inner glass layers or spectrally sensitive coatings can be added to assist with this. Gray and bronze decrease light and heat; blue and green allow more visible transmittance (VT) but just slightly reduced heat transport.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Insulated. Double-glazed, triple-glazed, or storm windows allow distance and air between panes (see the above mentioned.) This enhances the U-factor in addition to the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). In addition to air, space can also be added to lower the U-factor more.

Gas fills or low-E coatings can also be inserted to insulated windows to additional increase efficiency.

Low-E coatings. These coatings raise a window’s price by 10 to 15 percentage, the DOE says, but they can decrease energy reduction by about 30 to 50 percent. The coatings reduce the U-factor but can also decrease visible transmittance unless it’s spectrally selective. For hot climates or windows that get a great deal of sunlight, the low-E coating should be on the exterior of the glass. For keeping heat in the home in the winter, the coat should be on the inside of the glass.


Reflective coatings. These coatings block solar radiation but additionally VT and warmth. They do decrease SHGC, however, which is a plus. The DOE says that this type of glazing works better in warm climates, but since it does raise the need for indoor lighting, the energy savings can be minimal. This type of coating is good for applications.

Spectrally selective coatings. These coatings are excellent because they cut out 40 to 70 percent of their heat but still allow the light through. This means a low U-factor and SHGC but high VT.. Spectrally selective coatings can be utilized to decrease the electric-based heating needs of new houses in hot climates by over 40%, the DOE says.

Window Types

Last, consider the type of window you want in terms of how it operates, as some window types allow more air leakage than others.

Awnings, casement and hopper windows have lower air leakage than sliding windows. Fixed windows don’t have any air passage in any way, which isn’t good if you occasionally want venting.

And for the future, keep your eye out for windows that pop from the wall entirely. I recently talked to Denis Hayes, among the organizers of the first Earth Day, and he has discovered that windows that pop out have the smallest air leakage, particularly because the seal will not wear down over time like the other windows. He worked with a window manufacturer to produce a few of these windows on a one-off basis, but they might be on shop shelves in a few years.

When you have made it through studying all the window jargon, you can go out and select the style of your new windows to match the type of your house. Every one these explanations will not make you a professional, but they should give you.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

Are you replacing or repairing your old windows? Please inform us.

Replace vs. Restore: The Great Window Debate
Update Historic Windows for Charm and Efficiency
Energy-Efficient Windows: Decipher the Ratings
Contractor Tips: How to Choose and Install Windows

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