The Organized Home: Shelves, Cupboards and Closets

The Organized Home: Shelves, Cupboards and Closets

Spring is a great time to tackle a whole-house planning project. Following months of dull weather (along with the layers of woollen blankets and clothes that go with it), it feels fantastic to lighten the home by letting go of clutter. Join us as we look at a plethora of great ways to organize what’s left in a beautiful way.

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Aim to leave roughly 20 percent “breathing space” on each shelf. If that sounds unattainable, just open up as much free space as possible. It often takes several rounds of decluttering until you really feel like you’ve gotten rid of everything you can.

Why 20 percent? Notice in photos of homes you admire just how much storage is actually full, and I think you will discover there’s generally a substantial amount of breathing space left between things.

Design note: Throw in a sculpture or decorative sign to liven up an otherwise practical storage area.

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Profit steam by starting small. I recommend starting your spring cleaning. For many of us, the bathroom or hallway closet is a good choice. Go for obvious junk first, such as expired drugs and empty bottles of shampoo (make certain to eliminate drugs properly — do not flush down the toilet), and then move on to that particular stash of product samples you know you are never actually going to use.

Style note: Snap up matching white storage containers the next time you are in Ikea to create a pulled-together look just like the one displayed here.

Decant everyday things into quite containers. The simple step of removing the outside packaging out of most standard household things instantly makes them more appealing. Neat stacks of toilet paper rolls, jars of cotton swabs and bowls of soap bars can bring a feeling of order to your bathroom cupboards.

Design notes: Repurpose a classic glass-front cupboard to house more supplies in the bathroom. Wire baskets and glass canisters are nice looking and practical additions.


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Choose cheerful storage. If you’re in the market for a couple of new storage containers, seek out ones that cause you to grin, and I swear you will be more likely to use them. Use one of these handy sunshine-yellow buckets from Crate & Barrel for laundry, extra towels, cleaning goods or tub toys.

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Address clutter hot spots. Every home has a couple of spots where clutter will collect — the kitchen counter, the back door and so forth. These places tend to be along our most frequently traveled paths throughout the house, so it is sensible to work with the hot spot instead of try to remove it. Simply placing a bit of storage in the problem area should do just fine.

Design note: In the kitchen, try with a few strategically positioned file boxes to quell the clutter.

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Make your pantry pop. A fresh, well-ordered pantry can help to make meal prep a breeze and may even inspire healthy choices.

Step 1: Take every last thing out of the cabinet. Really — everything.

Step 2: Toss anything that is expired or bad.

Step 3: Fill a bag with food that is still great but you know your family will not eat, and give it to the regional food bank.

Step 4: No one needs three half-empty bags of flour. Open up them and toss them into one nice-looking jar. Ta-da! Now replicate with any other partly vacant staples.

Step 5: Put everything that’s left in, but this time create zones. Cans with headphones, breakfast stuff forth. Place the healthiest choices at eye level.

Style note: Can a fairly wallpapered backdrop inspire you to keep things tidy? Who knows, but it sure will be fun to give it a try. Alternatively, you could paint the back wall a bright colour for a similar effect.

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Optimize your drawer area. Once you have created extra room by culling unnecessary copies (do you want five Fragrant?) And tools that you do not like or use, rethink the contents of your drawers, one by one. As an example, you might rather have a canister of often used tools on the counter top and use your drawer space for spice teas or jars instead. Or you could set up one of these magnetic knife racks and free up space for your everyday dishes where they’ll be easily attained.

Think creatively — that is the kitchen, and it ought to do the job for you.

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Be mindful of what is on display. So often we place things on our kitchen counters as a sort of default — but do you really need to be looking at all the stuff daily? Hide eyesores behind closed cabinet doors and leave the counter area for quite tea things, a coordinated set of spice jars or a basket of fresh dish towels.

Tackle that cleaning closet. Whether you have a dedicated utility closet or simply a stash of equipment under the sink, then obtaining this area under management will help manage daily tasks easily. Pick up a couple of attractive baskets to store supplies, choose that pile of plastic bags into the recycling center and hang brooms, mops and dusters from wall hooks.

Update your own workspace. Sorting through heaps of paper has to be one of the least attractive organizing jobs, but as with a visit to the dentist, you know you will feel better when it is completed.

Set aside an entire morning to handle this area, and also plan a fun activity for a reward for afterward. Think about registering for online statements and digital subscription providers to cut down on future paper overload.

Design note: Choose 1 style and colour of file and storage boxes for an orderly look.

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Intelligent Stockholm Office Storage Boxes – $9.99

Use colour to your benefit. Color-coordinated storage containers are great for corralling paperwork, instruction guides and photos. You could choose all 1 colour for a cohesive look or use a color-coding method to easily find unique kinds of documents.

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Host a closet-clearing party. You can surely do so all on your own, but if you are having a hard time getting motivated to cull your closet, think about inviting a couple of great friends to help out. Provide refreshments and enjoyable music, and let your friends help give you that extra nudge to finally ditch those less-than-flattering pieces in your wardrobe.

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Believe as a boutique owner. As soon as you have your clothes edited down to those that you actually wear and adore, it is time to think of how to organize what’s left. Let us take a few tips.
Put together a favourite outfit on a single hanger where it is easy to grab it onto a hurried morning. Maintain off-season clothes out of sight.Store shoes and bags on shelves.Display favourite jewelry on racks or hand figurines.

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Do not forget the little ones. Children’ stuff can escape control, as any parent knows. Make things easier for your little ones in the house by labeling baskets or drawers with what goes inside. You might even trace traces of clothing shapes or stamp out words on drawer fronts for a creative and organized space.

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