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What Color Should I Paint a Bedroom With Dark-Pink Carpet along with a Green Bed?

What Color Should I Paint a Bedroom With Dark-Pink Carpet along with a Green Bed?

A bedroom containing dark-pink carpets along with a green bed gets the launch of a complementary color scheme, as pink and green are in opposite ends of the color wheel. Introduce extra colours that complement pink and green, repeat these colours in various tints, tones or shades, or select your wall color from a neutral color palette.

Double Complementary Options

A dual complementary color scheme containing the hues of pink and green also includes the pairing of purple and yellow. Lavender or lilac walls make a backdrop for dark-pink carpets along with a green bed. Cool colors tend to have a calming, relaxing effect when painted on bedrooms walls. Pale yellow walls complement the carpets and bed. Yellow generally is regarded as an uplifting color.

Monochromatic Options

If you would rather a predominantly pink and green color scheme, then repeat either or both of these colours on the walls. Select a lighter shade of pink to contrast with the dark pink. Go lighter or darker than the color of green to the bed. Another option is to divide the wall using a chair rail, repeating the dark pink of their carpets on the bottom third and with a lighter shade of green to the upper portion. It is possible to reverse the sequence provided that the bottom color is a color that is darker than the very best color. Green and pink colored stripes unite the colours in an eye-catching pattern.

Neutral Options

When in doubt about blending colours, turn into neutral hues. Brown works well with both pink and green. A medium tone of coffee or cocoa brown pairs well with the carpets and bed. Gray is another great solution for those walls, especially when it has undertones of green or purple. You can’t go wrong with white, using light grey or brown for trim.

Sampling Your Options

Before you begin rolling paint on the wall, then take your color choices for a test drive. Bring paint chip samples home to evaluate with your bed and carpets. Create a small investment in a couple of sample or practice boards and paint samples, which typically arrive in 8-ounce containers. Apply the paint into the sample board utilizing the exact same method you may use to your wall. When the paint is dry, then put the boards in various places throughout the room. View the paint color under different lighting conditions and next to other furnishings to find a better perspective of how the color will appear once it’s put on the walls.

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How to Remodel House Exteriors

How to Remodel House Exteriors

Your home’s exterior provides a clue of what’s waiting inside. An outdated or ill-kept exterior can be an immediate turnoff to guests and homebuyers. If your home is described by this, then it might be time to make some changes that are needed. Exterior remodeling projects increase market value, improve curb appeal and can make your home warm and inviting. You don’t need to spend a fortune on outside updates. Big improvements can be made by small changes. Decide on together and get to it.

Clean and Repair

Updating your home’s exterior begins with cleaning and repairing. A outside is an eyesore that requires immediate attention. Eliminate from decks and porches, and also transparent leaves and other debris out of gutters. Start a pressure washer to wash the dirt and grime off of outside walls, windows and porches. Fix loose bricks , broken windows, any chipping and cracked sidewalks and stair railings. Deteriorating security issues can be caused by bricks and crumbling concrete, as well as possibly creating problems if not repaired promptly.

Walls and Doors

Apply a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior walls to get the remodeling value. Ideal paint color options are provided by neutral tan, white or gray. Greens , rich reds and reds that are earthy supply a colour palette that is nature-inspired. Paint your front door and house trim in contrasting colors. By way of example, a tan house with a doorway and trim gives your home a fresh look. Add some pizzazz to a front door with doorknocker a metal kick plate and hardware that is new. Install window boxes that are colorful and window shutters to incorporate charm and irresistible character.

Porches, Patios and Decks

Give your patio porch or deck area a face-lift with accessories, new paint and furniture. Rejuvenate an porch or terrace with a coat of terrace floor paint and weather-resistant porch. Restaining your deck can help to bring the wood’s heat . Jazz up your space with oversize terracotta baskets brimming with flowers and cascading greenery. Furniture accented with colored chair cushions provides you. Lay an outdoor area rug under porch furniture to supply comfy warmth and texture.


Your home’s exterior can appear dull and dark . Your visitors will love a pathway to your home lined with solar lights. Replacing recessed lighting fixtures and your porch offers an immediate upgrade. Make an eye-catching focus by suspending pendant lighting or an outdoor chandelier in front of your outside entry door. By hanging a ceiling fan light fixture from your covered porch to supply light and a breeze stay comfy.

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Homes Away From Home: 6 Appealing International Bed-and-Breakfasts

Homes Away From Home: 6 Appealing International Bed-and-Breakfasts

For some vacationers staying in a home makes a trip more relaxing. A home is often quieter compared to a busy resort. And living like a regional strips off that touristy atmosphere, making the experience of a foreign town more romantic. After all, you are bound to get more of a cultural education out of a local home than a chain hotel.

That’s why bed-and-breakfasts are really great. They provide some amenities of a hotel with the comfort of a home. And with unique decoration and furnishings reflective of local style, these six international B and Bs just may inspire your next holiday — or even your next home decorating project.

1. Baixa Hous
Lisbon, Portugal

This enchanting apartment building in Lisbon’s downtown historic district was renovated but retains much of the first structure. Each of the 12 units is named after the backyard in Lisbon that inspired its distinctive design.

Each room includes different features, from soaking baths to outdoor balconies. A breakfast spread is served to each area in the morning.

Bursts of floral wallpaper and modern furniture contrast with this 18th-century room’s beautiful information. Outdoor a quaint streetcar takes guests through beautiful Lisbon.

Price: Contact Baixa House for individual room Rates

2. Casa de Laila
Outdoor Malaga, Spain

A flock of Moroccan-style luxury tents benefit from the hot weather at Casa de Laila, a bed-and-breakfast in Spain’s Andalusia region, about an hour outside of Malaga.

Each tent includes a welcome package (including wine) and comfy Middle Eastern–inspired decoration.

Surrounded by orange groves and white stone houses, the cluster of tents revolves around the property’s key pool. Breakfast is served each morning on the stone terrace.

Price: Beginning from around $91; two-night minimum | Casa de Laila

3. Cube Guest House
Hout Bay, South Africa

This modern bed-and-breakfast in South Africa includes a stunning view of the Cape of Good Hope and postcard-worthy Table Mountain. The Cube Guest House sits in an elevated residential region, with clear views from the ocean from the majority of its outdoor spaces.

Six modern rooms include en suite bathrooms, minibars, flat-screen TVs and amazing views.

A small guest cabin by the pool is also available for overnight stays. Its unique curved ceiling and walls provide it a comfy but modern feel.

Price: $50 to 130 | Cube Guest House

4. Gotten Manor
Isle of Wight, England

Three different buildings make up the quaint and historic Gotten Manor, on England’s largest island. While these 200-year-old buildings have modern updates, they also still have many historic features, including lime-washed walls, cast iron baths and wood floors (now warmed with oriental rugs).

The Old House (shown here) was the first manor residence, while the Milk House along with also the Cart House were different service buildings. Each structure can be rented out individually. While the Milk House and Cart House have their own kitchens, guests at the Old House are served breakfast each morning.

Price: From around $472 per night (entire cottage rate) | Gotten Manor

5. Guesthouse Maastricht
Maastricht, Netherlands

This darling bed-and-breakfast in the historic city centre of Maastricht joins two bedrooms to the first floor of a historic manor. Place on a quiet city street, the two rooms share a updated bathroom, while foods come from a small café around the corner.

A mix of antique and modern elements adorns each room, including coffee, tea, a microwave and a small fridge. Extra-plush mattresses and fresh blossoms in each space welcome travelers into this cute abode.

Price: From around $71 for 2 guests each night | Guesthouse Maastricht

6. La Pauline
Aix-en-Provence, France

La Pauline, named after Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, has a beautiful 18th-century ambience which pays tribute to its namesake. While the historic chateau was updated, it still retains the quaint feel of Aix-en-Provence.

All the four spacious rooms includes a simple, subtle luxury, with plush beds, nice furniture and gentle colour palettes.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the pool, tennis courts and horse riding on nearby trails.

Price: From about $195 per night | La Pauline

More: 10 Charming U.S. Bed-and-Breakfasts

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11 Terrific Paint Color Matches for Wood Details

11 Terrific Paint Color Matches for Wood Details

What paint colors work great with wood trim? I generally choose neutral colors when I am painting an area with natural wood information, whether cabinets or stain-grade trim. Greens, grays, whites and beiges are all no-brainers. Warmer colors, like orange, brown, rust and red, work also, but the deeper tones of these colors work best. Here are 11 great spaces that I believe got the option of paint colors right.

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jamesthomas Interiors

Creamy white functions with honey – and amber-toned trim; this is Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Spring 1500. I like creamy whites within an eggshell or pearl finish for just a small amount of sheen. Save a flat finish for ceilings; a small bit of sheen is likely to make cleaning minor scuffs on wallseasier.

GoodHome Painting Co..

White is an obvious choice with wood trim. Avoid bright white and try to find something with milky undertones. Here is Farrow & Ball’s Slipper Satin 2004.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

My beloved neutral with wood trim is green. The olive-toned greens are the best. Greenswork with blond, brown and reddish woods. I love this shade by Valspar.

Hendel Homes

Beige, tan and ivory work great with light and dark shades of wood. Here is Mesa Verde Tan AC-33 by Benjamin Moore. Notice the wood flooring are a contrasting color to the trim. The comparison is fine with all the trim, while the darker colors are highlighted again in the carpet.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Cream is also a gorgeous option, but you should be careful not to confuse cream with yellow. Yellow isn’t a good pick for wood trim, in my opinion. In Case You Have amber-toned wood trim, like Douglas fir or pine, try Gentle Cream OC-96 by Benjamin Moore or Glow W-B-310 from Behr.

Knickerbocker Group

Gray is a winner with soft, blonde or weathered wood tones. Here the cabinets beneath the staircase and tread shade are Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart Living, a perfect option with all the weathered wood flooring.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

“Greige” is an excellent neutral with wood trim. The secret is the right shade. Go toward a warmer greige in case you have red-toned trim or cabinets, like mahogany or cherry. This one is Benjamin Moore’s Pismo Dunes AC-32.

A.L. Interiors

Light blue with subtle gray undertones works great with a medium-toned walnut. Here Sherwin-Williams’ North Star SW6246 blends beautifully with all the wood beams and white trim.

Katerina Tana Design

Turquoise and aqua sunglasses can work also. This fantastic color of aqua, Blue Ground 210, by Farrow & Ball, evokes spring and looks fantastic with all the amber-toned ceiling.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Gray and brown can operate with black trim or cabinets. Make sure the color you choose provides comparison. Here Valspar’s Artichoke 6003-2A, a smokey charcoal, contrasts black accents.

Bella Villa Design Studio

Oranges, rust and red operate with many wood trim colors. Strive earthy reds and oranges with brown undertones, like this canyon-inspired color, Baked Clay SW6340, by Sherwin-Williams.

How to Match Colors From Photos to Real Life
Want Gorgeous Interior Colors? Look to the Light
10 Tried-and-True Paint Colors for Walls With White Trim

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Atten-TION! Acquire Design Battles With Military Decor

Atten-TION! Acquire Design Battles With Military Decor

There is something poetic about classic World War II–recalling military decoration. Simple, weathered, industrial and durable, it exudes a calculated boldness surrounded by nostalgia. Perhaps it is the fact that anything intended for an army is always considered in terms of practicality original — function earlier form, in other words. The dirty little secret is that this technique often generates the best-looking design. Your marching orders? Couple these bits with a smart interior design for a house that falls in line with high style.


Military Sandbag Pillow With British Transit Number 4 – $49

These sandbag cushions were actually used to prevent flooding, so that they bear minor stains and watermarks.

Wind and Willow Home

A stunning heirloom military trunk punctuates this tasteful room — also provides convenient storage for bulky items, too.

Barn Light Electric Company

Military Porcelain Reflector Shade With Knob – $99

A industrial military lighting with a porcelain reflector shade is ideal for poring over those World War II history books.

This modern desk conjures a contemporary take on a military surplus design and helps finish the industrial theme of the workplace.

Dana Decals

Military Aircraft Jets and Helicopters Decals – $45

Add these aircraft decals, and your kids’ area will develop into the center of the action.

Ogawa Fisher Architects

Even kitchens can benefit in the look. Military Tan paint from Benjamin Moore enlivens the atmosphere here.


And a classic military throw blanket adds a touch of texture and taste.

Restoration Hardware Child & Baby

Recycled Canvas Play Tent – $269

A canvas play tent makes for a cozy respite through truces.


Military Tin Condiment May – $69

Troops need to stay attentive. That is why condiment cans like this were made to hold a two-year source of coffee, salt and sugar, all separated by smaller canisters.


Military Toddler Bed – $269.99

Handmade from Baltic birch laminate, this kids’ mattress will have a youthful soldier saluting you each day.

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Clean-Burning Woodstoves Ignite a Greener Heating Trend

Clean-Burning Woodstoves Ignite a Greener Heating Trend

Who doesn’t love the warm, crackling blaze of a real fire in fall and winter? While nothing can substitute the profound, radiating heat and meditative flicker of a good flame, the smoke, dust and bad air quality which conventional fireplaces and old woodstoves cause can make you feeling less comfy. If you want to appreciate your fire while making an environmentally sound option, it’s time to look to the brand new woodstoves. Designers in northern states (who know their chilly weather) have led the way in developing stoves with maximum efficiency and minimal environmental effect — and thankfully, lots of the same models are now available from the States.

Discover for yourself the pros and cons of employing a woodstove to heat your house, from aesthetics and installation to long-term expenses and efficacy.

Stone Interiors

Used for both heat and cooking, woodstoves were once a common sight in nearly every home — they are what many of us picture when imagining the “hearth” in the core of the house. But as other fuels became widely available, woodstoves lost prefer. Today we are seeing a resurgence in their popularity, largely thanks to jumps forward in efficient layouts which are equally beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Studio One-Off Design & Architecture

Guru: Some models are carbon neutral. European woodstoves employing the Nordic Ecolabel system are so effective that the carbon monoxide when they are used correctly is equal to the carbon a tree naturally emits while decomposing from the woods. A few of those stoves (including the one by Rais, shown here) will also be available in America.

Stove: Gabo, Rais

Siemasko + Verbridge

Guru: Lower long-term heating expenses. Based on Popular Mechanics, the average annual fuel price to maintain a woodstove going is nearly half the price of oil and marginally less than natural gas. Those able to harvest their own wood possess the potential to save even more.

Stove: Edofocus, Focus

kimberly peck architect

Con: Much more work. Firing up the woodstove every once in a while is a pleasant activity for a chilly night — but chopping and hauling wood on a daily basis is another matter. If you commit with a woodstove as your main heat source, you need to be happy to deal with buying, preserving and chopping all the wood, in addition to the daily work of tending the flame.

Stove: Rais

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Guru: Biomass fuels reduce reliance on fossil fuels. By choosing renewable wood rather than oil, natural gas or propane to heat your house, you’re cutting down on nonrenewable energy consumption. With the woodstove getting steam, it is possible we may even see new homes — or even entire buildings — equipped with incorporated efficient woodstove heat later on.

Stove: Shaker with brief seat, Wittus

Architects, Webber + Studio

Guru: Aesthetically pleasing. Scandinavian-designed woodstoves are something of beauty. From utterly straightforward to modern, and wall mounted, built in or floating, there are options to suit every space.

Stove: Heterofocus, Concentrate

Kaplan Thompson Architects

Con: High price for the initial purchase and installation. With whole-house models ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 (as well as $10,000 or even more for custom layouts), woodstoves using the highest efficiency ratings do tend to cost more at the beginning compared to other systems. The one is $3,199.

Stove: version 7648, Morso

Charlie Allen Renovations, Inc..

Guru: The coziness factor. If your home is heated by a fire you can see dancing on your very own little woodstove, coziness and heat are givens.

Stove: Morso

Johnston Architects

Certification. When shopping for a clean-burning woodstove, start looking for a model that has been certified from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) or an global tagging system such as the Nordic Ecolabel.

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Catch the Olympic Rings With Circular Decor

Catch the Olympic Rings With Circular Decor

The forthcoming Olympics has me seeing circles. I have been inspired by the classic emblem that represents the Olympics: five intertwined rings, that signify that the Americas (North and South America), Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Since our homes and the vast majority of our furnishings are all created with straight lines, circular layouts can provide a compelling visual. Consider a series of circular objects to round a chic aesthetic to your area.

Gaile Guevara

Three oversize round clocks mimic the three meals together this table surface. Round shapes can also be echoed in the lamps and the stools, mixing together with the slick table for a classy, modern allure.


A run of corrugated aluminum bands by French firm Metaldecor includes a unique industrial however put-together look. Try out re-creating yourself by tracking down thin sheets of aluminum in the neighborhood hardware store.

Three circular rugs provide an unforeseen alternative to the typical single rectangular or square rug. The layered bits connect each part of the living space and add another degree of feel.

Shoshana Gosselin

Circular-patterned wallpaper adds instant style to a room but can be expensive and a hassle to install. This DIY option cuts down on the expense of wallpaper without compromising style.

McCroskey Interiors

Furniture that combines straight edges with circular accents can feel whimsical and elegant. This coffee table pairs a rectangular surface using a circular stretcher that matches the traditional furniture.

Designer Glass Mosaics

These amazing Dancing Circles stools by Global Views bring a lively and lively vibe to this modern kitchen.

Five Two Industries

Introducing circles to often-unnoticed spots, like a stairway railing, brings a touch of playfulness where you’d least expect it.

Pinto Designs and Associates

Create cohesion between circular elements by introducing them across the space. Play the match I Spy in this area and place the circles in the shelving panels, window treatments and cabinetry.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

Accessories are a great way to pull circles across the area. The door handle and vanity fixtures within this bathroom are perfect imitations of this mirror and the wall setup.


Circle Pots – $89

Outdoor accessories can incorporate round shapes into your landscape too. Round hanging pots add colour and visual selection both inside and out.


Multi-Circle Wall Clock – $39.99

Don’t just stick with a simple wall clock — this round home accessory provides a fantastic opportunity to add whimsy to your wall.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors – $199.95

This disco-ball-like mirror may not be the most practical for reapplying makeup, however it’s an instant eye attachment accessory and a simple way to bring some circular shapes into your home.

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Treasure Hunting in the Brimfield Antiques Fair

Treasure Hunting in the Brimfield Antiques Fair

Whether you’re a serious collector or just enjoy the delight of a search, the Brimfield antiques fair in Massachusetts is a must-visit. The biggest outdoor antiques show at the Northeast, extending 1 mile down Route 20 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, it started in 1950. It takes place three times a year (May, July and September) for six days. With more than 5,000 traders from all around the country attending, there’s something for everybody. Here is a peek in the September 2013 series.

Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show
Where: Route 20, Brimfield, Massachusetts
When: Tuesday–Sunday, September 3–8, 2013. The 2014 dates are May 13–18, July 8–13 and September 2–7. Hours change.
More information

Jessica Delaney Photography

The vendors and their goods spread out along Route 20. The May series has the largest attendance, as it is the first show of this year, but the September series gets a very strong turnout too.

Hint: Parking lots are available along Route 20 and cost $5 and up, depending on the location. They fill up quickly, so the earlier you are able to make it the better.

Jessica Delaney Photography

A collection of jadeite for glass enthusiasts is for sale. The mint-green glass could make a great addition to exposed shelves at a white kitchen.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Many design professionals attend the fair on opening day to grab the best finds for their projects. I saw many red hold/sold tags as early as 9 a.m. on Tuesday, opening day. Stylists from major fashion magazines and houses attend Brimfield early in the week.

Hint: If you’re planning to visit out of town, be sure to find out your lodging plans early. There are lots of B and Bs, quaint inns and some larger chain hotels in nearby Sturbridge, but they fill up quickly.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Even though some people today come simply to browse, many design professionals, such as Megan Pesce of MK Coastal (shown here with her son), come with particular notions. Pesce’s mission this year is to find new methods to use her reclaimed sailcloth for custom one-of-a-kind home decor pieces. On Tuesday she discovered two bag racks she plans to refinish.

“Should you see something and are thinking about coming back for this later, it will most likely be gone. If you believe you might regret it, chances are you likely will,” states Pesce. “It might be the most crowded on the weekends, but they’re definitely the best times for bargains.”

Jessica Delaney Photography

Midcentury pieces such as this mod elegant yellowish vest are always common. Sometimes you will come across a seller such as Mix on Main in Sheffield, Massachusetts, who’s selling this Jonathan Adler chandelier in a fraction of its current retail cost.

Hint: Bring money and come with a budget in your mind so you can stay focused. There are ATMs sprinkled about, and some vendors do accept credit cards. However, vendors are always more prepared to negotiate if you’ve got money.

Jessica Delaney Photography

These Eames seats are being marketed by Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak, who starred at the Discovery Channel series Natural Born Dealers.

Jessica Delaney Photography

This eland skull and antlers mounted on Lucite, from Mix on Main, is definitely a conversation starter.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Some of the finds demand a little TLC, but you can get some great treasures, like this Lucite dining collection from Rich Nye The Furniture Guy, selling for $375. All that is needed is a good cleaning and upholstery.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Among the most important and most expensive pieces I came across was this reclaimed display case; it’s about 18 feet wide and has been sourced from a jewelry store. How amazing would this be in a large, open kitchen set of conventional shelving? Sold by Brooklyn, New York, company totally Bruce, the cupboard is priced at $10,000. It comes in to six pieces, so if you did not come from a U-Haul, there is always UPS.

Jessica Delaney Photography

This piece was made from salvaged marble, mounted on top of a lathe in an old shoe factory. This looks like a gorgeous, one-of-a kind kitchen island.

Hint: Transport options such as UPS and FedEx are available onsite. A number of traders will ship to your home, so don’t be scared to ask. And there are porters available to help you move big items to a local shipping location or to your car. If you know you’re searching for furniture, rent a truck you’ll see them anywhere.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Check out this exceptional piece. The shop’s proprietor, Otis Williams, says it’s a palace chair from Cameroon, dating back to the 1800s.

Hint: The vendors are always pleased to share the history of their pieces. Don’t be scared to ask for as many details as you can.

Jessica Delaney Photography

My one buy of this day was a bust for $30. I intend to use it to accent a living room console or as a necklace holder. There were lots of unusual lamp bases too, like these, which can be a mixture of glass and wood.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, repurposed and industrial pieces are trending this year. So are statement lighting fixtures. The men at Cleveland Art have some amazing pieces, similar to this metal one. It is made from scallop-dredging series, salvaged from the Hurricane Sandy–wrecked beaches of New Jersey. It comes with a Sputnik arrangement of Edison bulbs.

Jessica Delaney Photography

This magnificent chandelier can also be from Cleveland Art. It is made of individually blown bottles which hang from upcycled bicycle chains.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Wares are a labor of love for a number of vendors. It took Kevin Shahan of Swanky Design Studio seven hours to place the final touches with this lighting fixture: applying gold leaf to the interior. Shahan especially loves working with steel. His passion leads him to repurpose pieces of older, sometimes rusty, steel into exquisite works of art like these two lights.

Jessica Delaney Photography

Upcycled golf club heads were given a new sculptural form here.

Jessica Delaney Photography

These older hand molds were used to fit latex or leather gloves; they are repurposed as ring stands or affixed to a wall to hang neckties from.

Jessica Delaney Photography

The series is a fantastic spot for picking up accessories which make a home feel curated as well as completed. These Japanese classic fishing floats from East End Antiques at Southampton, New York, would look great on a coffee table or end table.

Jessica Delaney Photography

The weekday audiences are somewhat less daunting. Come well rested and prepared to barter. And the cleverer you can be on how you get your paintings home, the better.

Jessica Delaney Photography

This visitor also had a good day.

After: During Sunday, September 8, 2013. In 2014 the dates are May 13–18, July 8–13 and September 2–7. Hours change. More information

More: A Beginner’s Mini Guide to Buying Antiques

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Fantastic Home Accents: Antiqued Mirrors

Fantastic Home Accents: Antiqued Mirrors

Whether they get their distinctive mottled finish during age or artful painful, antiqued mirrors offer a sense of background and worldly sophistication. Here are 8 great ways to integrate them in a room.

Studio William Hefner

Everything about this room says”lush” (don’t you want to run a hand over these embroidered chairs?) . The scale and form of the mirrored market call to obey a grand European salon.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Antiqued insets in an armoire both blend and contrast with the mirrored vanity table.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

The panes of these arched door frames visually extend a narrow corridor.

Tracery Interiors

An antiqued-mirror backsplash in this kitchen is a welcome change of pace out of tile.

Here is another take on the backsplash idea. The stainless steel range hood does not stop the eye at the mirrored focal point.

Olga Adler

Only the framework of this bathroom mirror is antiqued — a great solution if you like the look but want to preserve reflectivity.

A heavily antiqued display anchors an otherwise lively dining room.

Craig Denis

A routine of beveled, antiqued mirrors lends jewel-like glow into a wall market.

Tell us: Do you get a gorgeous antique mirror? We’d love to see it. Share your photo below!

Mirrors, Mirrors About the Wall
12 Creative Ways With Mirrors
15 Ways a Mirror Can Light Up Your Morning

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Pattern Play: Modernized, Masculine Ruggedness

Pattern Play: Modernized, Masculine Ruggedness

Using patterns is often close to the top of the list of homeowner design issues. Suggest using numerous patterns together and some almost have an anxiety attack! There are a few straightforward principles you can follow to ease the scare factor of blending patterns.

1. Start with a single print you love. The more colour in it, the easier time you will have pulling other colours and patterns. Let it guide you!

2. Use your initial print for your colour palette. If your printing has gray, blue and green in it then for another print look for a white and blue or a combination of just a couple of the colours. Colors don’t have to match precisely they just have to blend well with the attention.

3. Vary the style of the patterns. In case you began using a floral then your next pattern might be a stripe, plaid or geometric. You might also still mix another floral in but they need to be distinct types of florals. By way of example, a two toned floral using a mixed colored floral.

4. Limit the size of the patterns. You would like a mix of small, medium and large scale when blending patterns. If all of your prints had exactly the same sized scale on it, your attention wouldn’t know where to look and nothing could stand out.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Different designers have different ways to approach choosing cloths. Some like to utilize more solids; others utilize more pattern — or a blend of both. I love patterns, therefore I tend to shy away from solids and make use of textures in their place. I also like comparison, so that I change my cloth from mild, to medium, to dark.

Here is how I employed my own rules of thumb to develop with this pattern palette:

1. My starting print. I began using the snake-chain pattern, then picked the big polka-dot pattern. Both are large scale patterns, but there is still enough contrast between the patterns since the scatter is dark, with a thick texture, and the snake has a mild linen texture and color.

2. Construct the colour palette. The snake-chain pattern has a very subtle caramel colour in it. This gave me the capability to pull that colour in utilizing the diamond pattern and the crocodile. I love mixing in certain heat whenever I use grays.

3. Vary the design. The crocodile pattern almost reads as a sound rather than pattern but its texture adds interest and depth. I originally tried this using a more uniform snakeskin pattern, but it just appeared flat. The croc added more richness.

4. Limit the size of the pattern. The houndstooth I discovered last. This gave me a much smaller pattern to blend in. I also liked it because it was a little unexpected and it had a nice range of grays. There were darker colors to pull my polka dot and lighter to pull in my snake-chain pattern.

I also like to think in terms of contours when picking fabrics. I did use a lot of geometrics, but in this situation they appear to work well. The snakes have a milder curve, the polka dot a more solid of a curve and then the bead a very straight angle which acted more as a texture.

Jennifer Bishop Design

The combination reads slightly masculine to me, and that’s the look that I was going for with this set.

Try to think about what your prints are saying. Are they reading feminine, conventional, or whimsical? Is your floral looking more island much like than country cottage like?

Next, see these patterns up close.

Layla Grayce

DwellStudio Fabric Snake Chain Dove – $60

The subtle snake pattern at first reads more as a trellis.

Layla Grayce

DwellStudio Fabric Plush Dotscape Dove – $77

The plush dot included a bit of sheen that I adored contrary to the mattes of the other linen-like fabrics.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Home Decor Signature Series, Vinyl Crock Desert – $39.99

Though this croc pattern could be used as pillows, it’d probably match and ottoman or seat better.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Jaclyn Smith Jasso, Oatmeal – $59.99

Rather than employing a solid cloth, I picked these diamond stitched pattern with small bead for only slightly more interest.

The colour I used in the photographs was really Caramel in which this link shows Oatmeal.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Croscill Abilene, Cliffside, Heather – $49.99

The houndstooth has a great blend of grays with a little a warmer taupe-like tone.

Next, visit a room in which this pattern blend could do the job well.

Elizabeth Gordon

Here’s an illustration of the sort of room in which the aforementioned pattern blend look could do the job very well. It’s a gorgeous space that may read both masculine and feminine.

Let’s imagine using our cloths in a distance such as this:

Crocodile: Would work well on the seat at the close of the mattress.
Snake-Chain: Could be very interesting to use as the drapes on the other side of the bed.
Diamond: Could work well on the Roman colors
Polka Dot & Houndstooth: Would look great used as throw pillows.

Next, see more great uses of layouts in interior design:

Michelle Hinckley

Here is a great mix of a large scale floral using a medium-scale geometric. The quilted fabrics provide a small pattern and texture.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

Initially you see a lot of solid used in this room, but at a closer look, you will observe that the sheets have a small pattern. The accession of the camel brick and throw bedside lamps inserted just enough heat to a largely gray room.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Repeating a pattern in the drapes and toss pillows save this space from pattern overload. The large scale medallion print on the benches was just the right number of additional pattern mixed in.

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