Atten-TION! Acquire Design Battles With Military Decor

Atten-TION! Acquire Design Battles With Military Decor

There is something poetic about classic World War II–recalling military decoration. Simple, weathered, industrial and durable, it exudes a calculated boldness surrounded by nostalgia. Perhaps it is the fact that anything intended for an army is always considered in terms of practicality original — function earlier form, in other words. The dirty little secret is that this technique often generates the best-looking design. Your marching orders? Couple these bits with a smart interior design for a house that falls in line with high style.


Military Sandbag Pillow With British Transit Number 4 – $49

These sandbag cushions were actually used to prevent flooding, so that they bear minor stains and watermarks.

Wind and Willow Home

A stunning heirloom military trunk punctuates this tasteful room — also provides convenient storage for bulky items, too.

Barn Light Electric Company

Military Porcelain Reflector Shade With Knob – $99

A industrial military lighting with a porcelain reflector shade is ideal for poring over those World War II history books.

This modern desk conjures a contemporary take on a military surplus design and helps finish the industrial theme of the workplace.

Dana Decals

Military Aircraft Jets and Helicopters Decals – $45

Add these aircraft decals, and your kids’ area will develop into the center of the action.

Ogawa Fisher Architects

Even kitchens can benefit in the look. Military Tan paint from Benjamin Moore enlivens the atmosphere here.


And a classic military throw blanket adds a touch of texture and taste.

Restoration Hardware Child & Baby

Recycled Canvas Play Tent – $269

A canvas play tent makes for a cozy respite through truces.


Military Tin Condiment May – $69

Troops need to stay attentive. That is why condiment cans like this were made to hold a two-year source of coffee, salt and sugar, all separated by smaller canisters.


Military Toddler Bed – $269.99

Handmade from Baltic birch laminate, this kids’ mattress will have a youthful soldier saluting you each day.

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