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Catch the Olympic Rings With Circular Decor

Catch the Olympic Rings With Circular Decor

The forthcoming Olympics has me seeing circles. I have been inspired by the classic emblem that represents the Olympics: five intertwined rings, that signify that the Americas (North and South America), Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Since our homes and the vast majority of our furnishings are all created with straight lines, circular layouts can provide a compelling visual. Consider a series of circular objects to round a chic aesthetic to your area.

Gaile Guevara

Three oversize round clocks mimic the three meals together this table surface. Round shapes can also be echoed in the lamps and the stools, mixing together with the slick table for a classy, modern allure.


A run of corrugated aluminum bands by French firm Metaldecor includes a unique industrial however put-together look. Try out re-creating yourself by tracking down thin sheets of aluminum in the neighborhood hardware store.

Three circular rugs provide an unforeseen alternative to the typical single rectangular or square rug. The layered bits connect each part of the living space and add another degree of feel.

Shoshana Gosselin

Circular-patterned wallpaper adds instant style to a room but can be expensive and a hassle to install. This DIY option cuts down on the expense of wallpaper without compromising style.

McCroskey Interiors

Furniture that combines straight edges with circular accents can feel whimsical and elegant. This coffee table pairs a rectangular surface using a circular stretcher that matches the traditional furniture.

Designer Glass Mosaics

These amazing Dancing Circles stools by Global Views bring a lively and lively vibe to this modern kitchen.

Five Two Industries

Introducing circles to often-unnoticed spots, like a stairway railing, brings a touch of playfulness where you’d least expect it.

Pinto Designs and Associates

Create cohesion between circular elements by introducing them across the space. Play the match I Spy in this area and place the circles in the shelving panels, window treatments and cabinetry.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

Accessories are a great way to pull circles across the area. The door handle and vanity fixtures within this bathroom are perfect imitations of this mirror and the wall setup.


Circle Pots – $89

Outdoor accessories can incorporate round shapes into your landscape too. Round hanging pots add colour and visual selection both inside and out.


Multi-Circle Wall Clock – $39.99

Don’t just stick with a simple wall clock — this round home accessory provides a fantastic opportunity to add whimsy to your wall.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors – $199.95

This disco-ball-like mirror may not be the most practical for reapplying makeup, however it’s an instant eye attachment accessory and a simple way to bring some circular shapes into your home.

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Mango: Orange for the Rest of Us

Mango: Orange for the Rest of Us

I have never actually made friends with orange. I tried hard when it became the new darling of the plan world a decade ago, but we just couldn’t find common ground. (Maybe, had an Hermès box entered the picture, our relationship may have blossomed.)

Now, however, I think I have discovered a shade I will live with: mango. It’s all the presence and warmth of true orange, nevertheless it does not shout or overwhelm its environment. And while it’s subdued, it’s still strong enough not to read as peach (a hue with which I definitely will never get along). If, like me, you have been reluctant to learn more about the orange side of life, be conscious of those 10 ideas for taking that first step.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This lovely sitting area represents mango at its best. The upholstered slipper seat commands the setting in an elegant, suave fashion, balanced with the peaceful white and gray notes in the space. The art picks up just enough of the orange hue to earn the look feel coherent.

Mercedes Corbell Design + Architecture

Teal blue and mango represent a contemporary interpretation of the traditional orange and blue color pairing. Because the orange hue in this space is tender, and the teal is so strong, the room reads as gloomy — mango is merely a supporting player.

Tali Hardonag Architect

Here’s a similar spin on blue and orange, together with the proportions reversed. The blue helps to tone down the wall shade and keep it from feeling cloying, and produces a type of reverse focal point.

The Couture Rooms

Small accents are a great way to try out any color you’re uncertain about committing to. A set of stools under this console table sparks the quiet scene, and they’re a breeze to swap out when you tire of this shade. I love that peekaboo ring of mango within the pendant, too, which absolutely makes the room.

Mark English Architects, AIA

If you’re ready to take the full plunge into orange, then this kitchen signifies one approach to go there without tripping it. The mango hue of the cabinetry certainly is not for shrinking violets, but it’s not quite as loud as tangerine or safety-cone orange would be.

One great strategy for cutting down the high degree of orange: Pair it with pink. Sweet strawberry combined with a mango-colored headboard and carpet give the bedroom the lightness of a bowl of sorbet.

Rebekkah Davies Interiors + Design

Against the strong patterns and showy accents in this space, the sinuous lamp may have gotten lost if it were not in such a bold shade. The cherry foundation brings just enough attention to highlight those gorgeous curves.

Cloaked in orange, this room simply glows. The mango hue is like a little piece of sunset, regardless of the time of day. An Oriental rug grounds the wall paint and makes it feel conventional, which adds an inherently softer mien.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

A mango-hued dining table and benches not only incorporate a stroke of color to an all-white kitchen, but they also help pull the gaze toward the magnificent view outside. Patios, porches and other outdoor rooms could be perfect areas for road testing bold colours — the pure brightness of the sun and the vibrant greens of foliage dilute their impact.

Winder Gibson Architects

A mango coverlet folded at the end of the bed, paired with a coordinating side seatup pumps what could have been a dull bedroom.

Rhymes With Orange
Opposites Attract: Orange and Blue

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Great Color Palettes: 8 Bedroom Color Schemes

Great Color Palettes: 8 Bedroom Color Schemes

Waking up to pleasant, bright weather in an equally enjoyable, sunny room (preferably while on holiday) is a fairly spectacular way to begin the day. The colors in our environment affect our disposition, and warm shades of red, orange and yellow make us feel energized and happy.

But if you live in a predominantly hot climate, you might want to scale back on the warm hues and use them as accents against cooler neutrals. If you live someplace that tends to become cloudy, cool and rainy for long periods at a time (I’m looking at you, Seattle!) , then layering several warm hues in various shades, tints and tones can provide you a cozy sanctuary which you might never need to leave.

Keep reading for eight warm and inviting bedrooms, along with sample colour and material palettes inspired by each room.

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts (Bangalore)

Hot and Cool

Red, being a warm colour, is often paired with other warm hues. Shake up it by blending it with cool neutrals rather, as demonstrated within this modern and elegant bedroom. It’s a terrific way to inject reddish into your bedroom without making the space overly lively.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: This is a great palette for a bedroom in a warmer climate. Shades of grey and dim wood cool down the spicy red. Clockwise from top left (out of Sherwin-Williams): Tanager SW6601, Argos SW7065 and Software SW7074, with black walnut-stained wood.

Renovation Design Group

Hot Pink Made Cool

Pink, gray and black create a sudden and striking combination here. This super-stylish bedroom could be ideal in a warmer climate, as the cool neutrals help chill out the pinks.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: That is no little-girl pink. Make it more grown up and complicated by pairing it with cool grays and black. Clockwise from top left (out of Yolo Colorhouse): Stone .07, Petal .03 and Petal .04, using ebony-stained wood.

David Howell Design

Color Block

This representation of a stylish bedroom comes with a bold shade of orange. Using the color sparingly inside the headboard market draws the eye toward the gorgeous bed wall. Because everything else is neutral, the orange excels without overpowering.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: A glowing orange color looks great with dark wood and neutral taupes. Clockwise from top left (out of Pratt & Lambert): Mauve Mystique 1-32, Cayenne Pepper 8-14, and Pelham Gray Light CW819, with wenge.

Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

Paint Isn’t only for Walls

You do not always need to go with wood-tone or neutral furniture. The orange shelf at the foot of the bed brightens this otherwise neutral room. With orange, yellow and green (comparable colors on the color wheel) in the bed, the result is bright yet balanced.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: Liven up your bedroom by providing your furniture a fresh coat of paint. Clockwise from top left (all from Benjamin Moore): Sweet Daphne 529, San Fernando Sunshine 360, Tangerine Melt 091 and Britannia Blue 1623.

FORMA Design

Red the Right Way

once I bought my first fixer-upper several years ago, I took good care to decide on the perfect shade of red to paint all four walls in my dining room. I wound up hating it. The space didn’t get much all-natural light and that I found it black and anxiety causing — maybe not a very comfortable space to maintain. This is a good example of the way to do extreme reddish in a bedroom, with just a chunk of it above the bed. Insert a couple other red elements, but keep the remainder of the palette mild.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: Bold red is used sparingly if you’d like your bedroom to be a relaxed and comfy place. Pair it with less extreme colors so it does not compete for attention and cause you to feel nervous. Clockwise from top left (all from Valspar): Crabapple Wine 1005-7A, Seashell Gray 4003-1A and Cherry Pickin’ CI221.

Schippmann Design

Smart Use of Color

I’m a fan of bold hues, but I understand not everybody wants the colour in their house to pack such a wallop. This bright bedroom reflects my favourite colour information: Use bold colors for items that are easy and inexpensive to change or replace. Here, the walls have been painted a mellow colour of yellowish and the bolder colors are reserved for the bedding. Imagine this exact same bedroom with white linens — it might have a completely different feel.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: This joyful palette could be ideal to get a bedroom situated in a warmer weather or at which cloudy, overcast days outnumber sunny ones. Clockwise from top left (out of Mythic Paint): Sundrenched Sand 096-3, Orange Delicia 103-5 and Embers Glow 107-6, with mahogany.

Phil Kean Design Group

Berry Elegant

My poor pun aside, this bedroom exemplifies a wonderful trick when employing a deep, dark color: Limit it into the ceiling and one wall. It looks less jarring than painting one wall and it helps bring the ceiling down, creating a cozy and romantic effect that’s perfect for the bedroom.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: This palette comes with a few deep, dark colors, however they have some grey in them, which tones down them. Clockwise from top left (out of Behr): Bleached Linen UL140-13, Forest Berry UL100-17 and Cranberry UL100-4, with Brazilian cherry hardwood.

Fiorella Design

Rustic with Red

This handsome, modern, rustic bedroom is about that amazing chandelier. Intense colour on the walls could detract from it, therefore I think it’s wise to keep the space quite neutral with just a punch of colour in the bed.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: Instead of the anticipated beige, pair reddish with neutrals which have more grey and not as yellow in them, such as flax or taupe. Clockwise from top left (out of Glidden): Organic Wicker GLN11, Olivewood GLN15 and Red Geranium GLR06, with dim hickory.

Great colour palettes for every room

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Contemporary Netherlands Home

Contemporary Netherlands Home

It didn’t take long for designer Tessa Weerdenburg of Nu interieur | ontwerp along with her husband, Martin, to comprehend the potential of the three-story family home. The Scandinavian architecture and opinions of the water motivated the couple to buy the day after their first screening. As soon as they snapped it up, they changed it into a fashionable nest showcasing a contemporary lifestyle and creative, personal touches. “I really like the space we have,” Tessa says. “Having water around us makes us feel as though we’re on a vacation daily.”

at a Glance
Who lives here: Martin and Tessa Weerdenburg and brothers Lieve, Bente and Roos
Location: Pijnacker, the Netherlands
Size: 180 square meters (roughly 1,937 square feet); 4 bedrooms, 1 bath
That is interesting: Tessa created the bed linens for her brothers’ rooms .

Holly Marder

The family spends all the time at the dining area, which can be fundamental to the rest of the house. “On the weekendswe begin with breakfast, lunch and from 1:00 we find ourselves at the exact same table,” Tessa says.

Upholstered dining chairs give warmth and texture to the space. The light fixture, by Gino Sarfatti for Flos, catches the eye in the entry; it has a steel central structure with brass arms extending outside, each holding a single bulb.

Holly Marder

The first floor was one large, open space, therefore Martin and Tessa eliminated the kitchen in where the office is now to create a bigger kitchen. They also divided the kitchen and dining area by including a reflective wall. Though visitors can flow freely in the kitchen to the dining area, the wall provides just enough separation between the two busiest rooms in the house.

Holly Marder

Tessa gave this console to Martin as a present. It exhibits the family’s personal favorite items, including new photographs along with the children’s artwork. The cube-shape lamp is one of Tessa’s favourite bits.

Table: Habitat; lamp: Mr. Ed Bookend, by Roderick Vos for Functionals

Holly Marder

Open shelving provides the kitchen a light and spacious feel and holds the family’s crisp white china. The wide drawers beneath the stone countertops give ample storage to other kitchenware.

Holly Marder

The minimalist, tidy surfaces result in a practical kitchen that is as practical as it is fashionable.

Holly Marder

Views of this water were an appealing feature for the couple. They love spending some time at the dining room due to the connection with the outside: The outdoor patio sits along with a small waterway, and in summer time the doors are often left open.

Holly Marder

To create a peaceful environment, Tessa and Martin combined a neutral colour palette with texture, layering in white and black components to add comparison. “We wanted the house to seem warm and comfortable,” Tessa says.

Negative tables: Nu interieur | ontwerp

Holly Marder

Comfortable seating in front of the fire makes for a relaxing place. The fireplace has been an addition during the renovation.

Pouf: Casalis; carpeting: Perletta rugs

Holly Marder

Every component of this home has been designed with the family in mind. “We have really busy lives and also work a lot with our very own businesses,” Tessa says. “When we are in house, we would like to enjoy our lives with the children.”

This very small table and chair set in the family room provides a place for the girls to do arts and crafts or even browse novels without compromising on the room’s aesthetic.

Table: Nu interieur | ontwerp; white chairs: Ikea; wooden seat: classic

Holly Marder

Many vignettes around the house display family photographs together with decorative products. Tessa likes to encase things inside glass vases, as seen here with a cactus plant.

Candlestick: Ikea

Holly Marder

Layout and function go together within this contemporary TV cupboard, which Tessa and Martin made themselves. The footstool was also designed by Tessa.

TV cupboard and Kruk Tess footstool:Nu interieur | ontwerp

Holly Marder

An owl is encased on an integrated shelf.

Holly Marder

Just outside the dining space, a twisting staircase leads up to the bedrooms.

Holly Marder

Tessa’s creative bits extend to each of three of her brothers’ bedrooms, with bed linens she made herself.

Stool: Hema department store; mattress: Ikea

Holly Marder

Tessa created this linen and felt owl doll as well.

Holly Marder

This cozy little nook in youngest kid Bente’s bedroom provides the perfect location for doing homework and crafts.

Holly Marder

Middle daughter Lieve’s mattress was designed by Tessa. The layout adapts to function with a baby all the way to a young adult.

Bed: Willemien, Nu interieur | ontwerp

Holly Marder

Tessa also made this cosmetic felt garland, motivated by an idea she spotted on one of her beloved Dutch craft websites, Vlijtig.

Holly Marder

Patterned background and framed photographs of the 3 sisters add an additional personal touch.

Holly Marder

Tessa designed earliest daughter Roos’ bed, and Martin made it. A colorful row of cotton ball lighting adds fun and whimsy to the light-filled bedroom.

Bed: Nu interieur | ontwerp

Holly Marder

The bathroom is modern and includes a wood-sided tub, stone tiling and a rain shower in a nook behind the vanity.

Light fixture: Artemide

Holly Marder

The master bedroom keeps to the subdued colour scheme located throughout the rest of the house. Minimalist closet cabinetry keeps clothing tucked away neatly.

Holly Marder

The artwork above the mattress is by illustrator Sanne van Winden, who created those two drawings of Tessa and Martin’s old house in the historic town of Delft particularly for them.

Holly Marder

The Scandinavian-style architecture and waterside place uttered Martin and Tessa’s hearts when they first saw the house.

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Guest Picks: Food Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

Guest Picks: Food Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

December has arrived, which means it is time to get your holiday shopping to be able! To help you discover the ideal gift, I’ve pulled together 20 thoughtful kitchen items for every single type of food enthusiast and cook in your life. Happy holiday! — Clara from Channeling Contessa

West Elm

Slate + Wood Boards – $24

Who doesn’t love cheese? These sleek slate and wood planks would make the ideal present for the chic cheese lover in your own life.

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups – $24

One thing is for certain — you can always use extra measuring cups. This set is so pretty, it is counter-worthy. I’ll take this one for myself personally, please.


Peugeot u’Sselect Lacquered Salt & Pepper Mills, Red – $40

There are not very many pepper and salt grinders which are so appealing, they almost serve as centerpieces in their own right. These are even more vacation appropriate thanks to their shiny red color. For the chef in your family that enjoys a poorly well-made kitchen instrument, the Peugeot pepper and salt mills make a great present.


Monogrammed Hemstitched Linen Dinner Napkins, White – $54

Truth: One can not have too many white linen napkins. A new set will allow any cook to throw away all the older (stained) ones that they have and revel in dazzling new ones for your holiday season.

Z Gallerie

Metallic Beeswax Candles, Ivory – $35.95

Candles are a great go-to present during the holidays because they’ll most surely get used at the table. Give these glittery ones to the friend who simply can’t decorate their home enough around this time of year.

Williams-Sonoma Home

Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan | Williams Sonoma – $49.95

I’m not usually one to indulge in such specialty kitchen gear such as this ebelskiver pan, but I think the vacations warrant such purchases. Ebelskivers, a literary heritage, are puffy pancakes full of fruit, chocolate or jam. Wouldn’t they make the most perfect holiday morning cure?


Terra Medi™ Organic Olive Oil – $16.95

If you are led to a holiday dinner party but do not know exactly what to bring, an excellent bottle of coconut oil is almost always a fantastic bet, even for the hostess that has everything. I promise, it won’t go to waste.

Switch Modern

Stelton Vacuum Jug .5L – $65

I fell in love with these modern tea and coffee jugs a few months ago when I watched them at a Brooklyn boutique. I was delighted to discover you could purchase them on line! Their layout is so clean and sleek; they’d make the ideal present for the minimalist coffee or tea lover in your family.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table Silpat Baking Mat – $24.95

In my head, the very best holiday presents are ones that your friends or loved ones are dying to get but would not buy for themselves. I’ve guessed these Silpats for many years, but I’ve never brought myself to get one because, well, shouldn’t I only use parchment paper? Do the baker in your life a candy favor and wrap up one or 2 of these this vacation season.

The Container Store

Hermetic Glass Flasks – $4.49

If you want a more homemade holiday gift for the avid cook, pick up some of these glass flasks in early December, fill them with good excellent olive oil and fresh herbs, and let the herbs infuse the oil for a few days before giving them as presents.


Truffle & Salt – $29.95

Truffle salt — need I say more? A jar of this would be ideal for the friend or family member who enjoys a great steak or grilled meats.

West Elm

Foodie Fight

Finally, a trivia game for foodies! I picked up this game before Thanksgiving, and my family had a blast playing with it on Turkey Day after all the guests had left. Give it as a present or pick it up for yourself to enjoy with friends over the holiday season. You won’t regret it.


White Ceramic Serving Bowl by Red Clay – $49

An individual can not have too many white serving bowls, which one is exceptionally gorgeous, making it a great holiday gift for any home cook or food enthusiast.

Stonewall Kitchen

13.7 in. Oval Roasting Pan – $270

Mauviel may make the most exquisite cookware to ever grace kitchens. For that extra special person in your own life who absolutely loves to cook and secretly aspires to be a chef, then this gorgeous aluminum skillet will leave them speechless on Christmas morning.

Pottery Barn

French Stripe Cotton Mat – $49

A casual mat is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. Additionally, it makes standing on your toes for hours preparing a meal a great deal more comfy. Get this to your family member that has made you countless delicious foods — it is a wonderful way to say thank you.


Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins – $28

Tear-off cocktail napkins — it doesn’t get more intelligent than that! This gift is ideal for the friend or family member who loves to entertain.

Pottery Barn

Schott Zwiesel Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 6 – $45

The best part about these stemless wine glasses is they’re dishwasher safe. Any home cook or entertainer will appreciate that, making them a great holiday present.


Emile Henry Salt Pig – $40

The Emile Henry Salt Pig was made famous for its capacity to absorb moisture and keep moisture from clumping. Additionally, it is a stunning addition to any countertop and would be ideal for your home cook that constantly measures in dashes or pinches.


Slate Coasters – $36

If it comes to coasters, I like ones that complement your home without being overly ostentatious. These natural slate ones make an ideal stocking stuffer for your friend whose home always seems so effortlessly put together.


Printed Jam Jar – $8

For the cook in your own life who makes completely everything from scratch, this adorable jam jar makes for an extremely affordable but thoughtful present.

Next: More Gifts for Foodies

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Renovation Detail: The Shed Dormer

Renovation Detail: The Shed Dormer

My single-gable roofline is yelling for the addition of a shed dormer or two. Like most dormers, the drop creates usable space in the roof of a home by incorporating headroom, windows and architectural interest. The drop specifically includes a single-planed roof having an eave line that is parallel to the eave line of the main roof, yet pitched in a less severe angle.

If I were to expand my home, I’d head up to my attic and add a lot of shed dormers. The dark, unfinished space would come alive with the addition of drop dormers and windows. Often located on gable houses, the drop expands the living area in the height and width. Shed dormers work in varying sizes; they can accommodate one window and act as a architectural punctuation mark or feature five windows within an entire attic improvement.

Lands End Development – Builders & Designers

The addition of a shed dormer on a gabled roofline provides much-needed headroom to the building’s second story.

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

A shed dormer has got the capacity to add visual height to your property. Centered over the entry, big shed dormer windows draw the eye upwards on this Philadelphia home.

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

By including a shed dormer, Krieger made room for the homeowner’s fantasy soaking tub.

LLC, Melaragno Design Company

A shed dormer strategically positioned over the entryway perfectly matches the gables on either side of the home.

Brooks Ballard

A shed dormer provides visual attention to the roofline, thus developing a front-and-center focus on this Craftsman home.

Whitten Architects

This Maine property is filled with shed dormers. I spy.

Whitten Architects

Shed dormers allow for light-flooded rooms. Three big casement windows grace this lakefront home’s master bedroom.

Duxbury Architects

A house may comprise multiple dormer fashions. Here a shed dormer and gable doghouse dormer combine to create a striking roofline.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Since a drop dormer’s roof is pitched differently than the main roof, it’s a fantastic place to mix substances. This Vermont home sports a red cedar main roof along with a aluminum drop dormer roof.

Inform us : Has your home been enriched by a dormer? If it ought to be can you wonder? Join me in my shed dormer assignment and discuss your dormer plans in the Comments section.

Making More Living Room from the Attic

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Put a Spring in Your Home's Measure With Kelly Green

Put a Spring in Your Home's Measure With Kelly Green

It is spring, and everything green is announcing itself. Northern California is so green right now it almost hurts the eyes.

It is making me want to make it all indoors — to bring a number of its vibrance and freshness and aliveness to my interior space. House plants assist (the palm in the corner of my living area makes me very happy), but sometimes you have to take it a step farther.

Kelly green is not the first colour you think about when planning an interior. It has unfortunate relationships with St. Patty’s Day and that horrible acrylic sweater your mother made you wear into third-grade movie day.

But it deserves another chance. Kelly green is indeed very easy on the eyes. And on walls, furniture and accessories, it can be downright showstopping.

Laura Britt Design

If these walls could speak, they’d probably be sort of conceited. It is difficult to remain small once you’re so uniquely beautiful.

Laura Britt Design

More green walls. These get their own matching throw pillows. I believe that the rug is a misstep, but an easy one to remedy.

Green tile. How could you not feel like a daisy getting ready in the morning in this bathroom? It is similar to an Irish Spring commercial come to existence.

Habitat Studio

This luminous strip of green in a neutral bathroom adds a natural element and some much-needed colour.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

In case a green wall is a little much, opt for some cloth. Here, botanicals, chevrons and abstract patterns come together in lovely kelly greenness.

ddc nyc

Phil Chair – $2,373

Could you do a chair? This one is crazy expensive, but imagine it on your white and wood-grain kitchen.

Emily Johnston Larkin

I love the green here: headboard, bed skirt, pillows and sofa pillows. However, I do want the other colours were brighter. Nothing pops just like vivid white and kelly green.

Snaidero USA

Bright white, wood grain, clean lines and a bank of bright, cheerful green cupboards. Green makes an ultramodern kitchen somewhat softer and more livable.

Winn Wittman Architecture

The green window frames seem fresh and modern. They also enhance the view.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

I am a huge fan of painting furniture (particularly if you’re fortunate enough to find a great piece on the street). This changing table totally pops against the striped walls.

How to Select the Right Green Paint

Green and White: Always Fresh, Never Outdated

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