Renovation Detail: The Shed Dormer

Renovation Detail: The Shed Dormer

My single-gable roofline is yelling for the addition of a shed dormer or two. Like most dormers, the drop creates usable space in the roof of a home by incorporating headroom, windows and architectural interest. The drop specifically includes a single-planed roof having an eave line that is parallel to the eave line of the main roof, yet pitched in a less severe angle.

If I were to expand my home, I’d head up to my attic and add a lot of shed dormers. The dark, unfinished space would come alive with the addition of drop dormers and windows. Often located on gable houses, the drop expands the living area in the height and width. Shed dormers work in varying sizes; they can accommodate one window and act as a architectural punctuation mark or feature five windows within an entire attic improvement.

Lands End Development – Builders & Designers

The addition of a shed dormer on a gabled roofline provides much-needed headroom to the building’s second story.

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

A shed dormer has got the capacity to add visual height to your property. Centered over the entry, big shed dormer windows draw the eye upwards on this Philadelphia home.

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

By including a shed dormer, Krieger made room for the homeowner’s fantasy soaking tub.

LLC, Melaragno Design Company

A shed dormer strategically positioned over the entryway perfectly matches the gables on either side of the home.

Brooks Ballard

A shed dormer provides visual attention to the roofline, thus developing a front-and-center focus on this Craftsman home.

Whitten Architects

This Maine property is filled with shed dormers. I spy.

Whitten Architects

Shed dormers allow for light-flooded rooms. Three big casement windows grace this lakefront home’s master bedroom.

Duxbury Architects

A house may comprise multiple dormer fashions. Here a shed dormer and gable doghouse dormer combine to create a striking roofline.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Since a drop dormer’s roof is pitched differently than the main roof, it’s a fantastic place to mix substances. This Vermont home sports a red cedar main roof along with a aluminum drop dormer roof.

Inform us : Has your home been enriched by a dormer? If it ought to be can you wonder? Join me in my shed dormer assignment and discuss your dormer plans in the Comments section.

Making More Living Room from the Attic

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