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9 Elements of the Fantastic Man Chair

9 Elements of the Fantastic Man Chair

If you’d like to watch Frasier, you know he endured the ugliness of his father’s grossly overstuffed, battered”guy chair” for 11 decades. I could feel his pain as that horrible chair created an eyesore in the middle of his tastefully decorated condo. However, the very painful part came from the series finale if Frasier’s father moves out and Frasier finally gets to place his beloved Eames recliner in the living area. His father comes to visit, sits back in the Eames Cabinets and states”Hmmm… that is pretty comfy. I’d have been okay with this!”

What exactly makes a chair a”Man Chair?” Does it need to look like a pillow fight is going on underneath worn out upholstery? Does it need to be so big it takes up nearly all of the living space? Hardly. However, there are specific key elements that set apart some seats as being more attractive to some guy, so read on to find out what they are.

And when, like Frasier, you’re setting up with a less than lovely chair that’s the favorite of the guy in your house, do not wait 11 years to try luring him into a replacement. I bet you’ll find one he’d be okay with.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

1. Comfort. When picking a chair, a man’s number-one concern is relaxation. Among the things most guys love is a top back so they can narrow their head back to relax. The iconic Eames seat is lightly cushioned and has a nice top back and angled head remainder. Frasier’s dad enjoyed it… possibly your guy will also.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

These very modern lounge chairs also offer a high back and a molded shape a person can sink to.

2. Leather, leather and more leather. Have I said that guys adore leather? I am a designer, not a psychologist, so that I can not tell you — but there is something about the look, smell and feel of leather that’s irresistible to most guys. Perhaps it goes back to the times when the guys were the hunters. Whatever it is, give him a rich, black or brown leather and he will love it. Cream color? Not so much.

Elliott Kaufman

3. A place to rest his arms. Notice the way the chair on the right has armrests that extend all of the way into the front edge of the chair. He can sit all of the way back in this chair, and his hands won’t be dangling over the end of their armrests.

Mark English Architects, AIA

4. A place to put his feet up. This sofa seat is slick, but still softly padded and ideal for putting his feet up after a long moment.

Elad Gonen

5. A place to pay for the reading material. All these are great man seats! Not only are they made from leather and possess complete armrests, the pockets on the side will maintain that latest copy of Sports Illustrated, Field & Stream, his iPad… or to get the guy in this house, perhaps it’s GQ.

Amy Lau Design

6. Generous proportions. Even when the guy involved isn’t more than 6 feet tall, most guys like a chair that feels roomy. The Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner isn’t thick and bulky, but it still has ample proportions. It’s nice and wide at the top so there is space for his or her shoulders. When he’s tall, pay attention to seat depth. Average seat depth is roughly 22″, however a tall guy may appreciate a chair that’s a few inches deeper.

Mark English Architects, AIA

7. Rugged good looks. When looking at the design of a chair to get a guy, look for one which is just as ruggedly handsome as he is. This chair might not be his choice for viewing TV, but as an accent chair, the leather sling and strong looking tube frame are all very masculine looking.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

8. Angular lines. Curves indicate femininity, while angular lines indicate masculinity. The seats in this picture have fine, clean lines which are either angled on the back or squared off at the front. The rich wood accent across the exterior of the chair also increases the masculine appeal. You will find such full-length armrests again.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

9. The throne. When a man’s house is his castle, his chair is his throne. The Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen is a modernist throne when I ever saw one. What better chair for a guy to sit while enjoying his surround-sound!

Alright, here’s a challenge for you. Post a picture below of the ugly guy chair you’re enduring now, or the beautiful one which you’ve found to replace it.

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Guest Groups: 20 Great Leopard-Print Finds

Guest Groups: 20 Great Leopard-Print Finds

Leopard dwelt in caves and was in style since we dressed ourselves . Possibly the height of popularity for the leopard print was in old Hollywood, using a revival of it at the glam rock and roll era of the 1980s. Leopard print at the home as been hip since the 1920s. It really has never gone out of style in fashion or home decor.

I look at leopard as a neutral; any style area and color palette works using it. This fall, animal prints in home decor come in full power, though for me that they never went away.

Designer Mary McDonald has used uniform leopard print on walls, drapes, and upholstery, which she states creates a soothing room rather than a zany one (see for yourself at the last slide here). This is the inspiration. Whether you put in a lot or a little to some area in your house, you can not fail with leopard. — Valorie in The Visual Vamp

Valorie Hart

Leopard Toss Pillow – $42

How easy to add a couple of leopard print toss pillows to any area. I promise they’ll blend in with anything.


Leopard Chair Artwork – $89.99

Add this charming artwork to your gallery wall to update your collection.


Leopard Statue – $210

We have all used the giant white ceramic dog as the glam creature du jour home attachment, but don’t you swap it out for this three-foot-tall leopard? I really like the contemporary stylized lines of it.


Leopard Animal Print Accent Stool – $59.99

A pair of these well-priced leopard print X-base stools could look great at the end of a bed, or as additional seating in a living or family room, tucked under a library table.

The Home Depot

Leopard Print Wallpaper – $39.98

Leopard print background — how fabulous! Do an accent wall, or paper the entire room. You won’t be sorry!

Snow Leopard Sofa – $799

Check out this couch in a milder snow leopard print. I’d ditch the pillows shown with it. If you are brave enough to get a print couch, leopard print is your thing to do. It actually is just another form of a neutral that you can enjoy for many, many years.

Leopard Print Accent Chair – $164.74

Alright, okay, if a leopard print couch is too much for you to wrap your head around, try out a slice of leopard print furniture using an accent chair. This contemporary piece has the lines of a classic classic.

Lamps Plus

Leopard Lamp Shade – $39.99

Have you ever wore a fur-lined trench jacket? On the outside it looks tame, but when you open it up, the hidden glam is shown. This chic black lamp shade reminds me of these coats. The leopard print is on the inside. LOVE it! Switch out a few your existing colors with this particular one for a few subtle mystery.

Lamps Plus

Orange Leopard Print Throw Pillow – $49.99

Who states leopard only comes from browns and blacks? This orange leopard print pillow could blend so very well with the ikat patterns you have. I forecast orange will be the color of the year.

Lamps Plus

Leopard Print Area Rug – $318.91

This area rug gets the best of both impartial universes — the basic centre, and the leopard print edge for only a lot of interest. Work it in any room in your house.

Lamps Plus

Leopard New Zealand Wool Area Rug – $310.91

But if you want the entire enchilada, do this separately hand-washed rug. The antique finish is accomplished through particular tea washing methods.

Lamps Plus

Leopard Printing Colors Swing Arm Wall Lamp – $129.98

Grab a pair of these swing arm lamps with leopard print colors to use at each end of a couch, or in a bedroom for bedside reading lamps.

Slipcover Headboard at Velvet Leopard – $249

Now we’re referring to Old Hollywood glam: a leopard print futon! This is fab because it has a removable leopard print slipcover over a padded headboard.


Metallic Leopard Ottoman – $399

Oh boy — metallic and leopard print together! This is a helpful and glam cube ottoman. I die!

Leopard Printing Wood and Faux Leather Tray Set – $59.99

I must get this collection of three leopard print trays! If you only need one, give the other two as presents.

The Stationery Studio

Leopard Melamine Plate – $24

Love this leopard print Melamine dinnerware. It’s great for poolside or patio, or indoor dining also. And not love being able to get it monogrammed?

Leopard-Print Pleated Silk Chiffon Sandals – $335

Okay okay, so this has nothing to do with home decor. But these killer shoes would look great at home or anywhere. After all, fashion influences home decor which influences fashion…


Leopard Faux Fur Throw Blanket – $99.99

Cold weather is coming, I promise you. This is a faux fur leopard print throw that is actually blanket dimension. It’s by Posh Pelts. Back to the cave!

Leopard-print Accent Table – $327.99

Another small but significant piece to add some leopard print to your room.


Waterfall Chandelier with Leopard Shades – $430.20

Glam, rock, funk-a-licous chandelier using leopard-print colors. Channel your inner Martyn Bullard dahling, doing up a room for Sharon Osbourne.

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14 Ways to Add Ceiling Style

14 Ways to Add Ceiling Style

As soon as we decorate a home, maximizing the furnishings, wall decor and flooring seems to be a given. But what about the ceiling? All it takes is 1 glance upward to observe that expanse above our heads — meaning it’s as much a design chance as the rest. Actually, the ceiling is also a unexpected spot to really make your space glow.

Whether you’re remodeling a present home or just looking for a unique approach to clean up your ceiling, then have a look at these photos for some inspiration. Looking up will not ever be the same.

KuDa Photography

Ensure the fireplace flames lick the ceiling. This alluring painted mural resembles the flames jumped in the logs and splattered throughout the ceiling.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

For an easy ceiling upgrade which you may start and complete in a weekend, then simply paint the ceiling a color complementary to the room’s decor. This yellowish ceiling does wonders for these purple walls.

Amy Lau Design

Draped fabric enhances this hallway, providing the lighting underneath a gentle glow.

estudio gutman lehrer

Separate spaces at a studio or attic by installing an extra low-hanging ceiling panel above your bed. Personalize the panel together with image frames wrapped with imperceptible screws.

Elad Gonen

High-gloss paint is particularly striking when applied to the ceiling. This ceiling takes it a notch further with a wave constructed into the construction. Visual interest is certainly not lacking here.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Mirrors in the ceiling add extra reflection that may make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Danenberg Design

If we are able to accessorize the rest of our home, why not the ceiling? This stainless steel canopy replaces a normal ceiling with heightened drama and texture.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Brick treatments need not stop in the fireplace or exterior. This vaulted ceiling provides a traditional setting to get a updated interior.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Let your wall art continue across the ceiling to get a look that absorbs the entire room. It is possible to use anything your soul desires: art prints, movie posters — you name it.

Elliott Kaufman

Instead of hiding ceiling joists, put them on screen. They provide this contemporary room a natural element and fantastic texture. The dogs are awfully good-looking, too.

Elizabeth Gordon

Even when you think you’ve made it all with graphic wallpaper, black trim and marble flooring, it’s possible to still up the ante of your bathroom with an incredible ceiling. This one includes painted tin, and the effect could not be more tantalizing.


Molding is what you make of this. Instead of traditionally employing it only where the walls meet the ceiling, then have some fun with it by creating designs on the ceiling itself. Don’t be concerned about the designs being perfectly balanced across the ceiling : All these diamond shapes are not at an ideal replicate, which makes them even more intriguing.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

For a modern allure, complete your ceiling at some form of metal, such as this in depth tin treatment. Its edginess and elegance will combine with contemporary furnishings and add an unexpected complement to a traditional dining set.

Greet your guests in extreme style with a curved, spotlighted ceiling finished with a textural treatment. Beware: It’s possible you will not ever get them past your entry!

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How to Make a Tall Room Feel Right

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How to Trim Large Tree Branches

How to Trim Large Tree Branches

If you’ve got trees growing in your backyard then you probably know by now that they require routine maintenance, either by a professional tree service Brandon, FL or through your own DIY efforts. For example, it’s mandatory to cut tree branches every once in a while before they get too big, and while it might seem like a straightforward process, cutting off the limbs of a tree needs to be done in a certain way that won’t affect its natural healing process.

Here are some tips on how to trim tree branches without damaging them.

How Trees Heal

First, it’s important to acknowledge here that trees heal differently to humans. Right after you cut off one of its limbs, the tree starts producing a unique callus tissue that’ll cover the entire area where the limb was cut off. This scar will always be visible on the tree and it’s meant to protect it from getting infected with a disease while allowing the other limbs to continue growing as per usual.

Incorrect tree felling exposes the tree to potential infection and can stop its growth as well.

How to Cut a Tree Limb

A proper tree removal Brandon, FL involves the following steps when trimming large tree branches:

Step One: The first step (or cut as it’s known) involves making a small indentation right at the bottom of the branch, about 2 feet or so from the trunk, making sure that the notch is only about a ¼ of the way through. You’re making this indentation in order to avoid splitting the bark when you move on to the next step.

Step Two: Create a relief cut right next to the indentation you just made with the first step, so that the branch doesn’t split and fall when you make the final cut.

Step Three: Look for a swollen bump on the branch, which is the point where the branch transitions from a collar to an even bark.  Place your saw into the area where the branch collar slants, making sure that your saw is placed at the right angle, before cutting the branch off from the bottom up.

Common Tree Trimming Mistakes

Cutting the Branch Too Short: Cutting a tree branch from where it originates on the trunk (the collar) is always a bad idea. This is mainly because this area is exactly where the tree starts its healing process by forming scar tissue, and if you cut it from here, you’ll be seriously compromising the tree’s ability to heal properly. This mistake is the cause of those endlessly seeping wounds and holes that you sometimes see on trees.

Leaving the Branch Too Long: The branch’s collar can only heal the wound when the branch has been completely removed to leave only the collar behind. If you leave a branch stub peeking out, then you’ll stunt the tree’s further growth by obstructing its healing process.

Not Making Relief Cuts: It’s important to make relief cuts prior to trimming the tree branch so that the branch doesn’t just split off haphazardly, as this will invite damage and infection to the tree limb.

As you can see, cutting off a tree branch is fairly easy when you know what to do. However, if you’re not quite confident in your abilities, and don’t mind paying someone to do the job, then feel free to hire a tree trimming Brandon, FL professional.