Put a Spring in Your Home's Measure With Kelly Green

Put a Spring in Your Home's Measure With Kelly Green

It is spring, and everything green is announcing itself. Northern California is so green right now it almost hurts the eyes.

It is making me want to make it all indoors — to bring a number of its vibrance and freshness and aliveness to my interior space. House plants assist (the palm in the corner of my living area makes me very happy), but sometimes you have to take it a step farther.

Kelly green is not the first colour you think about when planning an interior. It has unfortunate relationships with St. Patty’s Day and that horrible acrylic sweater your mother made you wear into third-grade movie day.

But it deserves another chance. Kelly green is indeed very easy on the eyes. And on walls, furniture and accessories, it can be downright showstopping.

Laura Britt Design

If these walls could speak, they’d probably be sort of conceited. It is difficult to remain small once you’re so uniquely beautiful.

Laura Britt Design

More green walls. These get their own matching throw pillows. I believe that the rug is a misstep, but an easy one to remedy.

Green tile. How could you not feel like a daisy getting ready in the morning in this bathroom? It is similar to an Irish Spring commercial come to existence.

Habitat Studio

This luminous strip of green in a neutral bathroom adds a natural element and some much-needed colour.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

In case a green wall is a little much, opt for some cloth. Here, botanicals, chevrons and abstract patterns come together in lovely kelly greenness.

ddc nyc

Phil Chair – $2,373

Could you do a chair? This one is crazy expensive, but imagine it on your white and wood-grain kitchen.

Emily Johnston Larkin

I love the green here: headboard, bed skirt, pillows and sofa pillows. However, I do want the other colours were brighter. Nothing pops just like vivid white and kelly green.

Snaidero USA

Bright white, wood grain, clean lines and a bank of bright, cheerful green cupboards. Green makes an ultramodern kitchen somewhat softer and more livable.

Winn Wittman Architecture

The green window frames seem fresh and modern. They also enhance the view.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

I am a huge fan of painting furniture (particularly if you’re fortunate enough to find a great piece on the street). This changing table totally pops against the striped walls.

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