Great Color Palettes: 8 Bedroom Color Schemes

Great Color Palettes: 8 Bedroom Color Schemes

Waking up to pleasant, bright weather in an equally enjoyable, sunny room (preferably while on holiday) is a fairly spectacular way to begin the day. The colors in our environment affect our disposition, and warm shades of red, orange and yellow make us feel energized and happy.

But if you live in a predominantly hot climate, you might want to scale back on the warm hues and use them as accents against cooler neutrals. If you live someplace that tends to become cloudy, cool and rainy for long periods at a time (I’m looking at you, Seattle!) , then layering several warm hues in various shades, tints and tones can provide you a cozy sanctuary which you might never need to leave.

Keep reading for eight warm and inviting bedrooms, along with sample colour and material palettes inspired by each room.

Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts (Bangalore)

Hot and Cool

Red, being a warm colour, is often paired with other warm hues. Shake up it by blending it with cool neutrals rather, as demonstrated within this modern and elegant bedroom. It’s a terrific way to inject reddish into your bedroom without making the space overly lively.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: This is a great palette for a bedroom in a warmer climate. Shades of grey and dim wood cool down the spicy red. Clockwise from top left (out of Sherwin-Williams): Tanager SW6601, Argos SW7065 and Software SW7074, with black walnut-stained wood.

Renovation Design Group

Hot Pink Made Cool

Pink, gray and black create a sudden and striking combination here. This super-stylish bedroom could be ideal in a warmer climate, as the cool neutrals help chill out the pinks.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: That is no little-girl pink. Make it more grown up and complicated by pairing it with cool grays and black. Clockwise from top left (out of Yolo Colorhouse): Stone .07, Petal .03 and Petal .04, using ebony-stained wood.

David Howell Design

Color Block

This representation of a stylish bedroom comes with a bold shade of orange. Using the color sparingly inside the headboard market draws the eye toward the gorgeous bed wall. Because everything else is neutral, the orange excels without overpowering.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: A glowing orange color looks great with dark wood and neutral taupes. Clockwise from top left (out of Pratt & Lambert): Mauve Mystique 1-32, Cayenne Pepper 8-14, and Pelham Gray Light CW819, with wenge.

Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants

Paint Isn’t only for Walls

You do not always need to go with wood-tone or neutral furniture. The orange shelf at the foot of the bed brightens this otherwise neutral room. With orange, yellow and green (comparable colors on the color wheel) in the bed, the result is bright yet balanced.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: Liven up your bedroom by providing your furniture a fresh coat of paint. Clockwise from top left (all from Benjamin Moore): Sweet Daphne 529, San Fernando Sunshine 360, Tangerine Melt 091 and Britannia Blue 1623.

FORMA Design

Red the Right Way

once I bought my first fixer-upper several years ago, I took good care to decide on the perfect shade of red to paint all four walls in my dining room. I wound up hating it. The space didn’t get much all-natural light and that I found it black and anxiety causing — maybe not a very comfortable space to maintain. This is a good example of the way to do extreme reddish in a bedroom, with just a chunk of it above the bed. Insert a couple other red elements, but keep the remainder of the palette mild.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: Bold red is used sparingly if you’d like your bedroom to be a relaxed and comfy place. Pair it with less extreme colors so it does not compete for attention and cause you to feel nervous. Clockwise from top left (all from Valspar): Crabapple Wine 1005-7A, Seashell Gray 4003-1A and Cherry Pickin’ CI221.

Schippmann Design

Smart Use of Color

I’m a fan of bold hues, but I understand not everybody wants the colour in their house to pack such a wallop. This bright bedroom reflects my favourite colour information: Use bold colors for items that are easy and inexpensive to change or replace. Here, the walls have been painted a mellow colour of yellowish and the bolder colors are reserved for the bedding. Imagine this exact same bedroom with white linens — it might have a completely different feel.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: This joyful palette could be ideal to get a bedroom situated in a warmer weather or at which cloudy, overcast days outnumber sunny ones. Clockwise from top left (out of Mythic Paint): Sundrenched Sand 096-3, Orange Delicia 103-5 and Embers Glow 107-6, with mahogany.

Phil Kean Design Group

Berry Elegant

My poor pun aside, this bedroom exemplifies a wonderful trick when employing a deep, dark color: Limit it into the ceiling and one wall. It looks less jarring than painting one wall and it helps bring the ceiling down, creating a cozy and romantic effect that’s perfect for the bedroom.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: This palette comes with a few deep, dark colors, however they have some grey in them, which tones down them. Clockwise from top left (out of Behr): Bleached Linen UL140-13, Forest Berry UL100-17 and Cranberry UL100-4, with Brazilian cherry hardwood.

Fiorella Design

Rustic with Red

This handsome, modern, rustic bedroom is about that amazing chandelier. Intense colour on the walls could detract from it, therefore I think it’s wise to keep the space quite neutral with just a punch of colour in the bed.

Jennifer Ott Design

Sample Shade: Instead of the anticipated beige, pair reddish with neutrals which have more grey and not as yellow in them, such as flax or taupe. Clockwise from top left (out of Glidden): Organic Wicker GLN11, Olivewood GLN15 and Red Geranium GLR06, with dim hickory.

Great colour palettes for every room

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