Catch the Olympic Rings With Circular Decor

Catch the Olympic Rings With Circular Decor

The forthcoming Olympics has me seeing circles. I have been inspired by the classic emblem that represents the Olympics: five intertwined rings, that signify that the Americas (North and South America), Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Since our homes and the vast majority of our furnishings are all created with straight lines, circular layouts can provide a compelling visual. Consider a series of circular objects to round a chic aesthetic to your area.

Gaile Guevara

Three oversize round clocks mimic the three meals together this table surface. Round shapes can also be echoed in the lamps and the stools, mixing together with the slick table for a classy, modern allure.


A run of corrugated aluminum bands by French firm Metaldecor includes a unique industrial however put-together look. Try out re-creating yourself by tracking down thin sheets of aluminum in the neighborhood hardware store.

Three circular rugs provide an unforeseen alternative to the typical single rectangular or square rug. The layered bits connect each part of the living space and add another degree of feel.

Shoshana Gosselin

Circular-patterned wallpaper adds instant style to a room but can be expensive and a hassle to install. This DIY option cuts down on the expense of wallpaper without compromising style.

McCroskey Interiors

Furniture that combines straight edges with circular accents can feel whimsical and elegant. This coffee table pairs a rectangular surface using a circular stretcher that matches the traditional furniture.

Designer Glass Mosaics

These amazing Dancing Circles stools by Global Views bring a lively and lively vibe to this modern kitchen.

Five Two Industries

Introducing circles to often-unnoticed spots, like a stairway railing, brings a touch of playfulness where you’d least expect it.

Pinto Designs and Associates

Create cohesion between circular elements by introducing them across the space. Play the match I Spy in this area and place the circles in the shelving panels, window treatments and cabinetry.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

Accessories are a great way to pull circles across the area. The door handle and vanity fixtures within this bathroom are perfect imitations of this mirror and the wall setup.


Circle Pots – $89

Outdoor accessories can incorporate round shapes into your landscape too. Round hanging pots add colour and visual selection both inside and out.


Multi-Circle Wall Clock – $39.99

Don’t just stick with a simple wall clock — this round home accessory provides a fantastic opportunity to add whimsy to your wall.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors – $199.95

This disco-ball-like mirror may not be the most practical for reapplying makeup, however it’s an instant eye attachment accessory and a simple way to bring some circular shapes into your home.

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