What Color Should I Paint a Bedroom With Dark-Pink Carpet along with a Green Bed?

What Color Should I Paint a Bedroom With Dark-Pink Carpet along with a Green Bed?

A bedroom containing dark-pink carpets along with a green bed gets the launch of a complementary color scheme, as pink and green are in opposite ends of the color wheel. Introduce extra colours that complement pink and green, repeat these colours in various tints, tones or shades, or select your wall color from a neutral color palette.

Double Complementary Options

A dual complementary color scheme containing the hues of pink and green also includes the pairing of purple and yellow. Lavender or lilac walls make a backdrop for dark-pink carpets along with a green bed. Cool colors tend to have a calming, relaxing effect when painted on bedrooms walls. Pale yellow walls complement the carpets and bed. Yellow generally is regarded as an uplifting color.

Monochromatic Options

If you would rather a predominantly pink and green color scheme, then repeat either or both of these colours on the walls. Select a lighter shade of pink to contrast with the dark pink. Go lighter or darker than the color of green to the bed. Another option is to divide the wall using a chair rail, repeating the dark pink of their carpets on the bottom third and with a lighter shade of green to the upper portion. It is possible to reverse the sequence provided that the bottom color is a color that is darker than the very best color. Green and pink colored stripes unite the colours in an eye-catching pattern.

Neutral Options

When in doubt about blending colours, turn into neutral hues. Brown works well with both pink and green. A medium tone of coffee or cocoa brown pairs well with the carpets and bed. Gray is another great solution for those walls, especially when it has undertones of green or purple. You can’t go wrong with white, using light grey or brown for trim.

Sampling Your Options

Before you begin rolling paint on the wall, then take your color choices for a test drive. Bring paint chip samples home to evaluate with your bed and carpets. Create a small investment in a couple of sample or practice boards and paint samples, which typically arrive in 8-ounce containers. Apply the paint into the sample board utilizing the exact same method you may use to your wall. When the paint is dry, then put the boards in various places throughout the room. View the paint color under different lighting conditions and next to other furnishings to find a better perspective of how the color will appear once it’s put on the walls.

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