Site Plan

Site Plan

A site plan is a drawing of the general project website as it’s going to be when the project is finished. The site plan identifies all of the site’s features, including topography, trees, solar orientation, water and drainage. The site plan also indicates where the home will be located and any driveways or walkways that will be constructed to access the house. Gardens, decks, patios, pergolas and pools are displayed on a site plan.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

In addition to revealing the house on its own website, a site plan employed for construction shows adjustments to the present site’s attributes. Some sculpting that is topography will be indicated.

Designs Northwest Architects, Dan Nelson

Site plans may be utilized as illustrations to convey how many buildings on a website will serve and relate to one another.

THOMAS KYLE: Landscape Designer

A landscape plan is a type of website plan that focuses on the exterior plantings in addition to pools, patios and other architectural features. A landscaping plan identifies the types of trees, bushes, flowers, blossoms, paving materials and other attributes that include the layout.

Alex Jewett: Godden Sudik Architects

Website plans remind us that the layout of a home does not stop in the outside walls. The way the interior rooms link to the exterior “rooms” is as important as anything that goes on inside.

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