Upgrade Your Outside Privacy

Upgrade Your Outside Privacy

With summer in full swing, so it’s natural to wish to spend more time outdoors. If you live on sprawling acreage without someone else in sight, then worrying about maintaining your privacy probably is not high on your priority list. For the rest of us, thinking up creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to keep our festivities from the view of neighbors could be hard. Fences and walls may create privacy, sure, but have a tendency to block views and light, and may be prohibitively costly. For a pretty way to keep your light, your privacy and your holiday fund, provide lattice a try.

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Fences and walls are great for creating privacy, but if they are tall enough to keep passersby from peeping in, they could block the light as well. The tallest lattice fences allow lots of light to flow through.


Among the great things about lattice is that it offers the perfect place for growing climbing plants, such as exquisite jasmine or roses. The plant adds character and charm while raising privacy.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Lattice is a great option for separating your lawn or patio from your neighbors. It’s more spacious than a wall or fence but still offers lots of privacy.

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Lattices can be stained or painted for further visual interest. A deep, earthy tone like this blends well with the surroundings and retains the lattice from standing outside.

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A lighter, brighter colour like white may coordinate with the house and make more of an obvious”fencing” look for the lawn.

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Teak lattice is a great low-maintenance option having a natural wood look. Simply leaving it alone allows it to weather gray, while oiling every three months ensures that the original honey brown colour stays fresh.

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When a neighbor’s porch is a bit too close for comfort, using lattice may add privacy without creating your porch feel as if it’s indoors. A tighter weave means more security.

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A more spacious lattice weave is a fantastic method to make a feeling of separation without completely blocking your line of sight. This barely there fence permits for a cool breeze and a crystal clear view too.

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