The Way to Make Your House Feel More Like You

The Way to Make Your House Feel More Like You

Too many men and women want their home to look like somebody else’s. Shouldn’t your home reflect who you are and what you really love? Well, of course it should! If you’re not sure how to express yourself through your decor, below are a few suggestions to give you the confidence you have to do precisely that.

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Your Color

Do not be shy — announce your favorite color by painting the walls a vibrant hue. Bedrooms and powder rooms are a few of the greatest places to go daring with colour.

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Forget about what others may think and use your favorite colours in your home. Surrounding yourself with a color will make you a happy camper. Maybe it won’t appeal to everyone, but who cares? They do not live there — you’re doing.

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Your Art

Artwork is very private, so express yourself at the artwork you buy for your home. If you’re an artist yourself, that’s even better. Make your home your own by displaying what you create.

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Hang a set of your children’s artwork on a single wall. You do not have to have them professionally matted and framed; just use paint a lot of frames which are exactly the same colour. You can tack a couple of pictures with thumbtacks up.

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Your Background

Display purposeful heirlooms on your bookcases or on tabletops. Incorporate a few important pieces that record your background into your bookcase, but make sure you use more novels than accessories. A lot of accessories makes for a cluttered and unfocused look.

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Group and display your collections within an unexpected space, in this way assembly of plates and trays at a homeowner’s toilet. So what if you’re the only person you know with plates dangling in the loo?

Placing all of your collection in one place makes more of an effect than spreading pieces all over the room. This screen of blue fish platters certainly draws attention.

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Your Accessories

Do not hide the things you want and use on a daily basis. Displaying your jewelry or other accessories expresses who you are and what you enjoy. Utilize a dress form to display your jewelry or scarf collection.

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Display items in your home that remind you of the areas you’ve been and the memories you’ve made. Do you like the seaside? Artfully display your beach finds in glass cloches, jars and vases.

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Incorporate recreation and your hobbies . Park or hang a bike on your living area, or hang a pair of ice skates or even shoeshoes on the wall.

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Inform us : how can you express yourself in the manner that you decorate your home?

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