10 Outdoor Ability to Turn Over

10 Outdoor Ability to Turn Over

Memorial Day is about honoring the lives of men and women who died protecting and serving our nation. Many homeowners will lift a glass and celebrate the holiday the unofficial beginning of summer — about a tablescape of Americana decoration, chilled peas, cold beer and a homemade dessert. However you choose to celebrate Memorial Day, let’s appreciate the spirit of freedom and also the beginning of warmer days with thoughts from these inspiring outdoor kitchens.

Urrutia Design

Don’t we all want to dine al fresco in this homeowner’s timber- and stone-clad garden? The built-in grill is near the table, which makes it the ideal setup for a small number of guests; the one manning the grill will always feel a part of this group.

Chicago Green Design Inc..

Everything concerning this rooftop shouts summer. In the lounge chairs that face stunning city views, to the bright chartreuse colour of these planters and cabinets to the minifridge and grill pair — that really is the place to sip a cold beer while the bunch flips burgers.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

This barside grill’s backdrop is just magnificent, which makes it the ideal place to enjoy the stunning California sunset along with a glass of chilled chardonnay.

McClellan Architects

My favorite part of the summer barbecue is the transition from dusk to nighttime, right once the temperature cools and beers are substituted with steaming mugs of hot cocoa or coffee. This contemporary outdoor area lets guests create the easy change from outside dining chairs to more comfy all-weather armchairs around the fire pit, which can only mean 1 thing: It’s time to roast s’mores.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Following is a more traditional version of a space that allows guests transition from the dining table to a more casual seating arrangement. This enclosed porch homes an outdoor kitchen that’s excellent for homes that have really hot summer weather. Roof care, ventilation and plenty of ceiling fans ensure a cool area throughout the day.

Display the eponymous for Longer Living Room (Nearly) All Year

It’s tough to get the modern rustic appearance right, but this covered outside kitchen hits the mark perfectly. Citrine banquettes, beam ceilings and timber used throughout the decoration offers comparison to the stainless steel kitchen appliances. Sliding glass doors to the right show the outside kitchen’s proximity to the indoor living space, which makes it a great spot for both postdinner sitting and mingling.

The pièce de résistance of the outdoor kitchen is your wood-burning oven, which means pizza and roasted bread might be on this homeowner’s Memorial Day menu. Another draw is the kitchen’s gorgeous backdrop — Oregon’s verdant environment.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

This outdoor kitchen has a cast-in-place concrete countertop, which continues the overall industrial and modern feel of the home in Aptos, California.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

There is a lot to appreciate about this outdoor living area, which looks like a resort bar and pool couch. Equipped with a pizza oven, a swim-up pool a mounted patio heater, ceiling fans, plus a full kitchen and grill (not pictured), this outdoor kitchen is just plain dreamy.

The Fantastic Poolside Landscape

Witt Construction

Although this stone and stucco built-in grill is part of a much grand European-California house, the midcentury modern Tolix chairs with two cold beer bottles on the round table give off a feeling of simplicity — and summer.

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