Double-Sided Fireplaces Multiply Design Options

Double-Sided Fireplaces Multiply Design Options

Whether it’s a habit floor-to-ceiling layout or a prefabricated version, a double-sided fireplace could be the element of warmth your space is missing. Double-sided fireplaces provide twice the form and performance of a normal fireplace by supplying two focal partitions and warmth on both sides — sometimes in two completely different rooms. Since these models require just 1 flue and a single chimney, they could work in just about any home.

Have a cue from the inspirational multiple-sided fireplaces from gas to wood-burning to electric to add comfort and beauty to your surroundings.

Industrial. This very pragmatic fireplace seems to take up no space whatsoever with its featherweight design, straight lines and vulnerable flue. It gives warmth while being simple on a budget, because of low material costs. The industrial design shows off the mechanisms.

Hint: For a different style and additional touch of dash, switch out the gray tiles for a few with color.


Transitional. Show off the charm of a living room with rock and put a metallic twist on it. This custom-made flue with flat banding perfectly stereotypical traditional and modern design.

Hint: Place accent chairs on swivels close to the fireplace so you can readily turn from dialogue to flame.

Beyond Home Theater

Contemporary. Update an area from ordinary to exceptional when you divide it with a floor-to-ceiling double-sided fireplace. The stainless steel flat panels here look sleek and contemporary, but the fireplace itself feels welcoming.

Hint: Add pillows close to the fireplace so anyone can grab a seat anywhere. Floor pillows are fantastic for entertaining.

Globus Builder

Back to back. Go the extra mile and then install two double-sided fireplaces back for a dramatic announcement. The only thing greater than 1 fireplace is two fireplaces.

Hint: Recall two wood-burning fireplaces take twice the amount of wood. Plan for timber storage. There are plenty of trendy wood storage suggestions for modern and traditional spaces.

Slifer Designs

Tall opening. Insert your own personality to your double-sided fireplace. This fireplace has an extra-tall opening which makes it a dramatic focal point.

Hint: When the fireplace opening starts to strategy eye level, folks are going to be able to see inside. Get creative with the materials you use on the inside.


Elongated. This extended double-sided fireplace appears to extend from 1 end of the room to another. With this much linear square footage, everybody in both chambers will get to feel the warmth.

Hint: Remember the larger your fireplace, the more expensive it is going to be. Ensure you opt for a layout that satisfies your budget.

Tate Studio Architects

Three-sided. This designer made a fireplace with three exposed sides to triple the enjoyment. The flames could be seen and the warmth can be felt from each angle.

Hint: This fireplace has no door, so remember if you have children or pets. Not many fireplaces make sense for many families.

Four-sided. Take away all the sides of a fireplace and you get 360-degree points of view of the fire.

Hint: A four-sided fireplace is a superb way to divide a space without blocking too much of a view.

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