Architect's Toolbox: Partner a Window Using Its View

Architect's Toolbox: Partner a Window Using Its View

Which kind of perspective would you have, and just how do you need to capture this opinion to make it a part of your property? If the window help produce a bigger room or if it frame an opinion? If the window be an easy punched opening in the wall, or if it take more than the wall and even the roof? If the window act alone or be coordinated with other windows?

These and other questions are fundamental to inquire when designing the kind, design and location of your windows. And the best way to reply will have a substantial effect on the essence of your home space.

So let’s look at some fundamental approaches to designing a window and find out how each impacts the inside of a home.

Mark pinkerton – photography that is vi360

Made of glass that stretches from floor to ceiling and corner to corner, a window wall encourages an indoor-outdoor connection in which boundaries disappear. Ideally suited to a room that controls an expansive perspective, this kind of window design helps in making a space that isn’t quite a portion of the inside nor the outside, but a place between them both.

Chadbourne + doss architects

A shattered window is ideal for framing a distinctive view. Whether oriented vertically or horizontally, with thin or thicker casing, this kind of window treats the opinion as a framed object …

Burdge & Associates Architects

… like a photo or a painting of the landscape. However a framed perspective created by this kind of window is better than a static photo or painting, since the view is constantly changing with the time of day and the season.

The Couture Rooms

A conservatory or even a greenhouse, whether in a modern or classic idiom, is a great way to extend the indoor space outward. Not confined to only horizontal or vertical sight lines, these glass enclosures really make indoor rooms into outdoor spaces.

Crisp Architects

A flat group of transom windows set high up in the wall offers privacy while forcing upward the view. This is an great way to capture light and an opinion when what’s directly outside isn’t something that you truly wish to check at.

Bertram Architects

A corner window really opens a space up, particularly when there is not any corner post, as it directs the opinion out on a diagonal. It is ideal for smaller spaces and rooms, such as a home office or …

Ryan Group Architects

… a little bedroom. No matter the design, from traditional to modern, a corner window is an effective way to make a smaller room look much bigger than it actually is.


A series of thin and tall vertical windows divides the opinion into ribbons of light and greenery. Though mostly associated with a modern aesthetic, vertical windows …

Bosworth Hoedemaker

… can be utilized by ganging a run of traditional double-hung windows together. Ganging windows rows such as this allows for a room to capture the light and the view while still providing an ample amount of wall space for other needs.

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