New Classics: Sofa and The Bubble Club Chair

New Classics: Sofa and The Bubble Club Chair

The first time I Discovered Philippe Starck’s Bubble Club Chair was about the TV Series Boston Legal. At the end of each episode, James Spader and William Shatner would sit on a balcony overlooking Boston, smoking stogies at a pair of these chairs. I was always more interested in the chairs than the characters’ episode-wrapping musings; I wondered whether they were made of cement. Luckily, they are made of smooth polyethylene (a $10 word for”plastic”), making them a lot easier to move around than cement could. Designers have embraced these cartoon-like chairs, with them on traditional patios to contemporary roof decks. Below we will see them in both, in addition to in every kind of space between.

Heather Merenda

Certainly, this homeowner has a lively spirit, along with a black cartoonish Bubble Club fits right in with a taxicab yellow gnome and sharp picture prints. In fact, Starck himself designed a dining table that was gnome.

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Jennifer Weiss Architecture

This Bubble Club Chair blurs the lines between inside and out. It is set to become a rocking chair in the living area once the folding doors are open.


The couch and chair can be found in white, terra-cotta (found here), pale green, pale gray, black and pale yellow. Terra-cotta performs off brick.

The stools with this balcony will also be a Starck design; they are called Prince AHA Stools.

GMK Architecture Inc

Terra-cotta is also a excellent choice for a desert landscape, picking on colors found in the earth, rocks and mountains.

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Overstuffed-looking chairs definitely elicit a double take when put poolside. That is what makes these so much pleasure.

Texas Construction Company

While a rolled-arm shape is a very traditional couch contour, the polyethylene works well with contemporary and contemporary architecture. Starck is famed for having fun with these sorts of unexpected combinations.

Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc..

The couch lends itself to a living room–fashion furniture design.

Studio ST Architects, P.C.

The chairs are a wonderful alternative for a urban rooftop oasis and may add a loungey vibe to an outdoor space.

RDM Architecture

These chairs received the exact same treatment that Grandma’s classic wicker chairs could possess: cheerful pink chair cushions and throw pillows.

The Refined Group

I firmly feel that the Rat Pack could have lounged around Palm Springs in these chairs, had they been available then. I could practically see Frank and Sammy sitting with this patio.


Boston Legal – Season 2 – $21

But I could not resist adding this; I consistently liked this improbable bromance even as the show swirled the drain.

Iconic Furniture Moves Outside

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