When to Paint Your Home Gray

When to Paint Your Home Gray

Gray paint — whether a warm gray or a trendy one — is the perfect selection for a home of just about any style, age and place. Additionally, with this color’s wide range of colors, two or more shades can be united to make subtle distinctions between architectural elements, eliminating jarring contrasts to make a more silent outside.

And gray can be implemented in several types, from a good paint to a semitransparent stain. As a paint, the colour gives a uniform and continuous color, ideally suited to some substance like stucco. As a semitransparent stain, gray let the complexity and beauty of wood to come through.

So if you’re thinking about a gray exterior, proceed beyond design and battleship gray to really investigate this neutral colour’s richness and variety.

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A warmer-hued gray helps a larger, rambling home, such as this one, nestle to its environment. It can make the home appear less massive in scale and warmer on the landscape.

NC Designs

On the flip side, a trendy, nearly white gray provides a home’s structure a real existence, particularly when compared with all the blues of the sky and water.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

In its initial configuration, the shingle-style house was covered in wood shingles that took on a lovely gray patina as they aged. Now, whether with timber or a fiber-cement substance, the colour gray suits this traditional American home style.

Klopf Architecture

An excellent quality of the colour gray is how with just the smallest amount of tint, the colour can be transformed. You are able to take gray to a completely new place with just a hint of green or any other color.

Gardner Architects LLC

Look at using a semitransparent stain to allow the beauty of the timber come through. This can work particularly well with a modern-style home like this one, in which the character of the timber siding softens the crude geometry.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Using gray on gray creates a subtle differentiation between trim and body, such as a gray pin-striped match with gray piping. These darker window frames in a deep blue-gray contrast with the adjacent lighter gray trim.

TEA2 Architects

Stucco is obviously suited for gray. The only real caveat is that a darker gray can be a bit overwhelming. Consider instead a stucco in a hot French gray. This can be very inviting, particularly when teamed up with more colorful window frames and trim, in addition to a roof that’s permitted to weather to a natural gray.

Julie Ranee Photography

With all of that gray siding, you’ll really wish to make front door announce itself. So use a bold and cheerful color, such as a vibrant red, to make that strong focus.

When to Paint Your Door Bright Red

Britannia Joinery

Consider a gray trim color when you have a stone or brick home. Find a gray that’s already in the rock mix or is the colour of the mortar and utilize that to blend the look together.

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