Wake Up Rooms With Fresh Air's Power

Wake Up Rooms With Fresh Air's Power

With the warmer temperatures of fall comes crisp, fresh air — and fewer germs. Rejoice! Since the hoards of pests retreat, fling open the doors and windows to enjoy the open air.

Open air can be appreciated in just about any dwelling, save those with windows painted shut. Should you happen to live in one of those airless cubes, then catch a screwdriver, pry open that window and let some air into. Few things beat fall breezes blowing in to your house and refreshing your nest.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

There’s something magnificent about a open doorway. The air breezing through, the welcome to people, the openess it gives a house are reasons to decipher these doors wide open when you may.

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Modern or country, Victorian or Edwardian, an open door invites. Open-air living reaches across all layout styles as a way to call home.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Screens would be the savior for people who want open air without the bugs. If your doors and windows have screens, you don’t have any excuse. Fling these open!

Schwartz and Architecture

A sliding door is not supposed to constantly be slammed shut with a 2-by-4 wedged from it as extra protection from intruders. Open the door into the fall breezes whenever it’s possible.

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Waking up to fresh air is magnificent. Look at installing French doors or a sliding door to make your bedroom a genuine retreat. Twist open that door once you wake up in the morning, then jump straight back in bed and enjoy.


If it comes to opening up a distance to the air outside, the bigger the better. This expansive window opens this up kitchen to greet the world outside.

David Ludwig – Architect

These folding and sliding doors achieve the identical impact on a grand scale.

Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio

When it’s still too hot to open doors and windows, leave windows shadeless and utilize shutters instead. Keep them flung open for the appearance of wide-open windows. It’s no legitimate replacement, but it is far better than the usual closed-off window smothered in drapes.


Many homes today aren’t built with breezes in mind. It’s a shame. Allowing air to flow inside your space gives a sense of freedom and comfort, even the luxury of clean, crisp air.

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Whether you crack open a third-floor window just an inch to the open or wind up an entire wall into the garden, try to add a little fresh air into your house today. Prop open a doorway for a couple of minutes, put in a screen door into your own kitchen or simply throw open a toilet window each morning at the same time you get ready. Provided that you will crave those breezes and won’t wish to live with them.

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