The Way to Measure Square Footage for Painting Walls

The Way to Measure Square Footage for Painting Walls

When preparing to paint a room, among the most important details to consider is the amount of paint required. Calculating the square footage of your walls accurately will ensure a cost-effective, timely endeavor. Expand your walls is an easy project requiring only a tape measure or yard stick along with a calculator and also basic math skills.

Length Times Height

Assess the length of one wall to be painted in feet. Then assess the height of the wall in feet. Multiply the length of the wall from the height to get the square footage. If you’re painting more than one wall, find the square footage of each wall and then add them together for the total square footage. If there are doors or windows located on the wall, perform the same measurement — length times height to find the square footage of those openings. Subtract the square footage of the door or window from the wall to calculate the total wall area to be painted.

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