The best way to Install Window Box Planters

The best way to Install Window Box Planters

One way to improve the curb appeal of your house will be to add inviting touches. These easy boxes spilling over with colourful blooms give a home a comfy look that just says “Residence.” Install two on the entrance of your home or a window-box planter underneath a notable window. It is possible to finish this in several minutes in the event that you are pretty useful. You will give your house while adding a dimension to your own landscaping scheme, a stylish look.

Measure an area 1-inch below the windowsill in the event that you’ve got double- slider windows or hung. Draw a line in one side of the window to another now. Use a level to ensure the line is even and level with all the ground. Attract this line 8″ below the window-sill for those who have windows that open outward.

Hold a wood bracket from the siding below the proper edge of the window. Place the very top of the bracket on the line you drew. Mark an area on the bracket correct over the base of the bit of siding below the window.

Drill a hole through the bracket in the level you marked and through underneath and the siding. Shoot some caulk to the hole to help keep moisture from the wall. Attach the bracket to the wall using a 3 inch galvanized decking screw.

Drill a hole through the underside of the bracket and to the home underneath. Attach this conclusion to the home with with another 3inch screw.

Attach the bracket that is other below the fringe of of the window in much the same. Check your installation together with the le Vel often to make positive the very top of the planter box will soon be level.

Hang the window box on the brackets. Drill a hole and insert still another screw a T these factors to secure the box.

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