The best way to Tile a Fireplace

The best way to Tile a Fireplace

Whether you are fed up with looking at outdated, worn bricks or you also have just added a new mantle that needs dressing, covering your hearth surround with tile is a perfect method to change the function — as well as the area around it. Because tile comes in various colours, fashions, shapes and sizes, it is possible to customize the appearance of your fireplace by producing an original pattern. While tiling a fire-place is a time consuming undertaking novice do-it-yourselfers are designed for the the job once several tiling basics are understood by them.

Prepare Area

Specific components may need extra planning before you start tiling, although it’s possible for you to tile over any kind of fire-place. In the event that you are tiling a new fire-place that consists of unfinished wall board or an ordinary wood mantle, the area doesn’t need any any extra planning. However, if you’re tiling an existing fireplace surround of tile or brick, you need to level the area to make sure that the tile will adhere correctly. Use a grinder to smooth the surface materials, and protect the whole fire-place using a layer of latex-reinforced thin set mortar to ensure before laying the tile that the area is.

Dry-Fit Tile

Before setting your tile, you should dry-fit it around your fireplace so you know exactly where to place each piece once you have applied the thinset mortar. If you’ve never laid tile before, it could be beneficial to generate a card-board template on your fireplace so that it is possible to lay out your tile pattern on the ground to get the spacing right. In the event there is a friend or family member to aid you, nevertheless, you holds the tile in position on the fire-place and mark the perimeter region using a pencil therefore you’ll have an information when you really set the tile. Remember that when tiling an area that is vertical, you need to start together with the bottom row and perform up for spacing and correct placement. Do therefore before you start setting them should you if you want to to cut any tiles to to match your fire-place.

Set Tile

Commence setting them on the fire-place surround as soon as you know the way your tile needs to be presented. In case you are tiling a hearth with wall board that is un Finished, so that you know where to spot the mortar, you could possibly want to use masking tape across the perimeter line of the location. Use a latex-strengthened thin set mortar to utilize it to the wall having a trowel to guarantee a smooth layer, and to to stick the tile. After the lay out marks that you developed, press the tiles to the mortar. Use spacers to maintain spacing involving the tiles. Place every one of the tiles, and wait for the mortar to set completely.

Apply Grout

Examine your fire-place to find out if any mortar can be viewed between the tiles before implementing grout. In that case, clear the particles using a putty knife away. Consult the directions of the manufacturer’s on your own packaging and blend appropriately. Over the tiles, vigilantly distribute the grout using a rubber grout float. Hold the float a-T an angle, and pull it to pack them. Go straight back within the location a second-time to eliminate the extra grout from the facial skin of the tiles. Use a moist sponge to clear the grout after it h-AS set for at least 3 minutes. The tiles can be buffed by you having a clear rag following the grout has established over-night to eliminate any lingering forged. The tile should remedy for a T least two times before the fire-place is used by you.

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