The best way to Remodel a Bungalow Bathroom

The best way to Remodel a Bungalow Bathroom

The bungalow was a really well-known house-style in the first-half of the 1900s, particularly the Craftsman model which started in California. A standard bungalow is compact, having a bathroom as well as a center hallway in the backend. Most bungalows that are unique had plaster partitions on wood lath, rather than dry wall that is contemporary. Bungalow bathrooms are generally simple and tiny, using tub, a bathroom and sink and a cupboard. A bungalow bathroom could be re-modeled and updated without destroying the bungalow appear, but the problem of flooring and walls will decide just how much renovation should be done.

Create a Program

Measure its own fixtures and the bathroom and create a floor plan to scale on graph paper. Try to re-arrange fixtures to make make smarter use of area, possibly by re-locating bathroom or a tub. Look for methods to obtain room without key additions, by altering a plumbing vent or eliminating a closet. Many bungalows that are unique had large pipes concealed in a wall body which can be changed with smaller vents that are contemporary.

Fix Harm

Inspect flooring and the walls for other issues or water damage. When it is sound patch current plaster or program to tear it out and change it with dry wall. Remove the current flooring tile and examine the sub-floor for water or rot water damage and mold. Replace any sub-floor that is negative with plywood and protect it using cement fiberboard as a foundation for tile that is new.

Update Plumbing and Electricity

Replace plumbing that is outdated with PVC drains and contemporary copper water pipe and update electrical wiring into a typical three-wire method when it is not currently up-to-date. Install all ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets; most constructing codes now require GFCI plugs in bathrooms. Put a lover in the ceiling to eliminate dampness; you light or use a ceiling enthusiast that is little and can combine this having a heating aspect.

Retain Classic Colorschemes

Retain traditional bungalow designs and shades. Many bungalows that are original had all-white fixtures and ground tile that is white, some-times. Bungalows utilized mo-Re colour, generally tan or beige. Use a contemporary tub and shower mixture, but do the installation in a ceramic tile encompass in gentle or white colour.

Use Wood

Use a medication cupboard that is wood having a mirror door. It hung on the wall area or might be set right into a wall between studs. Install a sink unless area is a seri ous problem, then install a bungalow-design sink cupboard to coordinate with the medication cupboard. Ceramic or put chrome handles on cupboard doorways. Use taps that are chrome on tub and the sink.

Small Flooring Tiles

Lay new tile on the flooring, but use 2-inch hexagon styles or tiles, which were well-liked in lots of bungalows, frequently laid in a white and black routine. One bungalow type would be to lay a great mild or white tan flooring with darkish or black -coloured border tiles for accents. Match the flooring tile shades to the bath-tub surround.


Sconces or install gentle fixtures with hanging glass shades, both frosted or tinted-glass. Hang lights above a medication cupboard or on either side. Get Pull Chain styles or wire them into a wall switch. Use ceiling fixtures with rosette-patterned frosted-glass handles if you did not install a ceiling enthusiast with a mild.

Vintage Seem

Clawfoot to get a genuine vintage seem having a clawfoot tub having a pole – kind shower curtain surround. shower and chrome Use faucet have a a vintage rubber stopper on a a series hanging in the faucet and handles. Get a showerhead in a round-shape that is traditional. It’s possible for you to find renovated clawfoot tubs or get one.

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