The best way to Stain a Cedar Chest

The best way to Stain a Cedar Chest

Your cedar chest can improve your decor and offer an heirloom or discussion piece in your house as it unites functionality with fashion. If the chest is not or fresh, a stain supplies years of attractiveness without chipping or peeling. In the event that you would like to include colour without losing the natural splendor of the grain, select a semi-transparent -based wood stain. Oil- the surface of the wood hardens and provides toughness to the cedar chest.


Set the dropcloth on floor or the ground in a well-ventilated place which is shielded from direct sun, rain and other weather factors. Cape Cod Treasure Chest proposes working in an area where the temperature will stay between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit as well as the humidity below 80%.

Remove handles, another hardware and hinges in the chest using a screwdriver. In the event that you CAn’t readily take away the components, cover using painter’s tape to shield it in the stain.

Sand the outside of the cedar chest with 200-grit sandpaper and a sanding block. Sand toward the wood-grain to produce a smooth surface. For those who need to remove spot that is old in the chest, you will need to begin with a 120-grit sandpaper after which follow it with 200-grit.

Wipe off the dirt using a damp cloth so the wood features a surface that is tidy, open. So the stain could be consumed the wood pores must be clear. Enable the chest

Staining the chest

Stir the oil-based stain with all the paint stirrer, bringing the contents up in the underside of the can; stir often through the staining procedure to make sure uniform colour. Load the brush with brush and stain to the initial layer of stain evenly and lightly, starting in the underparts of the the chest. Lightly wipe off trickles and extra stain having a cotton rag and invite the initial coat to dry over-night.

Stir following the initial coat has completely dried, and utilize another coat. Wipe off excessive stain using a clear rag.

Permit the 2nd coat to dry completely. Attach or take away the painter’s tape.

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