The best way to Install Stair Nose Molding

The best way to Install Stair Nose Molding

Stair nose molding is utilized together using a hard-wood flooring installation to complete stairwell or the stage where the hard-wood flooring stops. Stair nose molding is about 4-to 5″ broad, having a rounded bull-nose edge that extends all the way down to protect the fringe of of the stage and is usually positioned prior to the hardwood on the stage. In the event you plan to install hardwood flooring everywhere in your house where there is a a stage or a shelf, it is possible to use stair nose molding to attain a finished look. Value can be added by proper stair nose installation to any house.

Measure of the stage on the other side of the very front. Place the molding flat on a miter saw, face-up and reduce it to match the measurement.

Run a bead of construction adhesive on the other side of the very best front 1-inch in the edge, of the stage. Place the stair nose molding set up. Using a drill using a 1/16-inch drill bit down through the very best of the stair nose 2″ from its edge, spaced 6″ apart.

Hammer 2-inch screw nails to the holes. Stop when the nail is is at 1/4 inch of the the top of molding and use a nail set to end driving the -inch below the the top of molding.

For stairwells, landings or anyplace actions are created with two parts at an angle cut miters on each end of the molding using a miter saw. Fit the miters. Drill and nail the pieces together as you would any piece that is straight. Use a colour crayon to fill the nail holes.

Place the bit of hard-wood flooring butted from the flat portion of the bull nose and carry on installing the remainder of the flooring.

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