Aqua Creations: Illumination as Sculpture

Aqua Creations: Illumination as Sculpture

Perhaps you have wondered where they originated from and noticed the exceptional material luminous lanterns? I used to be so thrilled when I eventually tracked down them to Aqua Creations. Founded in 1994 by designer- photographer Albi Serfaty and artist Ayala Serfaty, Aqua Creations is a Tel-Aviv-based light and furniture atelier.

The exceptional types of the lighting are controlling attention as one pendant lights, in musical arrangements or in the type of a floor lamp. Here is an appearance.

Alexander Johnson Images

A bunch of pendants types a special chandelier that is oversize.

Alexander Johnson Images

Here is a more in-depth look at a number of of the lights in this structure.

Alexander Johnson Images

This picture shows the quality of the group of lights off; from this angle it’s the appearance of a contemporary mobile.

Malgosia Migdal, ASID, CID

This ceiling light that is big offers a focus above eye-level. Its large-scale functions using the proportions of arrangement and the area of the furniture. The To-Go Couches are low to the ground, a substantial statement is made by the hearth walls, as well as the fixture browses between both, completing the chamber.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

This excellent light hovers on the kitchen, playing off the curves of the Heath Ceramics tiles in a kitchen that is otherwise packed with lines that are straight.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

Here it’s from another angle. Organic forms, contemporary buildings and sculpture inspired its form. An excellent thing about those layouts is how distinct they are able to seem from various vantage points.

Rachel Reider Interiors

A sudden light plum cloth fixture in the entrance lets visitors know they will not be entering a purely conventional space.

Mark Dodge Style

In addition, it functions very nicely with a conventional fashion despite the fact that this pendant can fit in to the incredibly contemporary end of the design spectrum.

Adeeni Layout Team

This beautiful chandelier resembles a unique plant growing from your ceiling.

Wintercreative Home Design : Maika Cold Temperatures ASID

The flooring lamp, the Morningglory Floorlamp known as, seems just like a life form that is radiant. A reward: you see a completely various view of the leading In The Event you seem down up on it from a staircase or balcony above.

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