Could I Spray Peppermint Water to Kill Aphids on Sensors?

Could I Spray Peppermint Water to Kill Aphids on Sensors?

Though it certainly will not hurt to try, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that spraying peppermint water to your plants will kill aphids. Some gardeners swear by a mix of peppermint water and soap, but in this example it is more likely that the soap that kills the aphids than the peppermint. Others add peppermint oil to water, but oil is known to kill aphids be it peppermint oil or another oil. Peppermint water does, however, occasionally work as a deterrent for ants.

Organic Aphid Control

The simplest and safest way to remove aphids out of the plants is to hit them with a jet of water from the garden hose. If you prefer, you can also choose them off your plants by hand, crushing them as you go. Insecticidal soaps and oils are also effective, and you can easily create your own. Begin by thoroughly mixing a tablespoon of mild dish soap to your cup of vegetable oil. Then dilute a couple of tablespoons of the mix to a cup of water and spray on the plant, making sure to coat both sides of the leaves. Spray the plants once a week to as needed to remove any aphids you visit. Avoid spraying your plants in the day or in direct sunlight, as oil can bend the leaves when baked in sunlight.

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