How to Air-Graft a Lychee Tree

How to Air-Graft a Lychee Tree

Nothing says “tropical get-away” really like unique fresh fruit. Gardeners in the sub-tropical areas of the United States have several options in regards to expanding odd fruits in their own orchards, with lychee being a favored. Lychee is propagated but does not take easily to grafting although like other fruit-trees. A connected method called air-layering, also called air grafting, is utilized to create clones that were viable. A gardener can induce the hurt area to create a totally new plant which can be removed from your parent and planted by harming the tree.

Select a shoot on the parent lychee tree which is between one half and three quarter inches in diameter. Make two cuts on the shoot, just through one, the bark -and-one half inches apart. Slice through the bark, just involving both cuts, in order to peel off the bark involving the cuts that are parallel. Peel the bark layer off the shoot between the cuts that are parallel to expose the layer that is white inside.

Till it’s moist, but not dripping moisten about three glasses of of sphagnum moss. Set it aside to drain. Apply rooting hormone using a brush to the part of the shoot. Wrap the drained sphagnum moss across the barkless part of the shoot, making certain to overlap the bark by at least one half inch on every side of the wound. Some light duty string across the sphagnum moss to keep it.

Wrap the sphagnum moss with heavy duty clear plastic wrap. Secure each end tightly to it self with tape. Overlap the bark with tape so the wrap is secured to the shoot plus the itself. Watch for new roots moss in eight to 10 months.

Remove the air- part in the tree, cutting just just beneath the tape on the underside of the root ball. Unwrap the plastic wrap and string, leaving roots and the moss undisturbed.

Plant the tree that was new right into a nursery mattress prepared for lychee trees that were youthful. Place a tent manufactured from clear plastic over the youthful tree to motivate advancement of the root method. Provide the plant having a shade before the plant is promoting roots that are adequate to avoid blow drying in sunlight.

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