Bathed in Color: Favorite Yellows and Golds for Your Toilet

Bathed in Color: Favorite Yellows and Golds for Your Toilet

From light hearted, soft buttery yellows to bold, zingy citrus colors, yellow is a happy color that can bring energy and warmth to a room. It is a particularly wise color choice for those who reside in cold climates or where sunshine is in short supply — you can pretend it with a hot, sunny colour on the wall. But be aware that greenish yellows are not the most flattering color for many skin tones, thus consider encompassing yourself at a warmer colour that veers more toward orange. Paler yellows work nicely as neutrals, so they can be paired with a number of other colors. Bolder yellows look fantastic with contrasting cooler neutrals, such as grays and background blues. Golden yellows used with warm neutrals, such as beige and tan, can make a relaxed, beachy vibe.

Below are a handful of my yellowish paint color picks for bathrooms, combined with nine knockout bathrooms that use yellow.

Jennifer Ott Design

Pure yellowish can be rather extreme, so if you want a bold yellow hue in your bathroom, start looking for colors that have a orange or green in them, which helps give the color more dimension. It’s also a good idea to paint large-size samples (at least twice by 4 feet) of a couple yellows you enjoy, because what looks pleasing on a small swatch can cause sorrow on a larger scale.

Yellow paint picks for bathrooms (clockwise from top left):
1. Italian Straw 11-3, Pratt & Lambert Paints
2. Pineapple Delight 211-3, Pittsburgh Paints
3. Chiffon KM3498-1, Kelly-Moore Paints
4. Touch of Sunshine 082-2, Mythic Paint
5. Lively Yellow SW6702, Sherwin-Williams
6. Lemon Curd 3007-2A, Valspar
7. Lightning Bug 340, Benjamin Moore
8. Bicycle Yellow 370A-3, Behr

Costa Marble & Granite

That is a pleasing color of yellowish — mild enough to permit the exquisite pendant lighting fixture and honey-colored onyx countertop to take center stage while still adding a bit of color to the room. For those who like light-colored interiors but do not necessarily wish to go all white or would like an alternative to beige, a gentle yellowish such as this is your color.

Buttrick Wong Architects

I find bright yellowish colors the toughest to get right — it is all too easy to end up with a headache-inducing neon. So I have a tendency to opt for more of a orange-yellow when moving bold. This wall shade is a great example of such a color. And I like how the wall-washing lighting makes it shine.

Corynne Pless

I am a huge fan of penny tiles, and these in a rich golden hue are fantastic. They’re a charming alternative to the more utilitarian subway tile.

Robert Nebolon Architects

That is such a cool shower enclosure and doorway that I almost missed the fun yellowish shade on the restroom cabinet. This colour of pure vibrant yellow is presently a popular choice for both the interior and exterior of houses.

Allen-Guerra Architecture

Here is a much bolder and brighter yellow. My guidance if coping with such a hue is to deal with it like artwork — a little goes a very long way, and too much can be overwhelming and difficult to look at and appreciate. This particular highlighter yellow tile could be too much, for me anyway, if it was used on all four walls. In smaller segments, however, it is superb.

Additionally, I inspire homeowners to have fun with color in rooms that aren’t used often or for long intervals. So while this room would not be particularly relaxing to take a long tub soak in, it is a fantastic color palette to get a kids’ bathroom, guest bathroom or powder room.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

I’ve been using plenty of yellowish and bluish grey in projects lately because I enjoy how they contrast each other without seeming overly active or overdone. There is a nice crispness to the combination, especially when a tiny white is added to the mixture.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Now this is a toilet made for taking a long soak in. The soft butter yellow walls blended with white and the signature of light grey in the Carrara marble flooring form an extremely soothing and soothing palette.

Miller Interior Design, LLC

Another example of how bold colors on the wall can serve double duty like artwork. And the great thing about painting this kind of vibrant color area on the ceiling or walls is how economical it’s to do, and you can either change out or cover it easily in the future. Those pendants additionally add an excellent burst of happy color.

Neiman Taber Architects

Here is how to get a satisfying shore vibe in the bathroom. Muted yellows and light sandy browns make it a relaxed, easy-to-be-in area. It is a great classic look that would appeal to many — ideal for a guest toilet.

Inform us Bold or mellow — how do you enjoy your yellowish?

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