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How to Repair a Garage Door

How to Repair a Garage Door

The garage door has two very important components. There’s the garage door itself and the garage door opener. Although repairs should be done on both these components, in this post we are going to largely focus on the garage door. We will give you a few tips on maintaining the garage door opener too. The great thing is that in most cases, if the garage door is faulty, simple DIY repairs can actually fix the problem.

Below are a few steps that you should take when you do Riverside handyman:

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to actually check the metal tracks. The tracks are found inside the garage. You will also see the mounting brackets that are designed to hold the tracks. The brackets need to be tight. If they are loose, tighten the bolts. Make sure you’ve also inspected the tracks for dents, flat spots, and crimps. If the track appears badly damaged, perhaps replacement will be better than handyman Riverside. You can also use a level in order to ensure that the tracks are aligned properly.

Step 2

The second step is all about cleaning. The tracks must be cleaned properly as part of routine maintenance. You can use a concentrated household cleaner to get rid of the dirt and grease that may have hardened around the track. Make sure you’ve also cleaned the rollers. Once this is done, use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess water.

Step 3

Check for loose hardware too and tighten where necessary. In case you have swing-up doors, your focus should largely be on the plates. Ensure they are tightened. If you have the roll-up doors, your main focus should be the hinges. Look at the screws and tighten them if needed. If the hinges are damaged, replace them.

Garage Door Maintenance

Even though regular handyman services Riverside CA is important in ensuring the door is working in fine condition, a regular maintenance routine is also necessary. This will help to increase the door’s longevity and limit the extent of damages.

Here are some of simple garage door maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Lubrication – One of the main causes of wear and tear in any garage door is poor lubrication. It’s advisable to lubricate all the moving parts on a regular basis in order to avoid issues. You can use white -lithium grease for this purpose.
Inspect the rollers – The rollers must also be inspected on a regular basis to ensure things are fine. The normal recommended inspection is twice a year.
Clear the tracks – The tracks are essential in any garage door and they need to be clear of debris all the time. If you have the time, you must clear up the track once every month just to be on the safe side.

handyman Riverside CA can help ensure your door is in good condition for a long period of time. The repairs are very simple and all it takes is a few hours of your time and a regular maintenance routine.

Plants that are worms on Raspberry

Plants that are worms on Raspberry

Raspberries (Rubus spp.) are grown for their fruits across a wide geographic range that contains Sun Set Environment Zones 1 through 24. Pests that are numerous sometimes plague associated cane fruits and raspberries, including a quantity of other insect larvae and worm-like caterpillars. Raspberry pests that are wormlike are possibly most easily categorized from the area of the plant they occupy or harm. Raspberries that get care are more prepared prepared to withstand injury, although specific therapy differs depending on the species.

Cane Borers

Pest species injury raspberries by feeding in the cane, including raspberry crown borer cane borer horntail and the cane maggot. In the event the cane suggestion wilts suspect a dull larvae, leaves the cane or change read is suffering from die-back, especially if there are obvious entry points on the cane. Cut a cross section to the impacted part of a cane to test for larvae or a tunnel produced by the larvae. Remove and destroy infested canes entirely or reduce them below the part that is infested. Chemical control is usually not advised but pesticides that have permethrin or carbaryl might offer some control.

Foliage Pests

Species of caterpillars feed on leaves, tangling with a thread in the leaf and usually folding the leaf around themselves for defense when disturbed. Removing these manually works well for control, as are programs of Bacillus thuringiensis when caterpillars are nevertheless tiny, or spinosad. Sawfly larvae have green bodies with dark-brown stripes on the rear. The larvae feeds on leaves creating holes that are tiny, then totally skeletonizing the leaves. This pest is seldom severe as well as the control that is best will be to remove and destroy infested plant components.

Pests in the Soil

Root weevil larvae are pink or white grubs that could eventually ruin crown tissue and feed on roots, creating canes die and to wilt. No pesticides handle the root although handle is offered by parasitic nematodes. Remove and destroy nearby and infested crops. Cutworms are boring, smooth-skinned and brown caterpillars that curl in to a “C” when disturbed. As they feed a T evening these pests chew leaves and stems, causing them to wilt and are usually available at at or below the soil surface. Use a flash-light to locate and select cutworms off, location collars that are sticky or handle crops that are big or spinosad. The larvae of the crown moth that is strawberry feeds on foliage and crown, creating wilting, stunted progress and the plant roots. Insecticides are ineffective from the crown moth that is strawberry as well as the only remedy requires around particles and removing plants.

Preventative and Cultural Treatment

Proper yearround treatment of raspberry crops minimizes harm and strengthens raspberries against prospective pests. Other pests and borers are attracted to crops that were pressured, susceptible. Raspberry plants a void harming the canes and well-watered. Mulch round the raspberries to keep s Oil dampness and regulate s Oil temperature; when you yourself have issues with pests or ailments change mulch each yr. Curb issues that are pest by inspecting raspberries frequently, and decrease injury. Prune from ruined or infested canes. Destroy and remove invested weeds and canes which could harbor pests.

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8 Best Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen Counters

8 Best Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen Counters

Whenever you mention handyman Tempe AZ, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is granite. Of course, granite is a good choice. The benefits are immense and it adds value to your kitchen. However, granite is not  the only option. There are other countertop options that, when fixed properly, will give your kitchen a beautiful look.


Other than the fact that it’s incredibly smooth, soapstone is a user favorite given that it’s available in quite a number of hues. You can have it from charcoal to a shade of soft grey. A bonus with soapstone is that of all the natural stones you can use as countertop materials, it’s the only one that withstands acid spills. This means that you can wipe away fruit juices without leaving a stain behind. Other than that, its heat resistance is impressive.


Compared to granite, marble is softer, hence susceptible to scratches and stains. However, as a result of its aging process, marble has a warm look which makes your kitchen and home more welcoming.


Many people worry about the durability and vulnerability of the glass. Take note that glass handyman Tempe AZ are not the same as glass mirrors. Therefore, they are able to withstand intense heat without scorching or cracking. Given the non-porosity of glass countertops, they do not stain and you can easily clean the countertop. Glass countertops are also hygienic and versatile.


Concrete handyman Tempe are some of the most durable surfaces you can get, owing to the nature of concrete. Nowadays, you can use different techniques to get unique stains or colors for your counters. To do this, you will have to work with an expert to get the best results. In the design, you can even consider embedding silicone chips, tiles or stones to make your countertops unique. Their heat resistance and scratch-proof ability is another reason why concrete is perfect.


Not many people like wooden countertops, maybe because they were unable to maintain them. However, wooden countertops are becoming popular again. There are different methods of treating wooden surfaces that help in keeping them durable and stylish.

You will find butcher block countertops in many kitchens today. However, the countertop slabs can actually be made from different types of wood, including Iroko, zebra wood, bamboo or even cherry.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are common in many kitchens. The main reason for this is because of how easy they can complement a lot of the appliances we use. Stainless steel is heat and stain resistant. However, it’s vulnerable to dents and can be scratched very easily too. Other than steel, you can also consider zinc, pewter or copper if you want to go with metal countertops.


Some of the quartz handyman Tempe AZ are made from stone slabs that are quarried. However, there are some that are made from an engineered material. The manufacturing process combines polymer resins and natural quartz to give a very hard countertop surface that not only looks natural but is also low on maintenance.

Solid Surfaces

These are preferred by a lot of people because they are easy to maintain, are affordable and actually have a natural stone look. There are no seams in their production, so it’s very easy to clean them. Their moisture and heat resistance is also commendable. You will only have to worry about scratches and scorching in the presence of extreme heat.

The best way to Replace a Round Saw Cord

The best way to Replace a Round Saw Cord

Do-it-yourself perform on property can really save lots of money plus time. Being capable to fix small things such as cupboard drawers, corner molding or wood crown as well as an outside wood shed on the house, will make the home more attractive to the potential purchaser. Before the cord is changed, but in case you inadvertently cut the cord all repairs must-stop.

Very cautiously unplug the cord from your outlet. If the aged cord was damaged cut power to the outlet.

Where the cord enters, remove the handle. Screws will hold on it; all of these require to be eliminated. Different manufacturers will use various kinds of screws to fasten the handle. They might use a phillips-head, a hex-head, or, on a head, older versions. Pull the handle aside when the screws are out.

Remove as it comes to the handle, the cord bar that holds the cord. This may be a little piece of steel which is held in with two screws.

Remove the ground wire, which is attached to the chassis of the round saw. All contemporary round saws will use a three-prong plug having a white wire, a black hotwire as well as a ground wire.

Unscrew the cord wires in the trigger. Round saws that are older type had the wires connected right to the trigger sides. Newer versions will come equipped with digital triggers. By removing two screws, the trigger needs to be disassembled. The wires will be inside of the trigger. Unscrew the posts that support the the wires in place after the trigger is disassembled. They may possibly require a tiny hex push bit slotted bit or a Phillips bit.

Pull the aged cord from the strain-relief sheath.

Use a specific suppliers substitute cord for an upgraded. Should they carry that make of of noticed many components shops will have them. If maybe not, you are able to order one. Cords are available on the Web or in a servicecenter that repairs your make of of circular observed.

Push the cord that was new straight back through the strain-relief sheath and re wire it the way it arrived on the scene. On manufacturers with digital triggers, a brand new trigger may be included by the producer using the cord. For the reason that case, change the trigger assembly that is outdated using the new one, and wire it appropriately.

Press the trigger that is re-wired into location. Attach the floor wire. Place the end-of the strain-relief sheath and tighten. Line insert the screws up the manage screw-holes and tighten.

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