8 Best Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen Counters

8 Best Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen Counters

Whenever you mention handyman Tempe AZ, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is granite. Of course, granite is a good choice. The benefits are immense and it adds value to your kitchen. However, granite is not  the only option. There are other countertop options that, when fixed properly, will give your kitchen a beautiful look.


Other than the fact that it’s incredibly smooth, soapstone is a user favorite given that it’s available in quite a number of hues. You can have it from charcoal to a shade of soft grey. A bonus with soapstone is that of all the natural stones you can use as countertop materials, it’s the only one that withstands acid spills. This means that you can wipe away fruit juices without leaving a stain behind. Other than that, its heat resistance is impressive.


Compared to granite, marble is softer, hence susceptible to scratches and stains. However, as a result of its aging process, marble has a warm look which makes your kitchen and home more welcoming.


Many people worry about the durability and vulnerability of the glass. Take note that glass handyman Tempe AZ are not the same as glass mirrors. Therefore, they are able to withstand intense heat without scorching or cracking. Given the non-porosity of glass countertops, they do not stain and you can easily clean the countertop. Glass countertops are also hygienic and versatile.


Concrete handyman Tempe are some of the most durable surfaces you can get, owing to the nature of concrete. Nowadays, you can use different techniques to get unique stains or colors for your counters. To do this, you will have to work with an expert to get the best results. In the design, you can even consider embedding silicone chips, tiles or stones to make your countertops unique. Their heat resistance and scratch-proof ability is another reason why concrete is perfect.


Not many people like wooden countertops, maybe because they were unable to maintain them. However, wooden countertops are becoming popular again. There are different methods of treating wooden surfaces that help in keeping them durable and stylish.

You will find butcher block countertops in many kitchens today. However, the countertop slabs can actually be made from different types of wood, including Iroko, zebra wood, bamboo or even cherry.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are common in many kitchens. The main reason for this is because of how easy they can complement a lot of the appliances we use. Stainless steel is heat and stain resistant. However, it’s vulnerable to dents and can be scratched very easily too. Other than steel, you can also consider zinc, pewter or copper if you want to go with metal countertops.


Some of the quartz handyman Tempe AZ are made from stone slabs that are quarried. However, there are some that are made from an engineered material. The manufacturing process combines polymer resins and natural quartz to give a very hard countertop surface that not only looks natural but is also low on maintenance.

Solid Surfaces

These are preferred by a lot of people because they are easy to maintain, are affordable and actually have a natural stone look. There are no seams in their production, so it’s very easy to clean them. Their moisture and heat resistance is also commendable. You will only have to worry about scratches and scorching in the presence of extreme heat.

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