Top Deck Trends

Top Deck Trends

The deck is supposed to be an extension of your home. It’s a place to relax and it offers a fun and exciting outdoor living experience. There are many deck designs out there. The most important thing is to maximize the space you have and create something simple, breathtaking, and comfortable for you.

In case you are thinking of building a new deck or perhaps you are no longer interested in the one you have, check out the following top flooring San Francisco trends and get some design inspiration:

The View Master

As you begin designing your deck you must pay attention to the view. You need to build a deck that gives you breathtaking views of the outdoors. This is a trend that’s catching up everywhere, even in big cities where space for a porch can be quite limited. Consider building a unique Ipe deck with stained concrete. Add some raised planters and red or green flowers to the mix. This design works best for hillside properties but it will still be a great choice for any home.

Soaking in the Sun

Since the deck is meant to offer outdoor relaxation, it can be very difficult to spend two or three hours outside during a sunny summer day. Well, you can fix this by turning your deck into a spa. Simply combine the wooden deck with a spa pool. This way you can bask all day in the sun as you enjoy the amazing weather outside. Redland Rose AZEK decking materials will be ideal for this job. They are durable, scratch-resistant and require less maintenance.  

Different Views for Different Levels

Ideally, San Francisco flooring would have one level and one staircase to get there. However, you can add some little twist to this design by building different levels on the deck. Think of it as a two or three story deck with long staircases from the bottom to the top. This gives you the best views from your deck and adds a unique touch to the traditional deck design.

Tree Friendly

You can add life to your deck by integrating nature into the mix. A tree-friendly deck is highly recommended in this regard. Use a combination of trees to provide shade, a few potted plants to add life, and some flowers for elegance. Ipe wood and locally made bricks will complete the deck and if you want, you can add a fire pit too.

Pool and Garden Access

If you’re still on the idea of adding life and more functionality to your deck, you can try combining a pool and a garden experience. The key is to ensure there’s easy access to the pool and the garden while the deck remains somewhere in the middle. This could be your little hideaway, your ideal entertainment spot, or the perfect place to enjoy the warm weather and the splendor of garden plants.

Building the best hardwood floors San Francisco takes a lot of planning that you have to get right. The top trends listed above will help you a lot.

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