The best way to Plant Nasturtiums in a Hanging Basket

The best way to Plant Nasturtiums in a Hanging Basket

Gardeners searching to get a fast, affordable solution to brighten the look of the patio or entry way of a home’s can not go wrong with a hanging basket stuffed with trailing nasturtiums. The traditional bloomers thrive with minimum treatment in vivid sunlight and poor soil. Annual crops that bloom for one season, water is required by nasturtiums, choose no fertilizer and so are rarely bothered by bugs. Nasturtiums bloom in six to eight months once planted.

Plant nasturtiums as quickly as danger of frost passes in springtime.

Select a number of semi-trailing nasturtiums to get a hanging basket. Semi-trailing nasturtiums grow to lengths of 2 to 3-feet. Other kinds of nasturtiums contain dwarf nasturtiums, which show climbing sorts with runners that develop as long as 8 feet, and bushy, compact development.

Fill a hanging container with general-purpose planting medium that is business. Avoid potting mixtures or potting mixtures with fertilizer added, as complete, lush crops that generate blooms are created by abundant soil.

Moisten the planting medium lightly using a spray bottle.

Plant nasturtium seeds straight in the planting medium. Allow 2 to 3 inches between each seed, and cover the seeds with 1/2 inch to 1 inch of potting soil.

Place the hanging basket in total sunlight. Bright-light encourages healthy development and large, vibrant blooms although nasturtiums tolerate partial shade.

The best 2 to 3″ of soil feels dry to the touch, water the nasturtiums. Add water till it runs through the hole, and allow it to dry between waterings.

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