Storage With Character: Vintage-Crate Shelves

Storage With Character: Vintage-Crate Shelves

It is amazing to consider packaging has changed through recent years. We drink our milk out of cartons and (preferably ) recycle unlimited numbers of plastic soda bottles. But back in the day, glass bottles and timber crates packaged up milk, soda and more. These crates have hung around for decades, and they are now considered classic paintings for decorating with an industrial edge. I love the notion of repurposing vintage crates as shelves. Reusing some thing in a brand new way is the ultimate form of recycling. Here are a lot of ways to place those timber crates to great use.

Little spaces: Shops must make smart use of every inch of space to exhibit their products. I love this smart display at Caribou Baby in Brooklyn. The shallow timber crates are the perfect shape and dimensions to exhibit their apothecary selection of products.

Nested together: The proprietors of Caribou Baby discovered their classic crates at Brooklyn local source Kings County Salvage.

Apothecary display: If you are lacking a medicine cupboard, you could use a couple of wood crates as wall shelving to house the collection of lotions and potions. I love the way pots of cream have been stored in the slotted soda cage at Caribou Baby.


Crate storage out of Baileys Home and Garden – EUR 24

The fantastic grid: If you can score an entire lot of fitting vintage crates, make a wall grid with them for a single eye catching storage bit. I love the thought of storing your shoes in these timber crates — the alternative would look fantastic in a mudroom. UK shop Bailey Home & Garden sells those classic crates, but they are easy enough to find stateside. Etsy is a great online source for searching down classic crates.

Urban Outfitters

Classic Pop Shop Shelf out of Urban Outfitters – $24

Kitschy display: Many classic crates arrive branded with a symbol that definitely adds to the kitsch appeal. Fasten one crate to the wall within an instant display case for your collection of glass bottles, trinkets, classic postcards — you name it.


Old Crate Sign Box 3-in-1 Upcycled Wood Screen by polkadotHOME – $68

Modern minimalist: Wait, did I mention modern? Yes, we’re talking classic crates, and people are traditional terracotta pots. But if you choose a classic crate and simply put in a few plants with a single diverse object you love, the spare fashion feels really contemporary-cool.


Repurposed Jewelry Screen by stealthfox on Etsy – $40

Antiques keeper: Many of those classic crates include a grid of timber slats inside to maintain the glass bottles from breaking. Turn the crate on its side and you immediately have small shelves inside the box. Add a couple cup hooks and your imagination, and you’ll create a pretty display piece for all your jewelry — from bangles to necklaces.

Window box: In my last apartment, I had a enormous sunlit windowsill. So I decided to turn my classic soda cage into an instant window box. I loved the way the plants seemed peeking out of the cage.


Medium Sturdy Wooden Rustic Reclaimed Classic by rustynailvintage – $28

Open pub : A worn classic crate makes the perfect container for storing your favorite liquors. You’ll instantly create the sense of a classic speakeasy with a rustic wood cage maintaining your bottles at attention.

Three Potato Four

Dairy Crates – $105

Construct a bookcase: If you are a tenant and wish to lessen the holes you put in your walls, then you can create freestanding shelving with timber crates of the boxy variety such as these classic crates with metal borders.


Classic Wood Beverage Crates – $48

Unexpected colors: You’ll occasionally find classic wood crates (often old soda crates) in another colour. These classic Seven-Up crates are among my favorite examples — the red typography on white seems rad.

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