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This ideabook arrived together after I held finding metal used in unanticipated ways. Is there something much better compared to ever changing patina of copper? While it is not great when your cookware shed their luster, it is quite extraordinary from transforming using the components when a home clad in copper gets a lot more nature.

The luster of metal regularly adds a contemporary feel, and its own reflective qualities include depth and percentage. I have pulled on some very nice examples of tables cupboards, counters and siding that give a clear and lavish result.

S O, on using the alloys…

Peter L. Gluck and Companions

This copper entry way is really eye-catching. The trees and light arriving from outside give a towering treehouse feel to it.

I am unsure which I enjoy the grade of the picture, this glossy outside or more! Mild, the skies, viewpoint that was pressured, clipped walls are beautiful.


This is some strong utilization of copper inside.

Hanrahan Meyers Architects

The comparison of the rough-edged wood using the metal cupboards that were glossy functions well.

Axis Mundi

This dining table is severely hot – a steel foundation having a marble best that is swanky – yummy!

Blasen Landscape Architecture

These doorways appear impenetrable, except that it is possible to see through them.

This kitchen seems seriously industrial due to sink the stainless cupboards, as well as accents.

kim E. rooney

The mix of copper with sunshine and water is a stunner.

Leslie Harris / Interiordesign

Here is the most effective close up of patina I really could find, also itis a doozy.

This is some glam/regency/deco steel

The steel provides a Barbarella vibe to it, although I do not understand what’s heading on here.

This can be a conduit worth exposing.

Peter L. Gluck and Companions

The outside of the house is copper cladding. It transform your home and will change over time.

Eifler & Associates Architects

A copper clad chimney. ’nuff said.

Yeah I do not understand what’s going on here but I adore this futuristic and sudden use of tones.


Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Stacie Velten

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