Keeping the Logs Inside

Keeping the Logs Inside

Now marked the very first week I turned on heat and lit a fire in the hearth. My hearth has logs that are imitation, but I miss constructing oldfashioned fires. Inside my blogging earlier, I poked fun at insides including a Ralph Lauren paint advertising that had several cords of wood piled against the Ralph Lauren paint painted partitions, with logs. But, the couturiers revealed below have discovered ways to contain only the correct amount of in door storage for logs that integrates their rough feel into the chambers. I stand


Well that isn’t about log storage, but it is therefore stunning I ‘d to capture your attention

Tracery Interiors

This recess in the wall brings our focus from the tv on the fireplace and adds perpendicular play.

Lozinski Architecten

Another recess that is useful – its lines are taken by it in the hearth below.

ROMABIO / Inside & Outdoor Mineral Based Paints

Whenever that I see an ideal stack of birch logs in a hearth, I am ready to wager money that them actually burn!

This chamber is super-stream lined, however it’s this stack of logs – they supply an excellent sharp contrast to the clear lines of the chamber.

Taylor Lombardo Architects

So lovely tucked to the granite of the chimney wall, this stack of logs seems.

OKLA. (again!), technically off topic but such a comical small log trailer I could not resist.

This rock hearth is utterly stunning, and the assembled in box ledge for logs fits into the constructed-ins. From top to bottom it goes vase, pitcher, sculpture, logs. Excellent!

CWB Architects

Here only two logs result in picture styling that is perfect.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

This can be the woodsiest, most cozy room near. The logs are tucked beneath the the fireplace.

Birdseye Style

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Inside Designers

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