Go Beyond the White Ceiling

Go Beyond the White Ceiling

Homes with crown moldings offer especially great chances to use an accent color on the ceiling, given that their natural dividing line between wall and ceiling. But how to decide on the colour?

It’s an important choice that requires the colour of the molding in addition to the ceiling, and you want to get it right: Painting ceiling and molding is a significant undertaking, whether you do it yourself or hire a builder. Many people opt with white just to play it safe — and sometimes that is the right choice — but they may be passing up an opportunity to make a spectacular new look.

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Lizette Marie Interior Design

This room and another two offer an interesting contrast. All three possess white moldings and a accent shade of black or heavy gray. By applying them in different ways, they attain different appearances.

This room has largely white walls, lighter hardwood flooring and a black vaulted ceiling. The black ceiling feels somewhat like it just floats up away from you, so you can not easily tell where the ceiling ends. As opposed to creating the ceiling feel reduced, it almost feels as though it disappears. Additionally, it lets the stunning lighting fixture stand out as stars agains the night skies.

Habachy Designs

Here the walls and flooring are black, white and also the furniture is quite dark. The white ceiling reflects light into the room and retains the black from overpowering the room.

SH insides

The deep gray on the ceiling and walls and the dark flooring make this room feel quite snug. The very broad white crown molding divides the wall and ceiling, but just like in the orange room we saw before, how the dark shade proceeds above the molding brings the eye up.

Valerie DeRoy Interiors, LLC

The deep gray ceiling in this foyer permits the extra-deep crown moldings to stand out by comparison. Considering that the high ceilings and the traditional style of the house, choice to paint the ceiling and classic the moldings created a much warmer look than pure white could have.

Dresser Homes

Sometimes white is exactly the right choice. Crisp white moldings create a home feel clean, bright and fresh, and they operate very well in this darkened dining room. This room is perfectly balanced between both white and brown. The darkened floor and top half of the wall are nearly the exact same colour. The white wainscoting and ceiling equilibrium the light and dark areas.

Dunlap Design Group, LLC

Choosing a white ceiling doesn’t signify the moldings need to be white also. This dark chocolate brown molding is quite dramatic from the white ceiling and beige wall. Additionally, it matches the espresso frames and furnishings around the artwork.

BRY design

Rich colour above is the ideal selection with this bedroom, with its tray ceiling and dual row of broad plastic crown molding. All that hot brown makes the structure pop. The cosmetic detail around the ceiling fan is an extra bonus.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Take a accent ceiling instead of an accent wall to get a bold shade that will be too much for the entire room. A strong colour similar to this can really make a room feel out of equilibrium when used on a single wall, but up above it provide the room punch without overpowering. The white crown molding offers sharp definition.

People frequently think that a bold colour on the ceiling is likely to make the ceiling seem lower. Sometimes that is correct, but in this room the opposite effect occurs. If the ceiling were white, your eye will be drawn below the molding from the bright orange walls. Instead, the powerful colour lets your eye continue on up above the molding to really make the ceiling seem higher.

Wm Ohs Inc..

White kitchens are extremely popular, but they are able to seem antiseptic without a solid dose of colour to warm them up. With lots of cabinetry there isn’t always enough wall space to make any impact with wall colour. So how about painting the ceiling? A sky blue ceiling adds life to this particular kitchen and also produces a fantastic backdrop (or would this be topdrop?) To the outlines of the crown molding.

Beverly Bradshaw Interiors

This ceiling’s contrasting colour accentuates the room’s pretty shape, with its bay window at the end. Painting the crown molding white is a natural match to the white wainscoting and produces a great outline around the ceiling — much like the welt on a pillow can help to define its own shape.

Gast Architects

A variety of the last cases have shown ceilings that comparison with the crown molding. But when is it better for your ceiling and crown molding to match?

Contrast highlights shape. Within this room there is a thin strip of ceiling involving the molding at the alcove on the left side. A contrasting ceiling shade would have brought more attention to the narrow strip than to the wider broad moldings, so matching moldings and ceiling function better here.

Catalyst Architects, LLC

We frequently see white moldings and a white ceiling with all the walls painted the accent colour. This room does the opposite using a hot taupe on the moldings and ceiling and white walls. It’s a very attractive look.

Reaume Construction & Design

When if the crown molding match the wall instead of the ceiling? Inside this toilet, matching the crown molding to the colour of the walls proceeds the shade around the surface of the shower space, highlighting it. Whenever you are choosing whether to match or contrast colors, consider what’s going to be highlighted and made more noticeable by your choices.

Annette English

Engineered wood crown molding looks best matched to another wood cabinetry in the home. It’s possible to use high contrast on your colour choices for the ceiling and walls, like the white walls and pale metallic stone ceiling.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Or you could opt for nominal contrast. The deep, rich wood colour next to black walls makes a relaxing and warm area that works nicely with this bedroom. Additionally, it could be employed to good effect in a library or research.

Audrey Brandt Interiors

Within this room, the molding itself is painted in a vivid accent colour to become the strongest accent.

Robert Granoff

In all the aforementioned examples, the crown molding matched another molding in the room. But crown molding doesn’t always need to match another molding. Within this room, the crown molding is painted white to match the walls, ceiling and baseboards, whereas the door and window moldings are painted black. This combination makes the windows and doors stand out from the pure white backdrop.

So, as you can see, there are tons of approaches to go when painting your ceilings and crown molding. Have you think of a mix you’d like to share? Let’s see those photographs!

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