Around California Building Codes

Around California Building Codes

The California Building Standards Code summarizes all rules related to the different elements of building of new and present properties in the state of California. All buildings from the country must comply unless they are exempt. The California Building Standards Commission has printed editions of this code every three years since 1989. The commission creates the code combining standards from state agencies, nationwide cases and state legislature.

Governing Body

The California Building Standards Commission administers, adopts, approves, publishes and manages the execution of their nation’s building codes and standards. The un-paid commissioners from the 11-member group is made of public citizens and a mixture of government, design and construction professionals. Each receives a four-year appointment by the Governor of California, which has to be supported by the state Senate. The seat also holds the role that the Secretary of the nation’s Consumer Services Agency or a representative of this bureau. The team meets every quarter. California Building Standards Commission 2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 130 Sacramento, CA 95833 916-263-0916

Part of Legislation

The state of California summarizes the Building Standards Code at Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, which is published by the Secretary of State by a collection of administrative guidelines suggested by more than 200 state agencies that comply with the country’s Administrative Procedure Act, or APA.


The Title 24 code includes 12 different topics; Profession, construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, energy, lift safety structure, historical construction, fire, present construction, green construction and reference standards. The nation adopted”CalGreen” California Green Building Standards Code from 2010 to take effect in January 2011 and intends to decrease greenhouse-gas emissions mandating that all new construction must adopt to green standards on electricity and water systems.

Printing Novel

The state of California and national organizations partnered to write the 12-part construction standards. The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, composed the flame department. You are able to buy a full published version of the code by simply calling the International Code Council, ICC, in 800-786-4452 or by going to the site provided in Resources or access it at no cost in a depository library in the state of California, also provided in Resources.

On-Line Edition

The public may read eight parts of their 12-section construction standards code online with the International Code Council, as of July, 2010; Profession, construction, energy, lift safety structure, historical construction, fire, present construction and referenced standards. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials publishes 2 sections on plumbing and mechanical online.

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