9 Power-User Tricks to Get More From

9 Power-User Tricks to Get More From

Whether you love surfing photographs, looking for a builder, conversing in Discussions, reading featured ideabooks or all the above, the staff is constantly working to make your experience better.

Whether you are a fresh er or the one who shows everyone else all of the tips, there is probably a tip in here to expand your expertise, from electricity searches and finding photographs recommended that you seeing on your big-screen TV.

Discover What You’re Looking For

1. Use quote marks to perform searches for terms with two or more words. In case you’re looking for something specific that’s more than 1 word, try looking for the entire term in quotes. That will exclude some pictures that feature just one of your search terms (or both terms in a different order).

Instance: “reddish backsplash”

2. Search with “+”. Searching for photographs with a number of features? Put the and sign before each of the phrases from your search to find photos comprising all those things.

Instance: +blue +dishwasher +marble

3. Refine your search results. As soon as you’ve hit the Search button when doing a photo search, try clicking on one of those area links (kitchen, bath, bedroom etc.) from the left-hand column on the results page. It is possible to narrow down your results by area, location and style.

Want to return? Follow the links at the peak of the page to take a step back into the area, design and location filters.

Tap Into the Library

4. Find related articles and guides. Green links at the peak of each featured ideabook lead to related methods and guides. Hover your mouse over the links to see recent showcased ideabooks in every single class, composed by editors, layout authors, architects, designers and builders.

You could also use the Search bar to find useful ideabooks and guides on your favourite topic. Just type in your search terms and choose Ideabooks in the menu.

You can also browse the archive by clicking “Ideabooks” at the peak of any page on . When you reach the next page, then browse through the links on the left side to explore thousands of decorating and remodeling guides, and a few surprises. Make Sure You check out the Life and Fun segments.

Get Customized Recommendations

5. Recommended photos and followers. Check out the Recommended Photos segment under Your for photographs based on your existing favorites. The Suggestions tab onto your feed will supply you with lots of fresh professionals to follow, dependent on your own style.

Talk With Your Peeps

6. Post a photo or remark to your followers. Ask to your followers’ advice on a design dilemma, or let everyone know what job you worked on this weekend. Posting a photo or comment on your feed will make it visible to your fans.

Add to Your Ideabooks

7. Add photographs straight from websites to your ideabooks. Compile all your inspiring images in 1 place. Use the Bookmarklet or the “Add a photo from site” option from the “Add photographs for this ideabook” drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your ideabook.

8. Copy photographs and remarks into another ideabook. Organize your favourite pictures and divvy up your pictures into different ideabooks. Copy text and photos from 1 ideabook into another with all the “Copy Photos to …” button as you’re in ideabook Edit mode. Simply choose the pictures you would like to move, hit “Copy Photos to … ” and find the ideabook you would like to add it to or create an entirely new ideabook. To move text and photos entirely out of an ideabook, hit “Move Photos to …”

9. Take From Your iPad for Your Big-Screen TV

Join using a cable: Plug an electronic A/V adapter in Your iPad and then plug an HDMI cable in the smaller of those 2 slots. Insert the other end of the HDMI cable to an HDMI jack on your television. Switch your TV’s input HDMI and turn on the app.

Connect: Double tap the house button on your iPad to show the multitask pub. Slide it all of the way to the left to find the sound controls along with an Airplay button. Harness the Airplay button, choose your Apple TV and select “Mirroring on.” Launch the app in your iPad, and it must detect your Apple TV is connected and display pictures in your TV display.

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