8 Ideas for Garage Doors

8 Ideas for Garage Doors

Installing a high-quality handyman Tallahassee can massively change how your home looks from the outside. There are many homeowners today who are starting to pay attention to the external decor of their property. Although there are many exterior décor ideas you can explore, installing a stylish, high-quality garage door should be the first consideration. But it’s not just style and beauty that matters when it comes to these doors. You also need something highly durable.

Below are some simple ideas that you can use for your door:

Contemporary Style

Contemporary designs are very popular and will complement your home’s exterior look. They are relatively larger compared to other styles and can be easily customized to meet your tastes and preferences. They are also highly durable so if you are looking for a door that will last long, contemporary designs are highly recommended.

Spanish Charm

If you are the owner of a vintage style Mediterranean home then you must choose Spanish style garage doors. They are designed to complement your home’s architecture. The doors are mostly wooden but they may also feature wrought iron handles and hinges.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

You can also consider adding fiberglass doors to your garage. What we like about fiberglass is its durability. Besides, it’s relatively affordable too. Maintenance for these doors will also be easy and you can paint them in whatever color you want.

Farmhouse Details

Farmhouse style doors for the garage are usually wooden. However, they come stained with a clear coat of polyurethane to give you the perfect finish. If you are looking for something unique and a bit different, farmhouse style doors are a great choice and will work best with traditional homes.

Color Palette

Sometimes, how good your garage door looks will depend on how you’ve customized it. There is no easier way to customize handyman Tallahassee FL than using paint. If you have installed a paintable door, make sure that the color painted on it complements the paint on your home’s exterior.

French Country Design

The French country doors are made of natural wood. Adding cool and neutral beige to it will make it magical. The door is a mix of vintage and country but it’s a great compliment to any home.

Carriage House

In case you have a traditional vintage home, you will never go wrong with carriage style designs. They are simple, unique, and perfectly compatible with the architecture of most traditional vintage homes.

Consider Aluminum

You can also consider using aluminum Tallahassee handyman. They provide a sleek and clean design scheme and will actually cost less than other choices. Very little maintenance is needed with aluminum doors and you can be sure they are going to last very long.

Installing a high-quality garage door should be a simple task. There are many design ideas out there. You only need to pick a style that firmly compliments your home’s exterior and you are good to go.

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