7 Tips on Hiring a Junk Removal Company

7 Tips on Hiring a Junk Removal Company

From time to time, you will need to get rid of junk and clutter from your home. You will usually have to do this after a major cleaning exercise or renovation project is complete. You might even have some items in your home that you do not need anymore, and therefore, you need to dispose of them. In these cases, you will need a handyman New Haven CT service. The main benefit of junk removal is that you never have to worry about disposal.

The following are useful things you should keep in mind that will help you hire a professional junk removal company:

Competitive and Fair Pricing

Most companies offer their services based on an industry standard for their rates. You should, therefore, take your time and research so that you know what companies generally charge in your area and anything that might push their prices up or down.

Do not just go for the lowest rates in the market. Find out what’s included in the price that you will be paying.

Licensed Staff

This is all about your safety and protection. Professional companies that offer handyman New Haven services have all their employees insured, licensed and bonded. They have to screen all their staff as an insurance policy so that both their business and your premises are protected.

Customer Service

The company that you hire for the job must offer a good customer service. Generally, there’s a lot of competition in the junk removal business, and a lot of companies strive to compete with each another by meeting the needs of their customers as much as they can. Stay away from companies that do not give you clear answers or keep you on hold.

On-Site Clean Up Policy

Discuss the company’s clean up policies. Professional junk removal companies usually clean up the premise before they leave. After they have picked all your junk and loaded it on their truck, they must also clean up and leave your home spotless.

Recycling and Disposal Policies

What happens once they collect your junk? It’s important to ask this question. Are you contributing to the global landfill problem or the company will handle your junk in a responsible manner? They should dispose of the trash responsibly, and recycle.


What should you look forward to when the junk removal truck comes to your home? Hopefully, the team will not be messy just because they are in the junk collection business. The trucks should be clean and have the company’s logo branded on it. The employees should be in uniform and present their credentials for verification.


Before you hire a company for handyman New Haven CT, make sure that there are no limitations on their terms of service. There are companies that will outline some of the tasks that they cannot do. There are situations where you will need to have some stuff taken apart like sheds. Discuss this with the company so that you know what to expect when their team arrives at your home.

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