10 Coolest Rooms on , of Those most quirky

10 Coolest Rooms on , of Those most quirky

These 10 rooms take thinking outside the box into new levels. They are examples of architecture and design gone wild and injected with creativity, playfulness and imagination. But it requires more than creativity to create a distance so different from traditional norms. It requires significant courage (and a strong bank account). Though the majority of us hem and haw and wring our hands while attempting to choose the perfect “greige,” designers of distances like these just do it.

The designs might not be for everyone, but they are all good reminders that it’s OK to go ahead and take a few chances.


So, say you’re a really major fan of Game of Thrones and you would like to establish a basement rec room. First order of business: Create a spiral staircase that looks like a dragon’s tail. Insert a rock wall, a fanciful gold arch and voilĂ  — you have got an architectural fantasy room worthy of Tolkien. Only lose the Coca-Cola sign in the trunk, please.

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Kuhl Design Build LLC

This entire house is filled with whimsy, but my favorite touch is that the slide that contributes to the basement. I am convinced that it makes doing laundry far more enjoyable.

Beckwith Interiors

Gothic arches and blue lit acrylic tubes make this a wine cellar worthy of a sci-fi overlord.

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The Turett Collaborative

This amazing steel slide joins two apartments in New York City. It adds fun but keeps its design characteristics too. It’s a slide and sculpture in a single.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

Hansel and Gretel meet contemporary artwork. There’s something both beautiful and slightly threatening about these backlit branches “growing” in this hallway. They’re a departure from the seat and shoe rack that live in many entryways.

A++ Architecture Design Communication

This is in a apartment in Iran. My best bet is that this room is the bedroom and that the sheepskin-lined sculpture is the bed. Either that, or it’s the understanding realignment pod. Either way, it’s tough to locate sheets to this at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc..

Busting through a wall to create more space and also a sense of flow is a favorite thing on the remodeling want list. But the majority of us don’t look at choosing the Hulk.

Visbeen Architects

An interior basketball court isn’t this unusual amenity in luxury houses, but one at the middle of the home, together with viewing decks and windows, is an unusual twist on the sports theme.

Nic Darling

This peekaboo plywood wall is a cheap, fun way to keep kids from falling off an open staircase. It’s also ideal for enjoying spies.

Billy Beson Company

This moat in a Colorado ski house contributes to the wine cellar. The waterfall door stops when you step on the rock so that you don’t get moist grabbing that bottle of taxi. If you ever wanted to feel like Indiana Jones, this is your chance.

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